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Best Cities To Live In Montana: Complete Guide

Mercy Brice

Best Cities To Live In Montana


Do you want to know the best cities to live in montana? If YES, then this article is for you, and it will guide you step by step. 

Montana has a variety of distinct cities and towns with nice populations, cheap neighborhoods, and lots of career opportunities.

Montana is a suitable location to live. The surrounding cities are lovely, tranquil, and brimming with opportunities. Furthermore, Montana people have direct access to natural wonders such as Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park.

Please note that Montana winters are cold, with significant temperature changes.


Montana’s temperature ranges between 50 degrees above and 50 degrees below zero between November and March. If you’re relocating to Montana, you should dress appropriately for the weather and maintain a winter survival pack in your car.

Montana may be the location for you if you seek a peaceful and relaxed retirement. This lovely and secure Midwestern state boasts magnificent landscapes and flourishing cities, making it ideal for active folks who prefer wide-open areas. The Treasure State is a retirement paradise.

Now let’s check out the best cities to live in Montana and if you have any questions, please ask us in the comment section below.


Best Cities To Live In Montana:

1. Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman Best Cities To Live In Montana

In the Rocky Mountains of southern Montana, there lies a city called Bozeman.

The Museum of the Rockies at Montana State University is located downtown and hosts temporary special exhibitions. It has a planetarium and the Siebel Dinosaur Complex, which features a noteworthy collection of T. rex fossils.

For good cause, Bozeman is referred to as “the most livable location.”

Take advantage of amazing wildlife, world-class fly fishing, magnificent mountains for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, and backcountry exploration. Yellowstone National Park is also nearby. Here’s also one of the best cities to live in montana.

The five largest ethnic groups in Bozeman, Montana are; White (Non-Hispanic) (89.6%), Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (2.93%), White (Hispanic) (2.47%), Asian (Non-Hispanic) (2.22%), and African American (Non-Hispanic) (0.732 percent ).

Bozeman, a vibrant university town with a variety of sights, restaurants, and activities, is nestled in the Gallatin Valley and encircled by the impressive Rockies.

Bozeman, Montana, is a year-round tourism attraction for guests of all ages with more than 300 sunny days each year.

Staying in Bozeman is more than just practical; it’s a vacation spot unto itself, with amazing outdoor activities, a buzzing downtown, and an amazing eating scene.

The reasons for you to stop in Bozeman on your trip to Yellowstone are only the beginning; there are far too many attractions in Bozeman to highlight.


Costs Of Living In Bozeman, Montana

This table contains the estimated cost of living for a single adult in Bozeman, Montana.


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2. Helena, Montana

Helena Best Cities To Live In Montana

The county seat of Lewis and Clark County is located in Helena, the state capital of Montana. On October 30, 1864, Helena was formed as a gold camp during the Montana gold rush.

As the state capital of Montana, Helena is best known. The lovely town is also the ideal destination to rest your feet when traveling between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks because it is situated just between them.

One of the best locations to reside in Montana is Helena, which is located in Lewis and Clark County. The majority of people in Helena are house owners, giving the city’s population a thick suburban atmosphere.

There are several pubs, coffee shops, and parks in Helena. In Helena, there are many young professionals that lean conservative. And it’s also one of the best cities to live in montana.

Amazing views may be seen from Mount Helena’s summit. The walks are enjoyable and picturesque, and the park is extremely accessible. Along the paths, there are a lot of other people, so lone hikers can feel comfortable exploring. If you’re in the area, it’s well worth a trip.

Climate and Year-Round Average Weather in Helena, Montana, USA. The summers in Helena are brief, warm, and often clear, while the winters are cold, snowy, and partially overcast.

Throughout the year, the average temperature ranges from 13°F to 86°F, and it is seldom either below -6°F or over 95°F. Why not pay a visit today?

Costs Of Living In Helena, Montana

This table contains the estimated cost of living for a single adult in Helena, Montana.


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3. Missoula, Montana

Missoula Best Cities To Live In Montana

Western Montana features the city of Missoula. And it’s one of the Best Cities To Live In Montana. The Historical Museum, which houses regional relics, and renovated structures are both part of the 1877 Fort Missoula.

Contemporary work is on show at the Missoula Art Museum. A merry-go-round with handcrafted wooden ponies is called A Carousel for Missoula.

A River Runs Through It became famous for Missoula’s world-class trout fishing and breathtaking natural beauty. There are several chances for outdoor pleasure.

People don’t fully understand what a “good school” is until they’ve taken their children to one, and Missoula public schools are great.

Missoula is a terrific area to live in with a very high quality of life, plenty of recreational possibilities, gorgeous terrain, and absolutely excellent schools.

While other regions of the state may be suffering near-zero temperatures, Missoula winter temperatures typically hover in the 30s during the day and fall into the upper to low teens at night. The arctic cold does occasionally burst through, causing strong winter blizzards, although they are usually brief.

Living in Missoula provides inhabitants with a dense suburban vibe, while the majority of locals rent their houses. There are several pubs, coffee shops, and parks in Missoula.

Missoula is home to many young professionals, and the majority of people are conservative. Missoula’s public schools are above average.

Missoula has more than 34,000 dwelling units, with 1978 being the most common year of construction. Missoula’s 32,555 inhabited housing units are 47.39 percent owner-occupied, while 52.61 percent are occupied by renters.

Costs Of Living In Missoula, Montana

This table contains the estimated cost of living for a single adult in Missoula, Montana.


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4. Havre, Montana

Havre Best Cities To Live In Montana

Havre is the county seat and the major city in Hill County, Montana. It is known as the Hi-crown Line’s gem. It is claimed to be named after the French city of Le Havre. The population was 9,362 as of the 2020 census.


On September 5, 1893, the town of Havre was established in north-central Montana. The townsite was laid out south of the railroad tracks on sections of the ranches of Decelles and Simon Pepin.

Buildings in Havre in the 1890s were typical first-generation constructions, primarily tar papered wood-framed shacks.

The Sinister History of Montana’s Old Railroad Town Will Terrify You. Despite the presence of Historic Fort Assiniboine, a late-nineteenth-century Army garrison, the Buffalo Jump Archeological Site, and other Native American sites, Havre is best known as a railroad town.

Havre is a wonderful community. Everything you need to live in this amazing town is available, and we recommended here as one of the best cities to live in montana.

Many folks live in this region, and they enjoy it so much that they invite others to come see their buffalo leap.

Costs Of Living In Havre, Montana

This table contains the estimated cost of living for a single adult in Havre, Montana.


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5. Billings, Montana

Billings Best Cities To Live In Montana

On the Yellowstone River in southern Montana sits the city of Billings. Trails follow the rimrocks, which are sandstone cliffs, in the north. Local historical relics are on exhibit at the Western Heritage Center. The Moss Mansion features interiors from the early 20th century.

The estimated population of Billings in 2020 is 109,976. And serves as Yellowstone County’s. The population of Billings has expanded by 5.23 percent since the most recent census, which showed a population of 104,509 in 2010. The city is now increasing at a pace of 0.12 percent yearly.

For its explosive expansion since its establishment as a railroad town in March 1882, Billings has earned the moniker “Magic City.” The former Northern Pacific Railroad executive Frederick H. Billings is honored by having his name as the city’s patron.

The settlement acts as a point of entry to the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument and Yellowstone National Park.

It is the location of Rocky Mountain College and Montana State University-Billings, the latter of which was established in 1927 as a normal school (teachers college) (1898).

The prospects in Billings are always expanding as the city grows. The welcoming setting is quite lovely and cozy. We are close to big lakes and rivers, and there are many outdoor things to enjoy. I hardly ever feel afraid in the city since it is rather clean and safe.


Costs Of Living In Billings, Montana

This table contains the estimated cost of living for a single adult in Billings, Montana.


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6. Whitefish, Montana

Whitefish Best Cities To Live In Montana

Northwest Montana’s Rocky Mountains contain the resort town of Whitefish. It serves as a starting point for exploring Glacier National Park’s craggy peaks, lakes, and glacier-carved valleys.

Whitefish Mountain Resort, located just outside of town, has downhill ski and mountain biking tracks.

If one isn’t planning a skiing trip or a trip to Glacier National Park, Whitefish might not be at the top of their list of must-see attractions in Montana. It deserves to be more than simply a base for the nearby region and activities, though, as one of Montana’s hippest tourist destinations.

Whitefish, which is close to Glacier National Park, is a year-round destination with a wide range of activities and a variety of stores, cafes, restaurants, and lodging options.

Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, bicycling, boating, excellent live theater, as well as outstanding eating, are all available to visitors.

If you’re not interested in skiing or other winter activities, spring and summer are often the ideal periods to visit Whitefish.

Winters in Whitefish are long and cold, and they may extend from October to May. Whitefish has brief yet very lovely summers.

There are above 8,000 people living in the Montana town of Whitefish. One of the best locations to live in Montana is Whitefish, which is in Flathead County.

Whitefish residents enjoy a minimalist suburban vibe and own most of their houses. There are several pubs, eateries, and coffee shops in Whitefish.

Costs Of Living In Whitefish, Montana

This table contains the estimated cost of living for a single adult in Whitefish, Montana.


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7. Anaconda, Montana


Southwest Montana in the United States is home to the combined city-county government of Deer Lodge County, whose county seat is Anaconda. The Continental Divide passes about 8 miles south of the hamlet, which is situated at the base of the Anaconda Range.

Due to the peak of its copper smelting industry, Anaconda is one of Montana’s oldest cities. And viewing this history is a necessary component of any trip.

The town’s productive past is seen everywhere, from the imposing Anaconda Smelter Stack to the historic structures in the Historic District.

The city of Anaconda is one of the best cities to live in montana, and it’s located in Montana’s Gold West region. 9,328 people were counted in the population in 2010.

Here are the only native snake species found in Montana;

  • The Common Gartersnake (Thamnophis sirtalis)
  • Gophersnake (Pituophis catenifer)
  • North American Racer (Coluber constrictor)
  • Northern Rubber Boa (Charina bottae)
  • Plains Gartersnake (Thamnophis radix)
  • Plains Hog-nosed Snake (Heterodon nasicus), etc.

Marcus Daly, one of the three “Copper Kings” of Butte, Montana, founded Anaconda in 1883 to serve as the location of a new smelter to process the ores from his Anaconda mine.

Originally, the town was going to be called Copperopolis, but the name was taken by another Montana town, so Anaconda was chosen instead.

It’s a cute little town, and everyone there is quite welcoming. It is gorgeous and contains about everything we could possibly need for shopping. It seems secure and cozy like a tiny village. We like to take walks on the town’s paths, especially the one that is over the golf course.

Costs Of Living In Anaconda, Montana

This table contains the estimated cost of living for a single adult in Anaconda, Montana.


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8. Livingston, Montana

Livingston Best Cities To Live In Montana

Livingston serves as both the city and the county seat of Park County in Montana, USA. It is located north of Yellowstone National Park in southwest Montana along the Yellowstone River. The city had 8,040 residents as of the 2020 Census.


For more than a century, the tiny hamlet of Livingston, Montana, has drawn cowboys, ranchers, the rich and famous, and artists mesmerized by the surroundings. A River Runs Through It, “The Horse Whisperer,” and Marlboro commercials have all featured it.

There is so much to do in Livingston! It’s a fantastic location to stay while visiting Yellowstone or as a stand-alone vacation spot. You’ll be in awe of its natural beauty and envious of its residents all year long as you shop and eat your way through every corner.

However, among its 7,000+ residents today, there are disproportionately more authors and artists than farmers. Thomas McGuane and Jeff Bridges still reside close by, and Margot Kidder and Jim Harrison have called Livingston home.

One of the most picturesque little towns in America is Livingston, which has the Absaroka Mountains as a dramatic background and the Yellowstone River cutting through the perimeter of the city.

There’s a possibility you’ll truly enjoy living in Livingston, Montana, if you can take the wind, the commute, and the celebs. We truly recommended here as one of the best cities to live in montana.

Costs Of Living In Livingston, Montana

This table contains the estimated cost of living for a single adult in Livingston, Montana.


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9. Miles City, Montana

Miles City Best Cities To Live In Montana

Custer County, Montana, in the United States, has Miles City as its county seat and largest city. In 2020, there were 8,354 people living there.

During World War 1, Fort Keogh acted as a remount station, and Miles City developed into the world’s biggest horse market.

Miles City has earned its place in history. The Yellowstone and Tongue Rivers meet where Miles City formed, attracting early explorers, frontiersmen, soldiers, and ranchers.

Around the Tongue River Cantonment was where Miles City, Montana (population 8,000) was established in the autumn of 1876.

To provide entertainment for the troops stationed at the fort, the first hamlet, “Old Milestown,” was created. Fort Keogh, a more permanent military facility, was established two miles distant from the original location in 1877.

Miles City has a long history, which is still evident in the town’s architecture, historic neighborhoods, and museums. There are several outdoor activities available, including golfing, rock collection, fishing, hunting, and bird viewing.


One of the best places to raise a family is Miles City. There are many wonderful youngsters to make friends with and little town “problems” to become involved with.

I believe Miles City is a fantastic choice if you have children, if you want a more tranquil life, if you are seeking for a location to get to know your neighbors or have a more leisurely existence!

Costs Of Living In Miles City, Montana

This table contains the estimated cost of living for a single adult in Miles City, Montana.


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10. Butte, Montana

Butte Best Cities To Live In Montana

The county seat of Silver Bow County is Butte in Montana, USA. Butte-Silver Bow is now governed by a single organization, thanks to a 1977 merger of the municipal and county administrations.

This city is Montana’s fifth-largest city, with a total area of 718 square miles and a population of 34,494 as of the 2020 Census.

The International Mining Museum is located in Butte. The World Museum of Mining is a fantastic resource for anybody interested in the history of mining and the growth of Butte. It has more than 50 display buildings, an unlimited supply of relics, and an underground mine tour.

Butte is a mining town with abundant outdoor recreation opportunities nearby. And a trip to Montana wouldn’t be complete without time spent outdoors.

With several in-town activities and a vast countryside around the city, Butte makes it simple. And we also consider butte as one best cities to live in montana.

Butte’s setting is both stunning and, a kind of nasty. On the plus side, Butte is situated in Montana directly on the westernmost border of the Continental Divide.

Butte is a wonderful town. There are a lot of houses nearby and everyone knows each other here.

The welcoming nature of the residents and their willingness to provide a hand to anybody in need are two things I admire about Butte. It is home to several historical structures as well as a former mine where workers operated in the early 1900s.

Costs Of Living In Butte, Montana

This table contains the estimated cost of living for a single adult in Butte, Montana.



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11. Hamilton, Montana


In Montana’s Ravalli County, there is a city called Hamilton. Hamilton’s population was 5,171 residents in 2020. Additionally, it serves as Ravalli County’s county seat.

The population of Hamilton has expanded by 20.48 percent since the most recent census, which showed a population of 4,292 in 2010. Hamilton is now expanding at a pace of 1.79 percent yearly.

According to a ranking just published by Travel and Leisure magazine, Hamilton is among the top 10 small towns in the United States for retirees.

Hamilton joined other towns where “retirees may enjoy the basic delights of life” in retirement, like Coolidge, Arizona, Dillsboro, North Carolina, and Mequon, Wisconsin.

The Ravalli County Museum was established in 1955 and focuses on the natural history, art, and history of the county.

In 2008, the Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML) facility included a biohazard laboratory that was built by the NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases).

The Daly Mansion, located near Hamilton, was constructed in the late 1800s for Marcus Daly, a colorful member of Montana’s “Copper Kings.”

The historic Ravalli County Courthouse, constructed in 1900, now houses the Ravalli County Museum. And we recommended here as one of the best best cities to live in montana.

Residents in Hamilton enjoy a thick suburban vibe, and the majority own their houses. Hamilton has a large population of pensioners and conservative individuals. Hamilton’s public schools are better than average. Why not give it a try here?

Costs Of Living In Hamilton, Montana

This table contains the estimated cost of living for a single adult in Hamilton, Montana.


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12. Glendive, Montana


Glendive is the county seat of Dawson County, Montana, and the location of Dawson Community College.

It was founded by the Northern Pacific Railway when it built the transcontinental railroad from Minnesota to the Pacific Coast in the northern tier of the western United States.

Glendive, Montana, may be a little town, but it’s a magnet for dinosaur aficionados and home to some of the state’s most unusual terrain.

In the field of paleontology, Glendive’s neighborhood is renowned for the abundance of dinosaur bones that have been discovered there. The Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum, the biggest dinosaur museum in the US, houses some of these specimens.

Glendive folks enjoy a minimal suburban vibe, and the majority own their houses. There are also several pubs and parks here.

In Glendive, there are many families and a conservative demographic. If you are looking for the best cities to live in montana, then try Glendive.

Costs Of Living In Glendive, Montana

This table contains the estimated cost of living for a single adult in Glendive, Montana.


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13. Kalispell, Montana

Kalispell Best Cities To Live In Montana

Kalispell is a city in Montana’s northwest corner. It serves as a gateway to the enormous Glacier National Park, which has peaks, alpine paths, and wildlife like grizzly bears.

The Conrad Mansion, now a museum with historical furniture, is one of downtown’s restored 1800s structures.

Glacier National Park, Flathead Lake, championship golf courses, two ski resorts, endless hiking trails and lakes and streams for fishing, exceptional arts and culture, attractive little villages, and genuine western hospitality can all be found in Kalispell and the Flathead Valley.

Kalispell and its surrounding region is one of our favorite sections of Montana, located between the stunning Flathead Lake and Glacier National Park. You’re also close to lovely spots like Swan Lake and Hungry Horse Dam.


Climate and Year-Round Average Weather in Kalispell, Montana, U.S. The summers in Kalispell are brief, mild, and partially overcast whereas the winters are cold, snowy, and often cloudy.

The average annual temperature ranges from 17°F to 84°F, with occasional exceptions when it falls below -2°F or rises beyond 93°F.

It has mountains, lakes, plains, and woods, making it the ideal location for anyone who has a strong bond with nature and a desire to learn more about it to reside.

In Flathead County, there is a medium-sized city called Kalispell. It is close to Glacier National Park to the south and stunning Flathead Lake to the north.

Costs Of Living In Kalispell, Montana

This table contains the estimated cost of living for a single adult in Kalispell, Montana.


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14. Great Falls, Montana

Great Falls

Montana has the city of Great Falls. The C.M. Russell Museum, which honors the artist famous for his depictions of the American West, is located there.

Modern art is on display in the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, which is housed in a significant Romanesque Revival structure.

The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center on the Missouri River, features displays about the explorers’ passage through the nearby Giant Springs State Park.

The Lewis & Clark Festival, the CM Russell Museum Complex, the shortest river in the world, and the largest freshwater spring in the United States are all located in this place.

Great Falls, is also known for its rich heritage and significant influence from the Lewis & Clark expedition of 1805-06 and provides visitors with a true basecamp for art and adventure.

The town of Great Falls offers fantastic access to everything Montana is famous for—that unpopulated wilderness and world-class fishing—along with a fair mix of arts, entertainment, and Native American heritage.

Within a half-hour to an hour’s drive of Great Falls are the “Island” mountain ranges, which are primarily dormant volcanic relics. They are separated from one another and appear to float out across the plains like islands. This place is really fun to visit.

Throughout the year, the average temperature ranges between 18°F and 86°F, hardly falling below -8°F or rising over 96°F. So, it’s worthwhile to go there. And we recommended great falls as one of best cities to live in montana.

Costs Of Living In Great Falls, Montana

This table contains the estimated cost of living for a single adult in Great Falls, Montana.


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15. Lewistown, Montana


Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, in the United States, has Lewistown as its county seat and municipality. It serves as the hub of the whole Mifflin County Micropolitan Statistical Area in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. It is situated 61 miles northwest of Harrisburg along the Juniata River.

Lewistown, which is situated along the Juniata River, is rich in history and offers a variety of outdoor activities.

The Logan Guards, one of only five companies to share the distinction of being the first American troops to be despatched to the capital in response to President Lincoln’s summons, are a proud part of the town’s Civil War history.

Lewistown is a fair place to live basically. Being a little town, there isn’t much going on. Since everything is essentially nearby, traveling is not necessary.

Lewistown is a little town that is ideal for growing up there. There are several Amish neighborhoods and small businesses.

Over the past year, Lewistown’s job market has shrunk by -1.1 percent. Jobs are expected to expand by 25.6 percent over the next 10 years, which is less than the US average of 33.5 percent. – Lewistown has a 0.0 percent sales tax rate. The national average is 7.3%.

Lewistown locals enjoy a minimal suburban vibe and own most of their properties.

There are several taverns, eateries, coffee shops, and parks in Lewistown. Also there is a large population of seniors, families, and young professionals that learn conservative here.

Costs Of Living In Lewistown, Montana

This table contains the estimated cost of living for a single adult in Lewistown, Montana.


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frequently Asked Questions About Montana

Best Cities To Live In Montana

Is Relocating To Montana Worthwhile?

Many families and millennials chose Montana because of its inexpensive cost of living, low crime rate, and thriving employment market.

Many individuals find migrating to Montana intriguing because of the state’s low property taxes, absence of a sales tax, and shorter commute times.

It also contains a variety of distinctive cities and towns with hospitable locals, reasonably priced neighborhoods, and plenty of employment opportunities.

Living in Montana is fantastic on a tight budget. Everything here is less expensive than the national average, including groceries, healthcare, housing, transportation, etc.

A century ago, there were many wars and violent incidents in Montana. Now, with a low incidence of crime, Montana ranks among the safest states.


What I Should Have Known Before Relocating To Montana?

The harsh winters of Montana are marked by significant temperature changes.

The temperature in Montana fluctuates between 50 degrees above and 50 below zero between November and March. Dress appropriately for the weather if you’re relocating to Montana, and maintain a winter survival pack in your car.

A four-wheel drive is more of a need than a luxury in Montana due to the harsh winters and damaged rural roads. A car that will go off the road in a blizzard or become stuck in your driveway when you’re late for work is not what you want in Montana.

It’s a good idea to have at least a short-term rental arranged before coming to Montana because it might be difficult to obtain property there.


Is Montana A Decent State For Retirement?

Montana can be the location for you if you seek a peaceful and relaxed retirement. This lovely and secure Midwestern state is ideal for active folks who prefer wide-open areas since it boasts breathtaking landscapes and flourishing cities. For retirees, the Treasure State is a refuge.

In Montana, retirees have lots of space to explore. The state has one of the smallest populations while being one of the largest in the country. Although it isn’t as cheap to live here as it is in some of the other Mountain states, Montana’s absence of a sales tax helps to partially offset the higher expense.


Final Thoughts

Montana has some of the most stunning mountain scenery and national parks in the world. All of that pure mountain air is also beneficial to locals, as the state is frequently regarded as one of the healthiest (and happiest!) in the country.

Montana has a relatively favorable tax climate for retirees. Social Security payments are substantially taxed. Retirement account withdrawals are completely taxed. Wages are taxed at standard rates, while the marginal state tax rate is 5.90%.

Retirement in Montana is reasonably affordable, thanks to the low cost of living in Montana.

The average 65-year-old in the state will spend $998,900 and above to retire comfortably, which is roughly $121,000 less than the average 65-year-old in the United States.

Montana is an amazing place to live in, and this article has already started the best cities to live in. And if this article was helpful to you, please tell us the city you are moving into, using the comment form below. Thanks.

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