Best Photo Locations In Spokane: 2023

Mercy Brice

Best Photo Locations In spokane


In today’s content, we are going to learn about the best photo locations in spokane.

I have spent time conducting research, for the best photo locations in spokane, I will say, it’s extremely hard to determine.

Spokane has a lot of beautiful places to take photographs, but with the help of the research, and reviews of visitors, I came up with this top 10 best locations.

This location I came up with, are highly researched and 100% proven that all visitors will love it.


Before I came up with these results, I have conducted research to know more about the geographical condition of the areas, like the; weather condition, land form etc.

Now let’s jump into the review of the best photo locations in spokane.


1. Spokane Falls

Spokane Falls best photo locations in Spokane

This is a waterfall and dam on the Spokane River in downtown Spokane, Washington’s central business district. Spokane is also known for “Spokane Falls.”

The falls are divided into two sections: Upper Falls and Lower Falls. The Upper Falls Power Plant in Washington State, is the state’s oldest hydroelectric power plant. It was built on the site of a decommissioned rail yard that had been converted into a public park in advance of the 1974 World’s Fair.

The Monroe Street Dam, completed in 1890, is the Lower Falls’ second diversion dam. Its Kaplan turbine has a capacity of 14.82 MW.

As you get closer, the Waterfall reaches a thunderous crescendo. Most especially in May, when the mountain snow runoff is at its peak.

The Spokane River carves a gorge through strong basalt rocks for miles, separating the city’s hustle and bustle from breathtaking natural beauty. The area’s strength alone explains why Native American tribes highly regarded it.

Visit this Falls today and explore all its amazing views, while taking your pictures.


Location To Spokane Falls


2. Dishman Hills

Best Photo locations in Spokane

This is an amazing place for pictures, and also among the best photo locations in spokane. This very area (Dishman Hills) is having amazing features, which will be stated soon.


The Conservation Area of Dishman Hills is 530-acre (210 ha). And the granite which forms the bulk of the area, were originally formed 70 million years ago by volcanic magma.

The hills are made up of ponds, ravines and large chunks of granite, which accept an ecosystem consisting of about 300 different flowering plants and 73 different species of mushrooms etc.

Best Photo locations in Spokane

The Dishman Hills rock was formed by (Missoula Floods) for about 15,000 years ago, according to research.

Please take note that, this very Dishman Hills area supports wildlife, which are;

  • Marmots,
  • Pheasants,
  • Different species of butterflies.

All visitors should note that, during summer the temperatures will drop and see the vegetation change within the moisture-rich ravine. That shouldn’t be a problem because, all visitors in all seasons will marvel at the rock, while beautiful photographs will be taken.

Best Photo Locations In spokane

Also, Dishman Hills is full of natural textures of various kinds, with amazing rocks and beautiful grasses as well. So it’s a place where all residents of Spokane or outside Spokane, should visit to take their best photographs.


Location To Dishman Hills

625 S Sargent Rd, Spokane Valley, WA 99212, United States.

It’s located in Spokane County,Washington. By a combination of public and non-profit groups (Spokane County Parks and Recreation Department, Washington Department of Natural Resources.


3. Mount Spokane

Best Photo locations in Spokane

Mountain spokane is one of the best photo locations in spokane, with incredible view. This location is suitable for families with adult children and couples. It’s not best for families with kids, because of the steep drops.

This mountain has 100 miles of trails in the richly forested Selkirk Mountains. Historic Vista House on top Mount Spokane and the Quartz Mountain fire lookout offers stunning views of the Spokane Valley.


The elevation of this mountain is 5,887 feet, and its summit is the highest point in Spokane County. Also it’s one of the tallest peaks in the Inland Northwest.

Best Photo Locations In spokane

Note that In early summer, lupine, hikers stroll among bear grass and wildflowers, through Subalpine Meadows and Ponderosa pine. During late summer, the meadow grasses turn amber, huckleberries ripen and the fireweed is blooming.

Due to research, the review stated that, this mountain is all time favourite location for people living around Spokane. It’s one of the best photo locations in spokane area.

This awesome mount can only be accessible in few months of the year between June and September. So if you are having any activity to celebrate during this period, it’s recommended for you to visit this location.

Best Photo locations in Spokane

Please take note that, you need to purchase a Discover pass to access this location, which usually cost $10 for the day or $30 for the year.


Location To Mount Spokane

29500 N Mt Spokane Park Dr, Mead, WA 99021, United States.

Mt. Spokane is only 28 miles from downtown Spokane. The drive time for most residents of Spokane and surrounding areas, is less than an hour


4. Riverfront Park

Best Photo locations in Spokane

This park is one of the best photo locations in spokane and also the jewel of downtown Spokane. Also it’s the second home for the urban waterfall in the United States. There are so much to know about this amazing RIVERFRONT PARK.

Through the help of research, National Geographic ranked Riverfront Park as the third best park in America.

This awesome park has great wood bridge and downtown scenery, and the park is extremely easy to access. Centennial trail at the convention center is also another easy accessible place by the river. The convention center offers great bounced light for your pictures.


Best Photo Locations In spokane

It was formerly a rail and freight yard serving up nice slice of blight at the core of town. This park was created in the years leading up to Expo 1974, which was held in Spokane. After all, that very rail yard was now turned into a park.

Please note that, It can take visitors like you to really understand Riverfront Park. Every Spokane resident know the Riverfront Park, due to the different locations for photography.

This very Park is one of the best locations for all Spokane resident to visit during holidays, vacation, celebration and more. This park is the most versatile photography spot in Spokane.


Location To Riverfront Park

507 N Howard St, Spokane, WA 99201, United States.

It’s a public urban park in Downtown Spokane, Washington that is operated and owned by the Spokane Parks & Recreation Department.


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5. John A. Finch Arboretum

John A Finch Arboretum

On Sunset Hill, the John A. Finch Arboretum (56.65 acres) is a public arboretum located at West 3404 Woodland Boulevard in Spokane, Washington. It is free to use on a daily basis and it’s one of the best photo locations in Spokane. Please take note that the arboretum does not allow dogs.

The arboretum was founded in 1949 after the estate of John A. Finch’s last living executor released $250,000 for the purpose.

Garden Springs Creek runs through the landscape, which now has about 2,000 trees and shrubs. The park’s southern and northern boundaries are formed by I-90 and the Sunset Highway, which use the valley to descend into Spokane from the Columbia Plateau’s higher elevation.

Location To John A. Finch Arboretum



6. Manito Park

Manito Park

Manito Park and Botanical Gardens, located near 17th Avenue and Grand Boulevard in Spokane, Washington, is a 90-acre (0.36 km2) public park with an arboretum, botanical gardens, and conservatory. It is completely free to use every day and also one of the best photo locations in Spokane WA.

The zoo was open until 1932, when it was forced to close due to a financial shortage during the Great Depression. Some zoo relics, such as an iron beam protruding from a rock that used to be part of the bear cages, can still be seen today.

The park has two play structures, one in “upper Manito” and one near the duck pond in “lower Manito.” Lower Manito’s slopes are a popular sledding destination in the winter. Exposed basalt can be found all over the park, especially in areas where massive boulders and cliffs predominate.


Location To Manito Park


7. Downtown Spokane

Downtown Spokane

Riverside, also known as downtown Spokane, is a pedestrian-friendly area with laid-back cafés, hip bars, and clubs. Among the restored structures are the 1914 Historic Davenport Hotel and the art deco Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox. 

Riverfront Park has a carousel and a cable ride that spans the Spokane River canyon, which is bisected by the Spokane Falls.

Downtown Spokane is generally safe, with interesting shopping available at all hours of the day. In the plaza retail area, however, there are a lot of wandering school-aged children and homeless people. Sometimes the homeless will block the street and demand money.

With only a few violent crimes, the city is relatively safe. So you can visit today and experience its wonders, while taking your pictures.


Location To Downtown Spokane



8. Corbin Park

Corbin Park Photo locations In Spokane

With the amazing beauty of this park, it’s among the best photo locations in spokane with awesome features. You can see and sense the landscape changes like walking from room to room in a home.

This beautiful park was designed in the year 1916 by the Olmsted brothers. The park was formerly a horse-racing oval that now provides a green oasis on the lower north area of Spokane.

This park is also a flat, lush field with playground, mature trees and walking trails. All this features offer amazing beauty to the Corbin, which makes it one of the best photo locations in spokane.

Corbin park at Spokane Washington United States

When it comes to outstanding photos, Corbin park offers perfect pictures, and family outings as well. People who lives around the park are likely the most luckiest. Feel free to take your family and loved ones to feel the beauty of this park.


Location To Corbin Park

Corbin Park, Spokane, WA 99205, United States.

Corbin Park is located at the south end of Corbin Road, off Riverbend Avenue from McGuire Road along the banks of the Spokane River.

It’s recommended for all residents of spokane, to visit and take a view of the beauty of Corbin Park. It’s free for all residents of spokane to access without any restrictions.


9. James T. Slavin Conservation Area

James T Slavin Conservation Area

The 628-acre property is in the West Plains’ Rosa Butte neighborhood.

In the landscape, low, undulating grasslands are surrounded by towering, wooded buttes.

Among the ecosystem types found on the site are ponds, upland pine and fir woods, marshes, and grassy meadows. It’s also an amazing photo location in Spokane WA.


It has been designated as an elk calving region and a waterfowl migratory route by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The property’s center features a five-acre permanent lake, numerous seasonal ponds, and a wetland-stream corridor that runs north-south.

There are about 200 acres of permanent and seasonal wetlands on the property. A diverse range of animals, including 121 bird species.


Location To James T. Slavin Conservation Area


10. The Palouse

Best Photo locations in Spokane

This very region called The Palouse, it’s a major agricultural area, for the Production of legumes and wheat. Over the past (The Palouse) experienced rapid growth in the late 19th century. Due to reviews of visitors, it’s among the best photo locations in spokane.

It’s a home to two land-grants, which are; Washington State University in Pullman and University of Idaho in Moscow. The both are just 8 miles apart. These two land-grants were established in the early 1890s.

Best Photo Locations In spokane

The palouse is a great place if you are eager to get magical wheat field shots. Please note that, the proper time to visit the palouse, would be mid to late summer or early fall. While the dirt back roads will give you the country vibe.

It’s the pastoral of the seven wonders of Washington State, which is covered with wheat fields and hills. The hills were formed from silt and wind blown dust, over tens of thousands of years ago. The palouse hills are beautiful and unique in the world.

Best Photo locations in Spokane

If you are eager to visit (the palouse), in order to experience all of their awesome features, it is 100% free, no entrance fees involved. Please all visitors should take note of trespassing any land, because you are on your own. Try to find out the owners of the land and ask for permission before trespassing.


Location To The Palouse

Palouse, Washington 99161, United States of America.


It’s a region in southeastern Washington, northwestern United States, and comprehended parts of north central Idaho and parts of northeast Oregon.


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Final Thoughts

Please all locations reviewed in this article, are 100% free for all clients to visit, but it should be in a legitimate manner.

Before accessing or trespassing any of these locations, please ask for permission and follow the rules governing the particular area for security reasons.

I’m 100% sure that all visitors will marvel at the above recommended places, because they are amazing and beautiful as well.

Please all visitors should drop me a comment below, telling me which photo locations you want to visit, with the help of this article.


Best Photo locations in Spokane FAQ

The perfect answer is YES. Spokane is a friendly city, for anyone to visit. And the downtown area is really amazing, and also has a good River Walk. There are also good collections of shops around the area.

Downtown Spokane is safe and also has a lot of amazing restaurants and good shopping around the area.

Spokane is famous for being the gateway to the American West. And a vibrant city with a lot of outdoor opportunities. It’s also the economic and cultural center of the Spokane metropolitan area.

Out of 125 cities, Spokane is the 65th best place to live in the country, ranked by the US News and World Report. And It’s affordable for living.

For safety reasons, It’s advised not to visit South Hill or the Felony Flats neighborhood at night. Due to the fact that, crime rate is very high within the neighborhoods.

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