16 Best Wineries In Washington State: 2023

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best wineries in washington state


The best wineries in Washington state are listed below this article. After conducting various research, we were able to know the best wineries in Washington state. Please read on to learn more.

Irrigation techniques gained from French and California producers have made it possible for Washington farmers to readily cultivate grapes, resulting in wines with a variety of fruity flavors, gentle acidity, and pleasing scent.

The majority of grapes are grown in eastern Washington. Washington wine areas generate more WINE GRAPES than any other state in the US.

The local government has supported the wine districts on the east side of the Cascades, and farmers are given much-needed financial support. Washington is incredible, because their wine’s are classic.


Despite being one of the top US states for wine production, Washington is behind California in terms of wine exports.

Washington produces a lot of wine that is sold and enjoyed locally. Wine from Washington is rarely exported outside of the country. But nevertheless their wine’s are amazing.



1. Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery

Chateau Ste Michelle Winery

An attractive location with tours, tastings, summer concerts, and food pairings are all available at this wine estate. Since 1967, they have been making outstanding varietal wines under the brand name.

This winery combines a persistent focus to science and research with a respect to old winemaking traditions to produce the finest quality Washington wines at various pricing ranges.

The drive to perfection and commitment has earned this Winery an award as the world’s premier wine producers.” They blend with the estate’s rich history to make a wonderful wine adventure.

This is One of the state’s prettiest winery locations. They provide some excellent wine.

However, they host outdoor concerts in the summer that are incredibly pleasant to go with loved ones or friends. Bring a picnic, get some wine at the winery, and take in the entertainment.

Everywhere you turn, there are interesting things to view, from the flowers and grounds to the tasting room and retail sections. The dining options and wine tasting are also excellent.

Excellent wine selection and a lovely setting for an afternoon out. They have a beautiful gift shop and a little restaurant where you may get something to eat. Make a reservation if you want to attend a wine tasting, therefore do so.

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2. Maryhill Winery

best wineries in washington state

This Winery is located east of Portland, it’s an outstanding tourist winery. It features premium wines, beautiful landscapes, peaceful wine tours, and laid-back tasting facilities.

In Washington State’s 14 primary American Viticultural locations, Maryhill Winery collaborates with 17 growers and 28 vine regions to produce thousands of champagne bottles each year.

Richard Batchelor, a winemaker, collaborates closely with nearby producers all year long to develop growing techniques.

In order to craft approachable wines that display the precise technique and ingenuity of the farmers who make them, Maryhill is renowned for employing a broad variety of grape varietals.

Maryhill is a full-production winery with a contemporary bottling line, processing facilities, barrel chamber, crossflow filter, and glycol heating and cooling on all tanks.

The top red wines come from this winery. The cuisine is excellent, and the scenery is breathtaking. It’s simple to spend many hours sampling and chatting with friends.

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3. DeLille Cellars Tasting Room

best wineries in washington state

You should visit this amazing location right away to take a winery tour. When it comes to wine, this place is fantastic. This place is a favorite among visitors because of everything that it offers.

There are three nicely constructed floors, so you won’t feel crowded or overshadowed by other events. Eric is a charming, attentive, and really knowledgeable host.

He will make sure you capture a great photo. After visiting many other vineyards, you were glad you tried this one since you regretted not buying a couple bottles.

DeLille has a solid reputation for producing top-notch wines in a number of high-quality varieties.


DeLille has just acquired the former Red Hook Brewery building, which has significantly improved the atmosphere and surroundings of their tasting area.

Six wines were featured in the extremely well-organized tasting. A QR code on the placemat led to a little video of the chief winemaker describing each winery, along with a quick summary of each wine.

This is a wonderful location where one may sample wine and enjoy the opportunity to do so with friends and family.

The staff is both educated and approachable, and the tasting area is quite beautifully furnished. Why not go today and see for yourself?

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4. Novelty Hill-Januik Winery

Novelty Hill Januik Winery

Numerous wine stewards gave this winery outstanding reviews because of their affection for the location, and it gained a lot of media attention. for all the things it has to offer.

This place has some great wine. Usually, you can tell which wines are being pushed when you visit a winery and partake in a tasting. However, their wine is superb. All of their flights were excellent.

Here you may plan anything from intimate preliminary dinners to outdoor ceremonies, casual receptions to seated feasts for your magnificent wine country event.

From weekend pizzas in the Tasting Room to multi-course feasts in the Cellar Room, their in-house culinary crew specializes in seasonal dinners that reflect the regional flavors of Washington’s wonderful rivers, farms, and vineyards.

Private event rooms may be hired in advance for weddings, and other special occasions. Visit the winery’s webpage to arrange a reservation.

Whether you’re planning a little birthday party or a crucial corporate meeting, their in-house culinary team and event pros are there to make it simple.

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5. L’Ecole No 41 Winery

best wineries in washington state

This is a cool winery with a fascinating backstory. It’s located on the grounds of a former elementary school.

The staff is lovely, friendly, and knowledgeable about both the wines’ individual histories and the background of the winery.

The Clubb family owns the L’Ecole No 41 vineyard and tasting room. L’Ecole was founded in 1983. And it’s a favorite location for wine lovers.

L’Ecole uses estate Walla Walla Valley vineyards to produce expressive and dependable white, rose, and red traditional varietal wines. Currently present in 48 states and around 15 countries.

Welsh ownership and labeling are used to craft wines in Seattle. The company’s main focus is on producing wines that are expressive, and unmistakably.

This is accomplished via years of winemaking knowledge paired with long-term ties with some of the vineyards in the area.

There is plenty of sitting outside and a lovely atmosphere inside. Alternatively, you may bring the food and drink and eat at picnic tables on the grass. And they also have excellent wine selection, particularly the Syrah.

It’s difficult not to leave with a few bottles of wine because the selection is so varied and excellent.

The schoolhouse bell is still present in the tasting room, which is housed in the former schoolhouse. Visitors enjoyed the winery’s simplicity.

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6. Harbinger Winery

Harbinger Winery

This winery wants to produce better, more tasty wines. The winery puts a lot of effort into producing wines that accurately represent the species and origin.

They work to keep your cellar diverse, your palette thrilled, and your state of mind a pleasant treat with a concentration on “out of the ordinary” variety in addition to conventional favorites.

In terms of location, this is the winery that is furthest to the northwest in the whole United States.

Their friends and relations are their consumers, and they respect their satisfaction and joy with their wines.

And they regard food and wine consumption as a pleasant and serious purpose in life, to be properly explored and shared with others.

Your libation predilection is their business, whether you are Mister Merlot or a Sister of Syrah, and they are passionate about pairing you with the correct wines.

This location offered excellent visual appeal with choices for inside and outdoor sitting! Both inside and outside, there are adorable items for sale.

Visit Harbinger if you want a fantastic environment and even better service. You won’t be let down!

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7. Terra Blanca Winery & Estate Vineyard

Terra Blanca Winery & Estate Vineyard

The wine is fantastic, and the setting is breathtaking. In this region, this is a very great site to visit.

The sampling is also a wonderful deal at $10 given the variety and amount of sips. Their pricing is reasonable.


Numerous banquet rooms are available to suit both big and small parties, and the well-kept gardens, pond, and well-known barrel caverns provide visitors a chance to relax and take in the landscape.”

Visitors may sip on their Red Mountain estate-produced wines and a changing menu of regional breweries on tap at their downtown Spokane location, which is situated on the first floor of the historic Chronicle Building. 

They are the ideal location for any event because they are located in the center of Spokane’s downtown.

This location is fantastic! The personnel is very nice, the location is incredibly accessible, and the wine is exquisite! I’d definitely suggest a tour, sampling, and dinner!

The patio is lovely, as are the gardens, and the view is spectacular. Don’t forget that the winery competes with the best in the country. That’s what I’ve been told. Try it for yourself.

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8. Columbia Winery

best wineries in washington state

Every day, champagne tastings and food assortments with Northwest flavors are offered at this well-known winemaking tasting facility in Washington.

With a history spanning more than 50 years, this winery is credited with creating the first Syrah and Pinot Gris wines as well as the first batch of wines with unique varietal designations.

The rich and delectably palatable wines from this Winery are offered at the vineyard, online, and around the US, continuing the winery’s legacy of high praise and accolades.”

They provide a variety of rich and delectably palatable wines inspired by the diversity of Washington’s top growing areas via imaginative winemaking and insatiable inquiry.

The state of Washington boasts 43,000 planted acres and the perfect location and climate for cultivating sophisticated, tasty wine grapes.

This famous Winery may be found right in the middle of Washington’s wine region. Weddings, business meetings, large catered private parties, and other special events may be held at this well-liked tourist area.


The staff has extensive wine expertise. If you’re unsure of what you want, I advise tasting first before buying a bottle—or two. The employees can explain all of the sorts and what makes each one unique!

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9. Lake Chelan Winery

Lake Chelan Winery

This family-owned winery makes both reds and whites, which may be sampled on-site.

Welcome to Lake Chelan Winery, home of award-winning wines, delectable BBQ in the Vineyard, one of the state’s biggest Wine Clubs, and the valley’s greatest parties and events.

This winery is appreciative of its historical past, distinctive handcrafted wines, and the fun and welcoming atmosphere that has attracted repeat customers.

Their second main goal, after offering top-notch wine, is to provide unforgettable moments. Instead of thinking of them as a vineyard, they want you to see them as a neighbor with a fantastic wine collection.

When you stop by this Winery, I guarantee you’ll leave with a smile on your face. Even if you’re not a wine drinker!

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Delicious house-made wine, apple pie cider, and raspberry barbecue chipotle rib beef sandwich.

The wine grape stomping event was not only free to attend, but participants received a ticket for a free drink! Indoor and outdoor covered and uncovered sitting options are also available.

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10. 14 Hands Winery

best wineries in washington state

Their objective is to manufacture wine. They go from convention to create robust wines that taste excellent above all else.

The 14 Hands Winery is a wonderful homage to the area’s homesteading, grape-growing, and winemaking traditions and offers a stunning tasting bar, lots of space to relax both inside and out, and a distinctive functioning barrel room.

In addition to daily tastings, the winery offers a unique roster of activities such as fashion shows, gourmet tours, and seasonal wine release festivities.”

Their wild and fantastic wines, like the untamed horses who bear their name, carry a lot of character into each bottle.

Also, a sculpture of a horse and a lovely mural may be found on the grounds outside. In the tasting room’s gift store, you may buy souvenirs. I highly advise stopping by if you’re around.

Their overall goal is to create popular everyday wines, thus they typically base choices throughout the winemaking process only on flavor.

Finally, they want to produce approachable, straightforward wines that taste fantastic straight from the cup or can. Their wines should be smooth, fruity, yet robust and profound.

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11. Cairdeas Winery

best wineries in washington state

The charming winery provides tastings and frequently holds events.

Washington fruits are used to create wine in the Rhône region in southern France. They use the Irish Gaelic word cairdeas (car-diss), which implies compassion, generosity, or alliance, as a tribute to their heritage.


Due to Charlie’s Irish origin, Lacey’s kindness (which led to their meeting), their alliance with one another and others in their business, as well as the friendships they have built along the road, the name Cairdeas has particular value for the wine.

Many exceptional and distinctive wines have been created by Charlie and Lacey. The staff is friendly and accommodating. 

Visitors adore the tasting room and the helpful personnel! Make sure to get in touch with them to make bookings!

These folks have worked really hard to create a true jewel on the Washington wine landscape. Fantastic hosts, fantastic wines, and fantastic neighborhood supporters!!

This Winery is a family-friendly establishment, so feel free to bring your children! Dogs that are well-behaved and on a leash are also permitted on the downstairs patio and front yard.

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12. Palouse Winery

best wineries in washington state

After producing excellent wines for more than two decades, their wine membership is always filled. Don’t forget to join their wine club and also explore it!

“All parties are tasked to clean outside tables as part of their attempts to socially distant guests! There is a website where reservations may be made. While on the grounds, masks are mandatory!

A beautiful indoor/outdoor tasting room and a members-only garden area are also present.

The “extended” tasting menu is certainly recommended because they offer a very fascinating selection of wines. The personnel in charge of the pouring are really kind and knowledgeable.

Here’s a must stop, if you enjoy wine. Or even if you are unsure about your wine preferences.

This location is unquestionably in the top 10. These guys create real wine, so don’t be fooled by the “garage wine” attitude.


If you’re not in a hurry, they have a wonderful backyard with lots of patio seats where you can relax and have a bottle. Next summer, many visitors can’t wait to attend one of their wine-pairing meals!

And I hope you join them soon, because they are one of the best wineries in Washington state. Why not plan your trip today?

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13. Cascade Cliffs Vineyard & Winery

Cascade Cliffs Vineyard & Winery

It’s one of the first vineyards in the United States to concentrate on producing Piedmont varietals, namely Barbera; they take great delight in this accomplishment.

In order to make more than two dozen different types of wine, they obtain fruit from their own vineyard as well as some of Washington’s best growing areas and vineyard locations.

All of their wine is produced at their Wishram winery, which welcomes guests for tastings and tours.

Throughout its existence, the wines have received various honors, including twice receiving Winepress NW’s Double Platinum/Best in Show award.

Their approach to winemaking and cultivating grapes encourages hygienic, environmentally friendly farming with less involvement in the winery.

As a winery with a membership model, the bulk of their wine is reserved for wine club members.

Goat Head Red, their house red wine, has been made for many years. Grapes such as Tempranillo, Barbera, and Dolcetto may be included in the mix. It fluctuates from year to year.

This wine pairs nicely with a variety of foods, including appetizers, burgers, and pizza. On January 1st, they sent out their yearly “Happy New Goat Head Red” online offer to their club members, letting them have first dibs on this traditional favorite at a hefty discount.

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14. State 42 Wines

best wineries in washington state

To guarantee that the wines they serve in their tasting rooms are of the highest caliber, they source from organic/sustainable vineyards.

Their Poulsbo tasting facility has become a community center, with a terrific environment, good music, and a knit group of wine enthusiasts!

The heat of July and August, along with the cool evenings and mornings of September, allows for the proper ripeness while maintaining the balance and acidity required for a strong yet balanced wine.

In late 2022, they eagerly anticipate constructing a tasting room in Chelan’s downtown. They have reestablished their wine club. Go there and register!

Their wines are all excellent. It is worthwhile to stop in and sample their wines if you are in Poulsbo. You won’t be let down.

The tasting room is a wonderful addition to Poulsbo’s downtown. Wine by the glass, bottles, and tastings are all offered at reasonable prices. Here’s always kind, courteous, and approachable.

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15. Benson Vineyards Estate Winery

Benson Vineyards Estate Winery

They are in complete control of the entire process, including cultivation, fermenting, bottling, and sales and distribution. Their red and white wines are renowned for their high caliber and accessibility.

They have an extremely low carbon footprint because they employ as little transportation of fruit to the winery and as much trucking of completed product away from the plant as possible.

Their fruit is cultivated in a sustainable manner with very few inputs other than light, water, and the occasional canopy spray to keep molds and mildew away from their grapes.

This method is ideal for their wines and, more significantly, the environment.

They have plenty of inside seats as well as covered patio seating (in ac). Excellent charcuterie platter and pizza. It’s nice that a winery offers a variety of dishes. 

The site itself is OUTSTANDING. It was beautiful to see the vines next to the lake and the mountains. They welcomed families and children and provided a respectable number of parking spaces.

This Estate Winery’s laid-back ambience is enhanced by the stunning Italian architecture and panoramic vistas. It features “Local Myth Pizza,” a dish with an old-world Italian flair.

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16. Desert Wind Winery, Inn, And Private Events

best wineries in washington state

The Estate Vines, Winery, Tasting Room, Restaurant, Gourmet Gift Shop, Event Center, and Luxury Inn & Spa are all part of their Southwest-inspired property.

The wines are excellent, and the staff is polite. The meal was excellent. It’s also a fantastic spot to stay and nearby eateries are within close proximity.

They have a really nice building with a patio where people may sit. The staff’s friendliness and accommodations are undoubtedly beneficial. They also provide the best wines at fair prices.

Inside, they have a huge wine bar, barrel room, and warm couches, and outdoors, they have a wide, pet-friendly, umbrella-shaded terrace with sunset and river views. Light bites are available seven days a week.

Here, you may partake in skillfully curated wine tastings, engage in discussion with their knowledgeable staff, stop by for some light meal, shop for the perfect gift, plan your next special occasion or spend the night in one of their magnificent suites.

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Final Concepts

The best Washington State wines have been recognized for containing the Old World’s structure and delicacy as well as the New World’s showy and ripe fruit.

While Merlot produce the most noteworthy red wines, Riesling is also known as the most popular white grapes. In recent years, Syrah-dominant red wines have become more popular in Washington.

However, Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery is the first one on our list, and it’s also the best Winery in Washington state. Why not plan your visit today? And experience its wonder’s.

Without a doubt, Washington is great when you think of wine. Why not pick one Winery destination on our list and visit? I promise, it will be amazing and fun.

Hope this article was helpful to you? Why not leave a comment below and subscribe to this blog for more information. Thanks.

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