Amazing Dog Friendly Beaches Long Island: 2023

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dog friendly beaches long island


Are you looking for the best dog friendly beaches long island? If Yes, why not read this article carefully to the end.

Montauk has no leash requirements, and dogs are allowed to run on the beach while supervised. Owners are urged to keep their pets under control, especially on crowded beaches.

There aren’t many dog-friendly beaches in Long island County. Any local or county ordinances prohibit dogs from being on the beach, even when they are on a leash.

Dogs are only permitted off-leash in Long Beach, and it is the only location. Therefore, it is fantastic.


The beach is the ideal location for dogs to play and exercise. This is advantageous to a dog’s health in addition to making it happier.

Long Island is home to lots of dog-friendly beaches and parks, but sometimes it can be hard to find a beach that will allow dogs on-site. However, below is the list to guide you.



1. Shadmoor State Park

dog friendly beaches long island

Shadmoor State Park is a 99-acre state park in the United States’ Suffolk County.

The park, which opened in 2000, is located in the Town of East Hampton on Long Island’s South Fork, one-quarter mile east of the town of Montauk.

It has a nearly 2,400-foot oceanfront that can be reached via two stairs. The park’s vegetation includes clusters of the unusual sand plain. On the site, there are still two WWII-era concrete bunkers.

With Fido, a 2.5-mile trek at Shadmoor State Park Preserve will take around 1.25 hours. This park, which was formerly the location of military operations, now offers you and your dog a spot to enjoy the water and beach. 

Hugging the shore allows you to take in expansive vistas of beaches and hills. You should wear tennis shoes because the terrain is somewhat rough and you’ll be walking up some modest inclines.

This stroll is a delightful surprise! Had beautiful weather to take a hike through the bushes and up into the cliffs along well-worn trails.

The water and beach could be seen from every angle. Just be on the lookout for ticks and thoroughly examine yourself afterward.


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2. Hither Hills State Park

Hither Hills State Park

This amazing State Park has a 40-acre freshwater lake, a two-mile sand beach, open fields, a playground, and a campground on the water.

Accessible trails include bridle paths, hiking, biking, nature, and cross-country skiing routes. Anglers may get licenses for night fishing and can fish all year round.

The beach is enormous and very clean, and the area is just so lovely. Additionally, the camping areas are immaculately kept and tidy.

This location is fantastic. The campsites are excellent, the showers are tastefully maintained and provide hot water, and even the bathrooms are a cut above most campgrounds I’ve gone to.

The beach is really stunning. From certain locations, the vistas are nothing short of peaceful and quiet beauty.

It’s wonderful to visit Hither Hills State Park! It’s warm, tidy, and enjoyable! Visitors adore hearing the ocean waves. You can fish in the water, and the beach is really clean.

If you are visiting with your RV, you will like the available sites, which are just steps from the beach. There is also a general shop, snack bars, family activities, and the friendliest lifeguards.

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3. Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach

The first beach community on the Bogue Banks, This Beach has a lengthy history and a varied culture. It’s also one of Long Island’s top dog-friendly beaches.

You can swim, surf, or fish pretty much anywhere along the coast on this island. During the summer, dedicated swimming areas are sometimes available.

The Oceanana Family Resort on East Fort Macon Road has a 1,000-foot fishing pier that may be of interest to anglers.


At Atlantic Beach, you may find some of the most pristine and pure water on the coast. While you can still see your toes, prepare to dive several yards into the ocean in search of shells.

A short distance from New York City, it also has some of the most prestigious and beautiful private beaches.

Only villagers (and their visitors) and beach club members have access to the beaches. Access requires a beach permit, which will be verified before entry.


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4. East Hampton Main Beach

dog friendly beaches long island

The well-known oceanfront in East Hampton has bathrooms, a snack bar, and lifeguards.

Enjoy a day at this private beach on Long Island’s eastern shore, which has lifeguards, toilets, a snack bar, and other facilities.

The beaches in Hampton are all breathtaking. To reach these beaches, you must pass through some of the priciest and most stunning regions in the whole United States. Parking might be challenging and they can get busy.

For some parking, you’ll probably need a permit, but once you’re there, it’s well worth it! It’s a terrific area for people-watching with friendly, kind, and lovely individuals! It’s unquestionably a treasure on Long Island!

Only a few of the Hamptons’ beaches allow visitors to purchase day passes on-site, and nearly all of them require an advance permission.

Planning ahead is essential because each township’s beaches have their own policies governing pets, amenities, and more.

The wealthy and famous have always been drawn to East Hampton. One of the features of the city is its wonderful beach.

Examine the unspoiled coastline or stroll among the sloping dunes. Enjoy Hook Pond’s tranquility or stroll along Main Street to see the shops and eateries there.


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5. Mecox Beach

dog friendly beaches long island

Mecox Beach is an amazing beach in Long Island and also one of the best dog friendly beaches long island.

After six o’clock, residents can get a beach barbecue permit from the parks and recreation office. Pets are welcome at all times except from April 1 through October 1.

If you’re not from Long Island and want to visit this beach, there is a cost. Mecox is, in a sense, designed for those who want to get away.

Beachgoers are urged to play beach volleyball or stop by one of the numerous food stalls because it has so much to offer.

Mecox Bay has historically been of particular fascination to artists because of the way the midday light exudes a tone, charm, and enthusiasm that is contagious.

Wispy crimson clouds can change hue on a summer day, yet they cannot change the air’s predominant purity.

Families that want to take their kids to the beach for the day frequently choose Mecox Beach as their location. In addition to a food truck and concession shop, visitors can utilize the facilities and showers in the parking lots.

Visitors are encouraged to use the beach’s volleyball nets and take advantage of the calm surf.


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6. Nickerson Beach Park

Nickerson Beach Park

The beach is pleasant, and not too busy. Lifeguards are absolutely available. The distance between the parking lot and the lake is not that far.

You may set up your base in a variety of places. Majority of the time, the sand is clean.

This entertainment center has a skate park, swimming pools, campsites, and a playground. It’s also one of Long Island’s top dog-friendly beaches.

In addition to the lovely beach, facilities include a campsite, handball, paddleball, basketball, tennis, and an outdoor pool. Shopping, healthcare, and religious services are all easily accessible.

Numerous birds and vegetation that are nationally protected can be seen on the beach. It’s a wonderful location for unwinding and taking in the beauty of nature.

The Piping Plover, a shorebird the size of a sparrow, is protected by federal law, and the park contains areas near the beach that are fenced off to safeguard breeding places for the bird.

This beach is fantastic, especially if you like animals. However, the ocean has many bigger crabs (up to two feet long), so watch your toes!

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7. Fire Island National Seashore

dog friendly beaches long island

The beach is large and extends for kilometers, with good water and wonderful sand. In town, there are also several good restaurants and stores.

The beaches are really beautiful and immaculate. Each beach is different and home to a variety of animals, including deer, egrets, crabs, and more.

On one side of Fire Island, vistas of the Atlantic Ocean may be seen, while on the other, views of the Great South Bay.


If you can reach the island by your own boat, ferries are always available. Numerous communities on Fire Island provide dining and entertainment. Definitely worth the trip.

Every hamlet on Fire Island has a certain appeal of its own; some are tranquil, while others feature vibrant pubs and eateries.

It is renowned for its immaculate beaches, serene ambiance, and easygoing charm.

The island is made up of 18 different settlements, each with its own personality and mood, and it is 31 miles long and two to three blocks broad.

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8. Camp Hero State Park

dog friendly beaches long island

The camp is kept up nicely. At each campground, there are easily available garbage cans, recycling bins, and fire barrels. as well as reasonably clean bathrooms.

Perfect for campers searching for a pleasant weekend getaway. Also, a significant network of trails is available for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

Some of Camp Hero’s distinguishing features include stunning untouched coastal woods, freshwater wetlands, beautiful ocean views, and high cliffs rising from the coastline.

Unaltered environments provide a haven for a variety of animals, including numerous birds.

The park’s old military installation is listed as a National Historic Site. Swimming is not allowed.

The park has sites for picnics as well as some of the top surf fishing spots in the world, which are accessible to anglers with permits around-the-clock.


History fans and theorists should go in addition to taking in the breathtaking vistas. The camp is serene and with breathtaking views.

The Montauk Project is a fictional account that is based in part on claims that the government conducted covert military tests there in the 1930s and 1940s.

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9. Gardiner County Park

Gardiner County Park

Gardiner Park has a big off-leash dog park as well as activities such as bird viewing, hiking, natural trails, and fitness trials. This park also has a restroom.” And also one of the best dog friendly beaches long island.

This is a fantastic spot to take your dog. They have three distinct dog runs (large, small, and agility). To get to the waterfront, you must walk down a sandy path. Wear sturdy walking shoes to avoid getting dirty.

This Park is widely regarded as Long Island’s greatest dog-friendly destination. The Gardiner family, the county’s first non-native landowners, founded the 231-acre preserve.

The 3.5-mile-long pathways go through woods and alongside a salt marsh on the mostly undeveloped property. Three-quarters of a mile of level dirt track leads to a beach on Great South Bay.

Close to the parking lot, there is a playground and a fenced-in dog run area. It’s a terrific area to go in the rain for some puddle jumping!

It’s also a great location for dog owners to take their dogs. You might have a lovely stroll to the seashore with your dog. In addition, the surroundings are serene and lovely.

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10. Orient Point Beach

Orient Point Beach

In addition to a playground, picnic tables, and a bathhouse with showers and toilets, it boasts a magnificent beach on Gardiner’s Bay.

There are trees there, so if you don’t like the sun, you may sit in areas that are shaded.

On the North Fork of Long Island, there is a state park with lovely scenery, tranquil waters (ideal for kids), and adjacent Greenport is fantastic for window shopping and has a lot of decent restaurants.

There’s a NYS park and it’s possible that more people will desire to use this fantastic NYS park.

It is in a lovely location, the amenities are immaculate, there is a lovely picnic space, a playground, and it is close to the boat to Connecticut.

This park has one of the most beautiful beaches on Long Island. Furthermore, the year-round retreat from the rush and bustle of the city is a lovely area to walk on the beach or along the park entry way. 

During the summer, you may spend the day in the sea, hire a kayak, or stroll out to the end of the point.


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11. Amagansett Beach

dog friendly beaches long island

Anytime during the off-season, dogs are permitted off-leash. Additionally, starting on the second Sunday in May and lasting until September 30 every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, dogs are not permitted at all on the beach.

You must take your dog to the beach before 10 am or after 6 pm if you want to enjoy yourself off-leash between May 15 and September 15.

For the remainder of the year, there are no limitations, so your dog is free to go around whenever they like.


Your dog may have a field day playing in the sand and the water before 9 am or after 6 pm. The majority of folks are quite laid back, but be careful because there is a $250 punishment for violations.

The 6.6 square mile hamlet of Amagansett’s beaches are serene, with long expanses of dunes and lots of space.

Just enough stores and restaurants may be found on Main Street for one to spend a few hours browsing and eating after a day at the beach.


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12. Napeague Harbor

dog friendly beaches long island

Napeague Harbor is really a fun place you can try out today. And it’s also one of the best dog friendly beaches on the island.

There isn’t much beach for spreading out a towel, but it’s a good place to launch paddle boards, kayaks, or take a short plunge.

Sand beaches may be found in this park, which is bounded to the east by Napeague Harbor’s “walking dunes.” 

In the region of the park north of Montauk Highway, east of Napeague Harbor, and west of the overlook parking area, dogs are allowed on a 6-foot leash.

When the park is open, dogs are not permitted on the ocean beach at Hither Hills, but there is a small stretch of sandy beach accessible from the end of Napeague Harbor Road, which is located north of Montauk Highway (Route 27).

What are you waiting for? Why not take you to Napeague Harbor and enjoy what they have to offer. I promise, you will love it.


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13. Ditch Plains Beach

dog friendly beaches long island

This public beach isn’t very busy, so you may spend hours admiring the stunning rocks. Excellent parking is available, on-site restrooms, and pet-friendly. If you are in the region, try to visit this beach.

Since the roads are set back from the ocean, your dog is secure in this laid-back beach retreat. Take a break and visit this charming beach, where canines are always welcome and the residents are kind.

All woofers are allowed to tickle their toes in the foamy foam while off-leash during the off-season. When the summer sun shines down on the beautiful hideaway, dogs are not permitted on the beach.

The code of honor is to follow the rules and show consideration for others in order to keep the beach dog-friendly forever. Easthampton permits are usually needed, and parking can be challenging.

This is an ideal location for camping among some of the world’s top surfers.

The semi-cliff background provides some shade, but if your Boxer, Shih Tzu, or French bulldog is joining you for some summer fun, they’ll require an umbrella or shade tent.

There are restrooms with outside showers accessible in the town parking lot, and there’s even a great food truck ready to satisfy your hunger.


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14. Port Jefferson Public Beach And Dog Park

Port Jefferson Public Beach And Dog Park

This is an excellent location for letting your dogs run free! There’s a wonderful stretch of beach where you can walk your dogs, as well as a beautiful view of the vessels in Port and the Port Jefferson ferry.

Just a few feet away is a lovely sitting park where you may relax and watch the sunset. There are several restaurants, parks, and activities that welcome dogs with open arms.


Try to go during low tide, when there is a lot more beach! Port Jefferson is dog-friendly, so a walk around the village is a good addition to a day at the beach.

It’s a nice location for dogs and their owners to hang out when it gets warm out in the spring and summer.

You are welcome to bring your pet on the boat from Bridgeport to Port Jefferson. As always, be kind to others and use the provided bags to clean up after your dogs.

The best part is that Port Jeff is known for being a pet-friendly place, so why not spend the entire day there with your dog?

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Final Concepts

According to Amasvos research, Montauk Beach and Port Jefferson Public Beach And Dog Park are the perfect dog friendly beaches long island. However, other beaches are also amazing.

Please take note that, Dogs must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet in length. Dogs are allowed in some beaches, and trails between October 1st and April 1st.

Also, Dogs should always be leashed and supervised. Dogs must be kept clean and are not permitted within 50 feet of any protected animal areas.

Like humans, dogs normally adore rivers, lakes, the sea, and swimming pools since they’re so enjoyable and refreshing.

Swimming is a fantastic kind of exercise for our dogs. It stimulates all of their muscles without stressing out their hip and back joints. It also strengthens their hearts and lungs in the process.

What are you waiting for? Why not pick one location in our article and plan your trip today? You and your dog’s will surely have a wonderful experience.

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