How Much Can I Withdraw From Chime? 2024

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How Much Can I Withdraw From Chime?

How much can I withdraw from Chime? Get ready to dive into the incredible world of Chime and unveil the astonishing secrets of your cash withdrawals!


Chime isn’t your ordinary banking experience; it’s a financial powerhouse with withdrawal capabilities that will leave you awestruck.

Picture this: with a network of over 38,000 fee-free ATMs scattered across the nation, just waiting for you to tap into your money.

But here’s the kicker – your daily ATM withdrawal limit isn’t just any limit; it’s a cool $$$$! And that’s not all – with Chime’s Overdraft SpotMe feature, you can momentarily boost it to an astounding $200!

How Much Can I Withdraw From Chime?

Transaction TypeDaily Withdrawal Limit
ATM and Over-the-Counter Withdrawals$515
Maximum Daily Withdrawal Limit$1,000
Credit Card Purchases$2,500
Chime Prepaid Card (ATM Withdrawals)$500
Weekly Withdrawal LimitNone

When it comes to making withdrawals from your Chime account, the amount you can take out in one day is a key factor to keep in mind. Imagine it as your daily spending power!


Chime gives you the freedom to withdraw up to $515 each day through ATMs and over-the-counter transactions. But here’s the exciting part – that limit might flex a bit depending on your account balance. The more you have, the more you can grab.

Now, let’s talk max power! The absolute cap on daily withdrawals is set at $1,000. That’s like having a cool grand in your pocket every day!

But wait, there’s more! If you’re all about card swiping, you can go big with credit card purchases, up to $2,500 in one day! Swipe away like a pro.

If you’re rocking the Chime prepaid card, your daily withdrawal limit at ATMs stands at $500. It’s like having your own ATM treasure chest!

And here’s a fun twist – there’s no specific weekly withdrawal limit. That means the daily withdrawal limit applies every single day. So, if you’ve got plans, Chime’s got your back with cash on demand, every day!

So, next time you wonder, “How much can I withdraw from Chime?” – remember, the sky’s the limit (well, almost)!

ATM Withdrawals

How Much Can I Withdraw From Chime?

When it comes to using Chime for ATM withdrawals, there are a few key considerations to bear in mind.

Chime offers a daily withdrawal limit of $515 for both ATM and over-the-counter transactions, with a maximum daily withdrawal cap of $1,000. However, it’s worth noting that this daily limit may fluctuate depending on factors like your account balance.

Additionally, Chime does levy a fee of $2.50 for out-of-network ATM withdrawals, in addition to any fees charged by the ATM’s operating bank. To sidestep these fees, Chime provides access to over 60,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide, which you can locate using the Chime mobile app.

Furthermore, Chime offers a nifty feature called “SpotMe,” allowing eligible customers to overdraw their account by up to $100 without incurring any fees.

While this feature can be used for ATM withdrawals, it’s crucial to bear in mind that any overdraft amount will be deducted from your next deposit.

In summary, when it comes to Chime ATM withdrawals, keep a close eye on your account balance, stay mindful of the daily withdrawal limit, and consider potential fees to ensure a smooth and cost-effective experience.

What Are Chime’s Out-of-Network ATM Fees?

Chime’s Out-of-Network ATM Fees are worth knowing if you’re wondering about how much you can withdraw from your Chime account!

Picture this: when you venture beyond Chime’s in-network ATMs to get cash, there’s a little cost involved. You see, Chime’s fee for using an out-of-network ATM is $2.50, but that’s not all. Some ATM operators might add an additional fee on top of that.

Here’s the deal in simple terms: Imagine you’re on a treasure hunt for cash, and you stumble upon an ATM that’s not in Chime’s friendly network.


You can still make a withdrawal, but it’ll cost you that $2.50 fee. Now, here’s where it gets mind-blowing – the ATM operator might also ask for their cut, which can vary. So, the total fee depends on that ATM’s operator.

But here’s the pro tip: Stick to Chime’s in-network ATMs, and you won’t have to worry about these extra fees eating into your cash stash.

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Over-the-Counter Withdrawals

How Much Can I Withdraw From Chime?

If you’re wondering about how much you can withdraw from your Chime account in person at a bank or credit union, here’s the scoop:

Think of Over-the-Counter Withdrawals as a special option for getting cash when you need it. You can visit participating banks or credit unions and request a withdrawal from your Chime account right at their counter.

With Chime, you can withdraw up to $500 in cash per day at over 60,000 convenient locations across the U.S. That’s a solid chunk of change right at your fingertips!

But wait, there’s more to this. Imagine you need a bit more cash, like a financial wizard conjuring coins from a hat. You can make multiple withdrawals in one day, as long as you don’t exceed that $500 limit.

So, you’re not just limited to a single cash infusion; you can grab what you need, responsibly of course.

To sum it up, Chime’s Over-the-Counter Withdrawals offer you easy access to your funds when you need them, with the flexibility to make multiple withdrawals, all while keeping things simple and straightforward.

Card Purchases That Require A Signature And PIN

Chime provides two card options to its members: a debit card and a credit card. These cards share a daily spending limit of $2,500 for both signature and PIN transactions.

Additionally, Chime offers the “SpotMe” feature, allowing eligible customers to overdraft their account by up to $100 without fees, but overdraft amounts are deducted from the next deposit.

Chime’s Credit Builder Visa Credit Card is available to qualifying members, allowing them to build credit without annual fees or interest. You can withdraw cash without fees from 60,000+ ATMs, including those at Walgreens, 7-Eleven, and CVS Pharmacy.

To avoid out-of-network fees, Chime recommends using one of the 60,000+ in-network ATMs at the mentioned retailers.

Chime is a fintech company known for its award-winning mobile banking app, offering early access to paychecks, fee-free overdrafts up to $200, convenient money transfers, automatic savings, and more.

Increasing Withdrawal Limits On Chime

How Much Can I Withdraw From Chime?

Chime, a renowned online banking platform, offers a wide array of financial services such as checking and savings accounts, debit cards, and ATM withdrawals. If you’re a Chime user seeking to elevate your withdrawal limits, here are various avenues to explore:

  • Contact Chime Customer Support: Reach out to Chime’s customer support to request an increase in your ATM withdrawal limit. Their team can assist you in adjusting the limit based on your account history and usage.
  • Request A Temporary Or Permanent Increase: Chime provides the option to request a temporary or permanent boost to your ATM withdrawal limit.

This is ideal for those who need to withdraw more cash than their daily limit permits. Chime will review your request, considering your account history and usage.

  • Make In-person Withdrawals From Your Checking Account: When you consistently approach your limit or anticipate needing a higher one, consider making in-person withdrawals from your Chime checking account. This method enables you to withdraw funds up to the balance limit of your account.
  • Get Cash Back At Checkout: If your cash needs exceed the ATM withdrawal limit, explore the option of obtaining cash back at the point of sale when using your Chime debit card.

This convenience is available at numerous retailers, allowing you to withdraw funds up to your debit card’s limit.

It’s important to bear in mind that Chime typically sets daily withdrawal limits for accounts within the range of $500 to $1,000.

However, your specific daily limit may vary based on factors such as your account history, usage patterns, and available balance. If you require a higher withdrawal limit, consider the aforementioned strategies to accommodate your needs.

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What Are The Rules For Chime Savings Account Withdrawals?

Chime, an online bank, offers a savings account along with a variety of financial services. If you hold a Chime savings account, you may be curious about the rules for withdrawals. Here are some important details to note:

  • Withdrawal Limits: Your daily withdrawal amount is limited, but you can make as many individual withdrawals as necessary.

Chime’s withdrawal limits vary depending on the withdrawal method, with no restriction on the number of times you can withdraw funds using your Chime Visa® debit card each day.

  • Transfers From Savings To Checking: You have the flexibility to perform an unlimited number of transfers and withdrawals from your Chime Savings Account into your Chime Checking Account. However, please be aware that Chime permits only up to six savings-to-checking transfers each month.
  • ATM Withdrawals: Chime imposes a specific daily limit on ATM withdrawals, set at $500 per day.

It’s important to note that Chime reserves the right to modify its withdrawal rules at any time. Therefore, it’s prudent to stay informed by consulting Chime’s customer support or the Chime help center for the most current information.

If you require more funds than the daily limit allows, you can explore the option of making multiple withdrawals or transferring funds to your Chime Checking Account.

How Is Chime’s Withdrawal Policy Compare To Other Banks?

AspectChimeTraditional Banks
Daily Withdrawal LimitsVaries by method; No limit on debit card usageTypically have set daily limits
Savings-to-Checking TransfersUnlimited transfers and withdrawalsMay restrict monthly transfers
ATM Withdrawal Limit$500 per daySimilar limits may apply
FlexibilityOffers more flexibility in daily transactionsMay have stricter policies
UpdatesPolicies subject to change; check Chime support for updatesPolicies can change; check with respective bank for updates

Chime stands out for its flexibility and unlimited savings-to-checking transfers, while traditional banks often have more rigid policies.

However, it’s important to note that specific policies can vary among traditional banks, so always check with your specific bank for its withdrawal rules.

How Can You Minimize Excessive Chime Withdrawal Fees?

1Use fee-free Chime ATMsAccess Chime’s vast network of over 60,000 fee-free ATMs to withdraw money without incurring fees.
2Avoid out-of-network ATMsSteer clear of out-of-network ATMs when fee-free Chime ATMs aren’t available. Out-of-network ATM use incurs a $2.50 cash withdrawal fee, plus any fees from the ATM provider.
3Utilize cashback at point of saleSome merchants offer cashback at the point of sale, enabling you to withdraw cash without the need for an ATM.
5Plan aheadIf you anticipate needing cash, plan ahead and withdraw money from a fee-free Chime ATM before the need arises.

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To sum it up, Chime isn’t just your average banking buddy; it’s a financial wizard that offers a thrilling array of withdrawal options. With a network of over 38,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide, the possibilities are astounding.

You can withdraw up to $500 a day from these magical cash machines. But wait, there’s more! Chime’s Overdraft SpotMe feature can elevate your daily limit to a staggering $200 when you’re in a pinch.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. If you ever need to withdraw money in person at a bank, you can withdraw a whopping $2500 – $3,000 every day!


So, whether you’re making everyday purchases or planning the financial feat of a lifetime, Chime has your back with its incredible withdrawal options. The world of Chime is your oyster, and it’s time to dive in and seize your financial dreams!

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