Invisalign Overbite Before And After: 2023 Review

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All helpful information concerning invisalign overbite before and after are covered in this article. And this post is highly reviewed by our medical authors.

Invisalign is a therapy for patients who have teeth that are misaligned or have an overbite.

Since the FDA authorized Invisalign therapy in 1998, it has grown more popular among those who have undiagnosed or misaligned teeth. In the dentistry sector, it’s a game-changer.

An overbite occurs when your upper teeth extend too far past your lower teeth. Overbites are one of the most common reasons individuals use aligners to straighten their teeth and keep them from sticking too near to the roof of their mouths.


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What Is Invisalign Overbite?

Invisalign aligners can be used to correct overbites. When your upper front teeth overlap your lower front teeth, you have an overbite.

Tweens and teenagers with class II malocclusions may benefit from Invisalign clear aligners with mandibular advancement.

A class II malocclusion occurs when the upper and lower jaws do not line up properly. If your lower jaw is too far back, your doctor may want to shift it forward before correcting your teeth.


Is Invisalign Good For Overbites?

Invisalign, a common type of aligner on the market, has been shown to be effective for correcting mild to moderate overbites. Traditional braces may be more effective in the treatment of severe overbites and other dental problems.

Rubber bands may be required for certain patients to reach their treatment goals. You’ll need a customized treatment plan for both traditional braces and Invisalign to match your individual teeth. The aligners must be worn exactly as instructed to achieve the greatest results.


Invisalign Overbite Before And After

Invisalign Overbite Before And After


Invisalign Overbite Before And After Pictures

Here are some pictures of Invisalign Overbite Before And After cases;

Case 1

Invisalign Overbite Before And After pictures



Case 2

Invisalign Overbite Before And After pictures


Invisalign Before And After Worst Cases

Here are some worse Cases of Invisalign Overbite Before And After;

Case 1

Invisalign Overbite Before And After worse cases


Case 2

Invisalign Overbite Before And After Worst Cases


Is Getting Invisalign Worth It?

Invisalign aligners are also beneficial if you wish to narrow gaps in your smile. Invisalign is perfect for those who are concerned about their appearance. Clear, plastic aligners can be used to correct gaps between your teeth.

Traditional metal braces produce the same results as Invisalign aligners, but without the unsightly side effects.

You’ll need to wear your trays for up to 22 hours every day, and when your teeth change, you’ll need to see your dentist to get fresh custom trays made. Also, set up visits every few weeks to make sure you’re on track.

There are no limitations on what you can eat or drink, and brushing and flossing with your alignment trays is much easier.



Can You Kiss With Invisalign In?

A white man kissing with invitation in his mouth

The first piece of good news is that the response is a resounding YES. The second piece of good news is this: Because of Invisalign’s transparent design, your pashing partner is unlikely to know you’re wearing any aligners. With Invisalign®, there’s nothing stopping you from kissing.

You can feel self-conscious when you first start wearing Invisalign braces. When you go on a date, you might be tempted to remove your aligners. Although it may appear to be a smart idea at the moment, but you should only remove your trays to eat, brush, and floss your teeth. The longer you keep them out, the longer it will take you to recover.


How Quickly Do Teeth Move With Invisalign?

It might take 6 to 12 months for Invisalign to realign your teeth into the right position. However, most patients notice movement within the first two months after receiving their initial set of aligner trays.

It’s possible that your situation is unique. Some people, for example, see an improvement in as little as two weeks. Others may require up to three months, or perhaps a little longer.


How Fast Does Invisalign Start Working?

Invisalign Overbite Before And After

Although it may take a bit longer for the majority of patients, some may see benefits from their Invisalign treatment as soon as two weeks. Others may have to wait three months for their smile to improve. Others may have to wait up to five months before they see a difference in their smile.

If you’ve been wearing Invisalign for five months and haven’t seen any progress, make an appointment with your Invisalign orthodontist or dentist. Your medical care provider will be able to check that your therapy is still on track to generate long-term outcomes.

Most people will find it simpler to wait for results if they have patience and trust in their treatment plan.


What Does It Look Like With Invisalign?

The plastic used by Invisalign is somewhat textured to give it a more natural appearance. They don’t have the same luster as some other goods. They may appear a bit shinier in direct sunshine or bright light than they typically do.

Unlike some other devices, the edge of Invisalign trays is trimmed to look like the natural gum line. Other products have a straight cut across the top of the gum line. Although a scalloped border isn’t perfect, many people believe it covers the trays better than a straight edge.



Do Teeth Go Yellow With Invisalign?

During treatment, Invisalign® aligners might become discolored. Smoking while wearing your trays guarantees that they will become yellow. If you have food residue in your mouth when you put your aligners back in, just like spaghetti sauce, curry, or berries, it might stain them.

To maintain your aligners clear and easy to clean, use the Invisalign® Cleaning System. Don’t worry if your trays turn yellow after a few days because you’ll have fresh ones in a week or two.


Does Invisalign Make Your Breath Smell?

Plaque, saliva, and germs can accumulate on your Invisalign aligners, causing them to smell. When your Invisalign aligners stink, your breath will stink as well.

Before placing your aligners back in your mouth, make sure they’re clean. A mouthwash that fights bad breath and destroys bacteria might be recommended by your dentist. Before spitting it out, swish it around in your mouth for at least 40 seconds.

Rinse the aligners in cold water after each use. You can brush the insides lightly with a soft toothbrush.


Is It Hard To Sleep With Invisalign?

Sleeping with Invisalign aligners is not a problem for the vast majority of individuals receiving treatment. Drooling or salivation may be elevated in certain people, which can be reduced by resting on your back with your head slightly raised.

We also recommend having a glass of water next to your bed in case your mouth becomes dry and you have a painful or dry throat or thick saliva.

You should have no trouble sleeping once your mouth has adjusted to the Invisalign aligners. If your sleeping problems persist, you should make an appointment with your healthcare provider.


Who Is Not A Good Candidate For Invisalign?

People with dental problems that require surgery aren’t typically good candidates for this form of therapy. Invisalign may not be the ideal option for those who have dental implants, bridges, or TMJ problems.

An orthodontist may be able to make Invisalign work for you if your teeth are too tiny or malformed for the procedure.



Can You Eat With Invisalign On?

A White Women Eating while putting on Invisalign

You can eat all of your favorite meals while wearing Invisalign. Wearers of Invisalign Teen and Invisalign for Adults don’t have the same restrictions as those who wear traditional braces.

If you prefer chewy or crunchy foods, you may eat them all as long as you take out your Invisalign beforehand. Changes in your diet are one thing you won’t have to worry about with Invisalign.


Can You Drink Through A Straw With Invisalign?

When you’re getting Invisalign treatment, it’s best to sip drinks using a straw.

A straw prevents the drink from coming into contact with your teeth and, if you have Invisalign, your aligners. Use a straw if you really must consume a sweet or alcoholic beverage while wearing Invisalign.

Since hot drinks are never ideal for drinking with a straw while undergoing Invisalign treatment, some people place their faith in the straw. Even when the drink has cooled slightly, the temperature may still be too hot for a straw since it distorts the aligners.


Can I Chew Gum With Invisalign?

When using Invisalign, chewing gum is not recommended. You can only chew gum after removing your Invisalign aligners. Keep in mind, however, that for best results, you should wear your aligners for about 22 hours per day.

Also, try to keep your gum chewing to a minimum to ensure that you wear your aligners for the recommended amount of time.


Can Invisalign Make Smile Wider?

Can Invisalign make smile wider

Invisalign does not change the shape of the palate or jawbone. Once the other corrective measures have been completed, it simply moves the teeth.

Once the teeth have been moved into a wider position, the grin will appear wider. Even minor variations in the grin can have a big impact.

Invisalign can be a more discreet alternative to traditional metal braces for minor changes, but it can also be a better fit for more serious dental issues.


Schedule an appointment with your orthodontist if you’re thinking about using Invisalign to broaden your grin. Your dentist will be able to assist you in determining the best course of action for your circumstance.


Do Overbites Get Worse With Age?

Absolutely: overbites deteriorate over time and can lead to additional problems such as migraines or dental discomfort, difficulty chewing or biting, or tooth and gum rot as a result of an inability to adequately clean the teeth.

A deep overbite may generally be addressed utilizing orthodontic treatment procedures in younger individuals. Significant dental deterioration, missing teeth, or broken-down teeth may need to be fixed in elderly individuals.

For older individuals who have had their teeth destroyed throughout the course of their lives, restorative therapy is frequently necessary.


Can Invisalign Damage Teeth?

Yes, Invisalign can affect your teeth; however, this occurs most often when correct guidelines for your invisible braces are not followed. It’s not uncommon for your teeth to feel sore and unpleasant after wearing Invisalign, especially with a new, tighter set.

By mistreating your aligners, such as drinking anything other than water, you risk causing harm to your teeth.

Other liquids, including carbonated beverages and fruit juices, might become stuck under your aligner and cause harm to your teeth. In order for teeth to move, Invisalign triggers a biological reaction in the roots of the teeth.


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Does Overbite Make You Look Angry?

Overbite making her angry

Even if you’re not angry, an overbite or underbite might make you appear so. It may seem strange, but the position of your teeth has an impact on the rest of your head and face.


Can You Drink Alcohol With Invisalign?

While wearing your removable aligners, dental specialists advise you to avoid consuming alcoholic drinks such as red or white wine. However, if you can’t resist the desire, you should take your aligners out while drinking.



Is Invisalign A Permanent Fix?

If you follow the orthodontist’s recommendations, Invisalign treatment is permanent and will give you straighter teeth for the rest of your life.

Keep in mind, however, that no orthodontic procedure is guaranteed to be permanent. Your teeth will always have a tendency to shift back after they have moved.

Your Invisalign results can last a lifetime with appropriate maintenance and aftercare. Each tooth’s new position is insecure right after orthodontic treatment.

Nonetheless, as time passes, your new grin will become more solid and simpler to maintain. The way you care for your teeth after treatment will ultimately decide how long your results persist.


Which Is Cheaper Braces Or Invisalign?

Braces and Invisalign

Braces are cheaper than Invisalign

Invisalign costs anything from $3500 to $9000. The cost of braces, on the other hand, might range from $2500 to $6000. Some of these expenditures are normally covered by dental insurance, however the amount varies depending on the treatment provider.


Can Invisalign Fix A 100 Percent Overbite?

YES. The majority of overbites can be treated without surgery. You’ll need to see an expert, certified orthodontist for braces or Invisalign treatment. If your problem is too complicated for orthodontic treatment alone, you will be referred to an oral surgeon.


Can Invisalign Fix Overbite Jaw?

Invisalign is a simple and effective treatment for both underbites and overbites.

When it comes to correcting an overbite, the best time to use Invisalign is when you’re younger. You’ll get the best results if your jaw is still growing. Your aligners will be perfectly fitted to your teeth, and you will be able to remove them without difficulty.

Certain patients may require rubber bands to achieve their treatment objectives. Traditional braces and Invisalign both require a customized treatment plan to match your unique teeth. To achieve the best results, the aligners must be worn exactly as directed.



Does Invisalign Sharpen Jawline?

A White women putting on her Invisalign

In many cases, Invisalign or braces may correct the jawline. Your chin and jaw will appear stronger, and your facial profile will be more harmonious, if you pull the arches together properly.


Can Invisalign Fix Class 2 Overbite?

A little overbite is classified as a class 1 malocclusion, but more severe overbites are classified as a class 2 malocclusion. The majority of cases of overbites can be treated with Invisalign.


Does Overbite Change Your Face?

This orthodontic therapy may modify the form of your face if you have more serious tooth issues.

Overbite – Another kind of malocclusion that can be improved with Invisalign or braces is overbite. When the top teeth protrude too far ahead of the bottom teeth, it gives the appearance of a “weak” chin and sunken cheeks.


How Does Fixing An Overbite Change Face Shape?

A White women putting on her Invisalign

Patients frequently see the largest improvement in their facial look on the profile of the face.

Since abnormalities including underbite, overjet, and overbite are corrected, the jaw and upper lip are more aligned. In the end, this might soften the features and redefine the jawline.


Is Invisalign Faster Than Braces?

In a nutshell, the answer is yes. Unlike traditional metal braces, which can take 18 to 24 months to complete, Invisalign can be completed in just 12 months.



Are Aligners Better Than Braces?

Aligners, on the whole, are more convenient than braces. The plastic aligner has less of an impact on the lips and cheeks than metal or porcelain braces. Despite the fact that the teeth are still sore when they begin to shift.


Which Is Better, Ceramic Braces Or Invisalign?

For people who have mild to severe overcrowding and spacing concerns, Invisalign is an excellent option.

Ceramic braces are a significantly superior alternative for people who want more intensive orthodontic therapy. Certain treatments need tooth changes that transparent aligners are unable to accomplish.


Are Overbites Noticeable?

A White women putting on her Invisalign

An overbite is visible from the front as a misalignment of the lips, with the Cupid’s bow not aligning with the center of the lower lip. Since the form, size, and alignment of bones determine physical structure, an overbite may have a substantial impact on your jawline and, by extension, your face structure.


Why Is Invisalign Quicker?

Since the trays are personalized throughout therapy, Invisalign is usually faster than braces. You will return to the office every few weeks to get new aligners custom-made for you. 

During treatment, your aligners will alter so that they are continually working to enhance the appearance of your teeth.


Can I Get Invisalign For Top Teeth Only?

Yes, having Invisalign solely on the front teeth is totally appropriate. Typically, patients choose to correct their top teeth only after their bottom teeth are generally straight and stable, with no indication of future crookedness.


Are Invisalign Painful?

No. Although Invisalign is not unpleasant, it might cause a person’s teeth to become irritated. Consider it similar to standard orthodontic therapy. Because of the pressure being applied to your teeth when you initially acquire braces, you may experience some discomfort.



Invisalign Overbite Cost

TreatmentPrice Range
Invisalign Overbite$3,000 - $9,000


What Can Invisalign Not Fix?

A White women putting on her Invisalign

  • Large Gap That Exists:

A gap between the teeth is known as a diastema. It is harmless and may be found in both children and adults.

Small gaps between teeth can be efficiently closed with Invisalign, however big gaps cannot always be closed.

  • Severe Overbite/underbite:

When your upper teeth overlap your bottom teeth, you have an overbite, and when your lower teeth are in front of your top teeth, you have an underbite. Many people seek therapy for these issues as a result of oral health issues and difficulties speaking.

  • Intrusions And Extrusions:

True intrusion is defined as the true intrusion of incisors without any posterior tooth extrusion. In comparison to relative intrusion, when the posterior teeth erupt out of the bone, the incisors in the anterior teeth advance towards the bone while the posterior teeth do not move.

A patient’s tooth may need to be shifted up or down in their mouth at times. Invisalign cannot repair this technique, also known as an incursion or extrusion.

  • Teeth That Have Been Rotated:

Overcrowding can cause teeth to rotate in their sockets. Many cases of rotated teeth can be corrected using Invisalign. Invisalign will not function if a tooth rotates greater than 20 degrees.

Although rotated teeth are less frequent than discolored or crowded teeth, they can be difficult to treat when they do appear.


What Is The Success Rate Of Invisalign?

The reality is that they are just as effective as metal braces for a wide range of orthodontic issues, including those that are mild to severe.

It’s easy to see why aligners have become so popular in recent years, especially with a 96 percent customer satisfaction rating and an average treatment period of only one year.


What Are The Cons Of Invisalign?

A White women removing her Invisalign

  • For More Complicated Issues, It’s Less Successful

According to research, Invisalign is more successful for patients whose teeth only require little movement.


For more complicated disorders, your doctor may recommend another treatment approach. Invisalign may not be the best option for you if you have bridgework on part of your teeth.

  • Removing It When Eating Or Drinking

When you have dental aligners on your teeth, you must remove them when you want to eat or drink. Food or drink can get into them if you don’t. Which causes germs to develop along your teeth or gum line, perhaps leading to cavities. 

Liquid can also soak down into them, staining the aligners as well as your teeth.

  • Requires Adherence

Invisalign is a type of clear braces that may be worn for up to 22 hours each day. It might not be the greatest option for you if you believe you’ll be tempted to take them out more frequently.

To get the most out of Invisalign, you must wear the aligners for at least 20 hours each day.


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Final Thoughts

Studies have proven that Invisalign is successful in correcting mild to moderate overbites. Invisalign therapy is the most appropriate teeth alignment treatment option. And many dentists prescribe this to patients because of its creative and modern technology.

Also, Invisalign may take less time to straighten teeth than traditional braces, and they are less uncomfortable and disruptive to the body when worn.

If you have any questions in mind, go ahead and ask us in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog. Thanks.

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