Best Movie Theaters Bangor Maine: 2023

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movie theater bangor maine


Movie theaters bangor maine are amazing and also difficult to find the best ones. With the help of this article i have listed the best movie theaters bangor maine and including the nearby ones.

Some of the movie theaters in bangor maine have a great assortment of interesting foods, including vegetarian and vegan alternatives. The classic arcade is fantastic, as are the pinball games. Just a fantastic clubhouse vibe, complete with board games and private theaters.

Theaters in bangor maine are really interesting and are fun places to visit with your friends or family. Below is my amazing list of the best Movie theaters bangor maine.

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1. Bangor Mall Cinemas 10

movie theater bangor maine

For nearly 40 years, this is Bangor’s favorite neighborhood movie theater. All ten theaters have luxurious recliners. The concessions menu now includes Chicken Tenders, Mozzarella Sticks, French Fries, Mac N Cheese Bites, and Pizza.

Their theaters are located in the heart of local communities. They take pleasure in operating and owning those old-fashioned movie theaters with comfy chairs and freshly popped popcorn. And also one of the best movie theaters bangor maine.

They continue to keep their visitors coming back film after film, thanks to their management and staff, who remember many of their clients by name or face. You can be sure that one of their theatre sites will provide you with the type of local experience you want.

Many of their theaters collaborate with film studios on in-theatre marketing. T-shirts or DVD giveaways to full-fledged theater marketing are all possibilities. Try and check with your local theater to discover what special offers they have planned for upcoming film releases.

movie theater bangor maine

Except for Discover, their theaters are able to accept all major credit cards. For their guests’ convenience, we accept cards at both the ticket office and the concession booths. Many of their locations also feature ATM machines for their customers to use.

More Details

Are you looking for a fresh or unusual method to commemorate a birthday? Why don’t they host it for you? Hollywood Fashion! Many of their theaters host parties with the latest kid’s film releases, as well as typical concession stand treats. An unforgettable experience for kids of all ages! For more information about their birthday party program, contact your local theatre.


Direction To Bangor Mall Cinemas 10


2. Movie Rocket Bangor

movie theater bangor maine

Take pleasure in your viewing experience. You’ll come to this movie theater for the experience, not simply the choices.


You’ll like their plush, spacious rocker chair seats, which have plenty of legroom so you don’t run into anybody if you need to get up. And also one of the amazing movie theaters bangor maine.


Their concession stand and kitchen offer a full dramatic dining experience, ensuring that you do not go hungry.

A Viewing System

You’ll feel like you’re right in the heart of the action with their seven-screen viewing system.

Food and beverages from outside sources are not permitted in the building. Cellphones are not permitted in the cinema, but are permitted in the activity and entertainment sections. No firearms or large baggage are permitted.

More Details

Movie Rocket Bangor

Nothing beats a good arcade game. You might spend hours smashing your high scores and winning bragging rights over all of your friends at Movie Rocket, which offers one of the largest arcades in Bangor, ME.

You’ll love their redemption gaming system, which turns your delicious abilities into tickets that you can exchange for rewards. Their reloadable card system also makes it simple to pay for games and keep track of your tickets. Start earning exciting rewards by playing their arcade games today.


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3. Queen City Cinema Club

movie theater bangor maine

A relaxed, retro-style pub and game area featuring two private movie theaters, an arcade, a full bar, and dank grub.” It’s also one of my favourite movie theaters bangor maine.


Queen City Cinema Club is a shared cultural place dedicated to the appreciation of movies, located in the center of Bangor, Maine.

Q3C is a fresh new everyday entertainment choice in the downtown area, with a curated cinematic library ranging from classics to cult favorites, excellent food and beverages, communal areas for arcade and board games, and two private screening rooms accessible for reservation and renting.

Q3C is a multi-purpose theater that can accommodate small to medium reservations, walk-ins, birthdays and other private parties, business meetings and presentations, local and independent film screenings, trivia and other game contests (both digital and analog), and a variety of other events.

movie theater bangor maine

At Queen City Cinema Club, you may meet new people with similar interests or reconnect with old ones and share a memory. Bring your own movie or choose from their selection of over 1700 titles. 

Do you need anything to wash it down? They offer 8 rotating keg beers, 27 craft beers in cans and bottles, exquisite wines, and a custom cocktail menu that combines old school classics with new school twists.


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Other Amazing Movie Theaters Close To Bangor Maine

4. Spotlight Cinemas

Spotlight Cinemas

The chairs are quite comfortable, the staff is always pleasant and helpful, and the popcorn is always fresh and hot. They constantly go above and above to make sure that you have a fantastic movie experience. They come highly recommended from me.

Spotlight Cinemas began operations in April 1996. Bangor, Maine’s first movie theater started out as a low-cost cinema. In 2003, the theater was refurbished with stadium seating and began playing first-run films in response to industry developments.

Since then, Spotlight has spread to seven locations and almost 50 screens around the East Coast, from Maine to South Carolina. Many things have changed throughout the years, but their dedication to providing quality family entertainment has not changed.


movie theater bangor maine

Digital projection and sound are available at all Spotlight locations. 3D and stadium seats are available in some places. At their St. Andrews Cinema in Columbia, SC, they even reintroduced the budget theater idea.

They are excited to bring you the greatest films. Take in the spectacle.


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5. Flagship Cinemas

Flagship Cinemas

New movies are shown with stadium seating, and repeat visitors receive benefits.

Flagship Cinemas is a privately held company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, that has been in business since 1995.

Flagship Cinemas has locations in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida.

Power reclining seats, digital projection, digital surround sound, and a tranquil ambience are available in flagship theaters.

They are proud of their reputation as a “local theatre” that delivers high-quality entertainment to local families and businesses.

movie theater bangor maine

On your birthday, they will give you a free movie (with correct ID; certain restrictions may apply), and their Film Fanatic card gives frequent moviegoers discounts and free movies.

For more information, contact your local Flagship Cinemas. At all locations, gift cards are available. Their theaters may also be rented by groups or for birthday celebrations.



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6. Railroad Square Cinema

Railroad Square Cinema

Independent films are shown at this venerable nonprofit movie theater linked with the Maine Film Center. They provided an excellent range of food, the toilets were spotless, and the staff was quite kind.

Railroad Square Theater, the state’s only Sundance Art House Project cinema, as well as the 10-day Maine International Film Festival that draws filmmakers and film fans from around the world, bring current, independent, and vintage film to central Maine. Maine Student Film educational activities support young filmmakers.

Through shared artistic experiences, they are creating a flourishing, connected, and egalitarian community. They encourage growth and well-being through providing arts programs created by, with, and for their community.

They value the importance of creative expression in leading a fulfilling life and contributing to a thriving community, and they support individual artistic activities at all levels.


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7. Reel Pizza Cinerama

Reel Pizza Cinerama

For those eating pizza, this quirky, single-screen movie theater includes mismatched sofas or counter seats.

Reel Pizza provides a one-of-a-kind moviegoing experience that you won’t find anywhere else in Maine. They play exceptional Hollywood, art, independent, and foreign language films in stereo-surround sound in a peaceful, friendly atmosphere.

Their concession rates won’t break the bank, and their movies are the finest value in town. Give them a shot for excellent food, amazing movies, and terrific fun at a reasonable price.


Their gourmet pizza is the best in town, with the largest assortment of toppings, a variety of sauces and cheeses, and a choice of whole wheat or white dough. You may make your own pie or select from a variety of their popular combinations.


Direction To Reel Pizza Cinerama


8. Bangor Drive-In

movie theater bangor maine

Thus seasonal drive-in cinema has new releases and old films, as well as concessions.

Bangor Drive-in was founded in 1950 as a single-screen drive-in cinema in Bangor, Maine. In 1978, a second screen was installed, giving it a dual-screen drive-in.

However, the Bangor Drive-in closed in 1985. The Bangor Drive-in, however, was rebuilt and reopened in 2015 after 30 years of darkness, and it continues to function as a dual screen drive-in today.

They are open periodically from Spring to Fall and screen double features five nights a week (Monday and Tuesday nights are closed). Please bring cash to the Bangor Drive-in because they only accept cash at the box office.

At the concession stand, credit cards are accepted. They also allow pets as long as they are properly behaved and leashed.

They have reduced the price of entrance to $22 per car. Also, for your convenience, they have a full concessions menu. The Drive-In may also be rented for an event.

Bangor Drive-In

Do you have a birthday, a customer or employee appreciation day, or a family gathering coming up? Allow them to create a really unique event experience for you!


The Bangor Drive-owners declared that they would not reopen for the 2022 season and would remain closed permanently.


Part of the reason for their shutdown was due to the pandemic, a shortage of new movies, and movies being published directly to streaming. They’re marking this drive-in as ‘Closed,’ but they will keep you updated when new information becomes available.


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Movie Theaters Bangor Maine Reviews

Bangor Mall Cinemas 10 Reviews By Other Visitors

Johnson karl, Says

  • This establishment provides Senior Tuesday. We’ve seen a lot of movies here and had a good time. While you’re in the vicinity, grab a quick snack before heading out for lunch or supper. There are several restaurants nearby, as well as The Mall. To receive our tickets and any assistance needed, we are always greeted by friendly smiles. Sorry for the high prices of the munchies, but Tuesdays are Senior Discount Days. Every time we’ve been, the ticket booth, theater seats, and restrooms have all been immaculately maintained. So either enjoy it or don’t.


Lisa St, Says

  • After a long day of shopping in the mall, this cinema was a nice spot to visit. You might relax and take it all in. The matinée was attended by my daughter and me. The theater’s location in the mall was ideal for us. The only disadvantage was the admission prices, which I thought were a little excessive.


Still Eric, Says

  • My little grandkids thought the movie was hilarious. There’s a lot of potty humor. I felt $32 for a matinée was excessive. The overall experience was positive, although the seat backs tilted back far too readily. I tried a few before deciding they were all the same.



Movie Rocket Bangor Reviews By Other Visitors

Charles Moody, Says

  • From the outside, it doesn’t appear to be much, yet this is a fantastic small movie theater. Beautifully restored and reasonably priced. Our family saw two movies there over the span of many days, and we only spent $40 for a matinée with eight people. At the matinée, the youngsters also had a fantastic time.


Anderson Angela, Says

  • 20/20!!! Exceptionally clean cinema with really helpful personnel, not to mention the fact that you can have supper while watching the movie!?! Wow! There are several snacks and foods to choose from, all of which are cheaply priced!

There are plenty of arcade games to enjoy for the whole family! We are eager to return!


Rebecca Bunker, Says

  • It’s an incredible location. The visitors and staff are always kind and helpful, the costs are reasonable, and the movie rooms provide an excellent, unforgettable viewing experience. The arcade is also a wonderful area to hang out and play games while waiting for a movie, after a movie, after school, and/or to pass the time. Everything about Westside Cinemas is fantastic and incredible. Another advantage is that it is located adjacent to Playland Adventures. I would strongly suggest this location to my friends, family, and others. Renovations are also coming shortly, so new seats with cup holders will be installed, making the space even nicer.



Queen City Cinema Club Reviews By Other Visitors

Steve Ropiak, Says

  • I came in for the first time today, shortly after noon. I’d been meaning to visit this location for quite some time, and I’m pleased I finally did! I was pleasantly delighted to see that the interior is far more large than photographs online suggest. Staff was quite kind, and there was a good assortment of arcade games and board/card games… but let’s get to the main reason for my 5-star rating.

I’m not sure who made my roasted cauliflower tacos or who came up with the idea to put them on the menu, but it changed my life forever from that day on! Finding a restaurant that not only caters to a Vegan diet but also does it in a tasty manner is difficult for me. Those tacos are among the most delectable meals I’ve ever encountered in my 32 years on this planet.

Thank you very much to Queen City Cinema Club for providing various Vegan-friendly alternatives! My kid and boyfriend both bought standard sandwiches and were equally impressed with the flavors and the sizes.

The staff today was incredibly friendly as well. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend a couple hours I highly recommend checking this place out! It’s now one of our favorite places to go.


Kesler Shannon, Says

  • This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! The ambience is fantastic, and the cuisine was exceptional in comparison to what is available in Bangor. I like the arcade and all of the games, and the proprietor was quite kind. 5 out of 5 stars, and I would give 10 stars if they offered it.


Final Thoughts

Bangor is a city in the state of Maine. A tall monument of folklore lumberjack Paul Bunyan on Main Street alludes to Bangor’s previous role as a wood industry. Bangor Maine is really a lovely place to visit for moviegoers. 

If you live around the area or are coming from elsewhere, try and visit one of the movie theaters listed above to enjoy your lovely day or weekend.

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