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Fun Things To Do In Grand Haven Mi: 2024

Mercy Brice


things to do in grand haven mi


If you are looking for the best things to do in grand haven mi, then this article is for you. This guide will walk you through the trip planning process.

Grand Haven Michigan is wonderful, and there are many things to do there.

However, determining the ideal things to do may be difficult and frustrating. Please read this article all the way to the end, because we have compiled an incredible list of things to do in Grand Haven, MI.

This amazing town provides a charming selection of attractions, from natural wonders to cultural triumphs, and is rich in both history and Americana. Grand Haven is really a tourist destination.


Now let’s jump right into the best and amazing things to do in grand haven mi. And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to use the comment field below.



1. Visit The Skydive Grand Haven

things to do in grand haven mi

Tandem skydiving is available at Skydive Grand Haven, which is located thousands of feet over the stunning Grand Haven beach on the edge of Lake Michigan.

They have the best view, and skydiving is an unforgettable experience! It’s one of the closest skydiving facilities near to Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, and Lansing, and also the closest to the shore of Lake Michigan.

Before upgrades or group discounts, first-time skydives over the stunning Lake Michigan start as cheap as $249 per person, but they don’t collect money until the day of the jump!

You may fly over the stunning Lake Michigan in a picturesque aircraft trip at Skydive Grand Haven. When it’s time to leave the plane, you’ll feel an unparalleled exhilaration.

Afterwards, you’ll experience a stunning and thrilling parachute flight back to Earth while freefalling at 120 mph! They’ll ensure that you’ll never forget your first leap!

The company Skydive Grand Haven is run and owned by a family. Since the mid-1990s, the proprietor, Tony, has been a skydiver. Each of his five children has performed a solo jump, and two of them have obtained skydiving licenses. 

In 2012, Tony made the decision to launch Skydive Wayland, his own skydiving business, at Calkins Field in Wayland, Michigan.

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2. Check Out Hofma Preserve 

Hofma Preserve


This Grand Haven Charter Park is made up of a 324.77 acre plot of property with around 4.5 miles of trails, an 885 foot floating bridge, 17 parking spaces, a picnic area and shelter, a playground, bathrooms, grills, and other amenities.

In South of Grand Haven, you will find this stunning park called Hofma Preserve.

A well-kept network of simple trails awaits visitors, with one stretch across a lovely wetland region on a floating bridge. Because they are flat and broad, these routes are the ideal choice for walkers of all fitness levels.

Wonderful trek; no mosquitoes. Take caution to pay attention or carry a compass because some locations aren’t marked. Before leaving, I advise downloading the All Trails app.

Really fantastic place for a stroll in the woods or along a boardwalk across a wildflower-filled marsh. Why not try here if you’re seeking for things to do in Grand Haven, Mi?

Additionally, this area is pet-friendly and contains a small playground at one end.

There is a cute small pavilion and bathroom facilities as well. Such a wonderful location with the friendliest people. You may walk on a floating bridge there. Even a disabled person can access it! which are uncommon to discover on hiking paths.

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3. Explore The Grand Haven State Park

things to do in grand haven mi

In Grand Haven, Michigan, south of the Grand River’s mouth and harbor, there is a public leisure area called Grand Haven State Park. 48 acres of the state park are made up completely of beach sand.

You must purchase a day permit or a yearly pass if you wish to park inside the State Park. Buy a year pass if you reside in Grand Rapids.

Along the north side of the park, near the river’s mouth. The park offers picturesque views of the Grand Haven pier and two lighthouses and is mostly made up of beach sand.

A contemporary campsite, a guesthouse, a swimming beach, picnic spots, and a beach pavilion are all located inside the park. Popular spots for fishing are along the Grand River’s nearby promenade.


The park was one of the 13 parks established in 1920 following the establishment of the Michigan State Parks Commission in 1919.

The park, sometimes known as “The Oval,” was once a 35-acre public beach that the city had paid $1,000 to acquire.

You should explore and have a great time in this State Park. Visit this park if you’re seeking the top things to do in Grand Haven, Mi.

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4. Go To The Grand Haven City Beach

things to do in grand haven mi

The beachside restaurant, The Noto’s At The Bilmar is sandwiched between the Grand Haven City Beach.

There is a little free parking available. toilets are accessible. No fees or permits are necessary. Families will love this amazing, sandy beachfront.

On the beach, drinking is not permitted. limiting to less than 100 visitors. The City parking lot, which is close to the beach condominiums, is the only place where deliveries and pickups are permitted.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, dogs on leashes are allowed on the beach to the south of the swim buoys (only before 11am and after 5pm).

Dogs must never be left unsupervised and must always be kept on a 6-foot leash.

Leashed dogs are welcome on any area of the Grand Haven City Beach from Labor Day to Memorial Day. Just south of Grand Haven State Park is where the beach is.

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5. Check Out Grand Haven Musical Fountain

things to do in grand haven mi


This fountain, which was built in 1962, performs synchronized water, light, and music presentations.

The Grand Haven Musical Fountain has a coordinated water show, lights, and music of different genres.

Each 25-minute presentation, which runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day as well as on Fridays and Saturdays in May and September, plays a range of well-known songs.

The Grand Haven Musical Fountain will also share music and anecdotes from its 60-year history on Dewey Hill.

wonderful show to see every evening at 9:30. Worth staying out late for. There is music for everyone, including pop, big band, country, and other genres. It’s fun to see the water fountains coordinate their colors.

You won’t want to miss this performance! The concert is always free and is certain to be crowded, so you might want to think about purchasing reserved seating.

The Grand Haven Musical Fountain will be 60 in 2022. This year, they will pay respect to the countless volunteers who make this spectacular display of water, lights, and music feasible and enjoyable for generations over the course of six decades.

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6. See What Is Happening In Tri-cities Historical Museum

things to do in grand haven mi

This free local history museum features exhibits on subjects including early pioneers and Native Americans.

A free local history museum that tells the tales of Michigan’s northwest Ottawa County. Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Ferrysburg’s Tri-Cities heritage is their area of expertise.

They aim for an honest depiction of their community, both past and present, via careful display and programming initiatives.

They support creative methods. This guarantees the museum’s current and future growth, as well as its quality effect.


The Tri-Cities Historical Museum does not discriminate against anybody E.g; race, color, religion (creed), gender, age, national origin (ancestry), marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other characteristics. You are 100% free to visit.

In other words, there are no conditions or questions attached to your visit to the Tri-Cities Historical Museum today. I appreciate their generosity.

Are you planning things to do in grand haven mi? If so, you should also think about visiting the amazing Tri-Cities Historical Museum.

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7. Have Fun In Mulligan’s Hollow Ski Bowl

Mulligan's Hollow Ski Bowl

Currently a nonprofit skiing and snowboarding hill with six slopes, rope tows, a new lodge, and also the WWII boot camp.

In the dunes of Grand Haven, Michigan, is a local ski area called Mulligan’s Hollow Ski Bowl. It is close to the YMCA of the Tri-Cities.

In the late 1800s, Mulligan’s Hollow was formerly farmland. Later, during World War 2, it served as a boot camp for the Coast Guard.

Finally, a mess hall that had been the final structure standing was transformed into the first warming lodge for the Ski Bowl in 1963.

As volunteers, the City of Grand Haven, and the YMCA have all worked together to run the park since it was established in 1973.

Mulligan’s Hollow Ski Bowl, one of the oldest ski bowls in the United States, has been in operation since 1924.

Today, it provides lift pass scholarships, ski and snowboard instruction, rental equipment, freestyle clubs, and exciting seasonal events.

To provide the greatest snow conditions possible, the resort has invested in a new lodge, a storage barn, a groomer, snow guns, and maintenance equipment.


All of the upgrades have only been made possible by community donations and volunteer efforts. So you can visit today.

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8. Visit The Grand Haven South Pierhead Inner Light

things to do in grand haven mi

The Grand Haven South Pierhead Inner Light is the inner light of two lighthouses on Grand Haven’s south pier, where the Grand River joins Lake Michigan.

In 1839, the first lighthouse was lit there. The lighthouse was listed for sale under the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act in 2009.

This is an excellent spot to gain a different perspective on Lake Michigan and the coastline. It’s a must-do in Grand Haven.

It is lovely at night, however it is not open all night. If you’re feeling adventurous, see the Musical Fountain and then stroll the boardwalk for approximately a mile to the pier.

The foghouse outer light is supported by a sizable concrete base, while the inner light is cylindrical.

The Grand Haven lighthouses are among the most photographed lighthouses in the Midwest because people frequently take a stroll down the boardwalk that abuts the Grand River channel and the pier.

The Grand River entry is where the light is located. Grand Haven, Michigan, is the closest city. In 1839, the station was initially built. 1905 saw the lighting of the present lighthouse.

The tower of the lighthouse is red and conical. The focal plane height of the tower’s occulting red light is 52 feet above mean high water. The light has a 4 nautical mile maximum range. The tower is 36 feet tall. The duration of the light is four seconds.

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9. Check Out The Rosy Mound Natural Area

things to do in grand haven mi

A dune blowout, towering forested dunes, foredunes, beach, and other typical Great Lakes dune features may be seen at Rosy Mound.

There are 1,000 feet of stairs up and down the sand dunes on the 0.7 mile hiking track that leads to Lake Michigan beach.

Rosy Mound does not permit dogs. But Leader dogs for disabled people are accepted.

You must climb a set of steep stairs to get to Dune Overlook, an observation platform with the best view in Rosy Mound Natural Area.

Rosy Mound, one of Michigan’s newest protected dune tracts, was established in 2004.

The park’s dominant dune, which is approximately 200 feet tall, can only be reached on foot, and all routes are made of boardwalks or compacted crushed stone.

Rosy Mound is a dune that towers above the park at about 200 feet. The dune is said to have been given that name by either Native Americans or early settlers who discovered that the top of it was covered in wild roses.

From the long weekend after Memorial Day to Labor Day, parking charges for cars are in place. Please be aware that County Parks do not accept the Michigan “Recreation Passport.”

A self-service charge booth that sells daily permits is located at Olive Shores.

Annual permits cannot be acquired at the self-service charge booth but may be done so at Kirk Park, which is located on Lakeshore Drive 112 miles to the north. A daily or yearly motor vehicle parking permit must be visible to avoid receiving a citation.

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10. Visit The Midwest Miniatures Museum

Midwest Miniatures Museum


The museum, located close to downtown Grand Haven, houses exquisite miniatures that are elegantly exhibited.

The works of multiple internationally famous miniaturists, including scale-model representations of various historical periods and locales, a variety of room-boxes and vignettes, and much more, will please enthusiasts, interested guests, and families alike.

The museum relocated to Grand Haven, Michigan in 2021, leaving Hickory Corners. The new location, which is close to downtown, is the old historic residence of Nathaniel and Esther Robbins.

Among the items in their permanent collection are lifelike miniature dolls, scale-model homes depicting various forms of architecture and lifestyles, fine art dollhouses, room-boxes (vignettes of particular little rooms or scenes), historical replicas, etc.

In addition, inside the museum, there are two quilt shops, a multi-story mid-century modern residence, a grocery store, a car garage, a replica of Vincent van Gogh’s well-known yellow house, a set of historically correct hospital rooms, etc.

The Midwest Miniatures Museum is your best bet. Hundreds of small exhibits created by Francis Light are housed in this little museum in the heart of Grand Haven. So why not give this a try?

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11. See What Is Going On At Lemon Creek Winery

things to do in grand haven mi

Wines from the Southwest Michigan vineyards are 100% Estate grown and bottled.

The Grand Haven Tasting Room serves cheese, crackers, light appetizers, wine tastings by the flight, and wine by the glass. Retail bottle wine sales and an exclusive gift shop. A seasonal outdoor sitting area.

There are no table or bar reservations available; seating is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Large gatherings have a limited amount of indoor space. 

In order to provide parking for buses and limos and to best plan to accommodate as many passengers as possible, large groups should let them know when they are arriving.


Over 35 years of producing Michigan’s finest wines, Lemon Creek Winery has a long history of producing high-quality wine, which has earned them hundreds of national and international honors.

When you visit today, you are going to enjoy their great selection of white, red, and specialty wines.

Lemon Creek has been farming grapes and other fruits for 160 years. The Lemon Family arrived in Berrien County for the first time in 1834, and in 1855, they built their current farm on Lemon Creek Road.

Lemon Creek Fruit Farm has cultivated some of the greatest grapes in Michigan, and thanks to the gently undulating clay loam hills and the moderating influence of Lake Michigan.

The Lemon family cultivates 60 acres of various crops and over 170 acres of wine grapes.

U-Pick and pre-picked options are available. Aside from home winemakers, shipping, and reserved barrel tastings, the winery also holds a number of events each year.

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12. Have Fun At The Grand Haven Lighthouse Connector Park

things to do in grand haven mi

This public park, often known as “the boardwalk,” spans from Chinook Pier to the foghorn house in Grand Haven.

This park, which was completed in 1984 for Grand Haven’s Sesquicentennial, is enjoyed throughout the year by thousands of Grand Haven locals and many more visitors.

This lighthouse is stunning. It’s a pleasant walk from the parking lot. Wear a cap and gloves since the wind is fierce and cold.

Ideal for a stroll before or after visiting the lighthouse. The grounds are immaculately kept. Perfect for viewing boats entering and exiting the lake.

Very comfy seats that appear modern yet have a vintage sense. It was not too packed, and everyone seemed kind. You may enjoy traversing three piers, stopping for ice cream, and visiting the numerous eateries in town.


You may cycle from the historic trains via Chinook Pier Park, through the Lighthouse Connector, where you can listen to the waves, and all the way to the Grand Haven South Pierhead!!

The Coast Guard Festival attracted a large number of visitors. Grand Haven is a lovely location. Parking on the other side of the street is clean and simple. Why not go today?

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13. Go Check Out P. J. Hoffmaster State Park

P.J. Hoffmaster State Park

The Park offers kilometers of hiking and skiing paths, the Dune Climb stairs, and an observation platform with a lake view.

Five miles north of Grand Haven in the U.S. state of Michigan, near the southwest corner of Norton Beaches, lies P.J. Hoffmaster State Park, a public leisure area on the shores of Lake Michigan.

The Dune Climb Stairway, which ascends to the summit of a tall sand dune where an observation platform provides a sweeping view of the dunes and Lake Michigan, is one of the park’s primary draws.

Interactive exhibits on the sand dune ecosystem in the park are available at the Gillette Sand Dune Visitor Center.

There are hiking routes totaling ten miles (16 km), one of which is the Dune Climb Stairway atop the highest dune. Visitors come to observe raptors and songbirds that are migrating.

It was established in 1963. Percy James Hoffmaster, who is credited with founding the Michigan state parks system, is honored with the park’s name.

Emma Genevieve Gillette, a location scout for future state parks under Hoffmaster, is honored at the park’s nature center.

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14. Relaxed At The Craig’s Cruisers

Craig's Cruisers

A family entertainment complex including go-karts, bumper boats, mini golf, laser tag, and other activities, as well as a pizza buffet.

It is the best place for family entertainment in West Michigan. Indoor leisure spanning 120,000 square feet and outdoor attractions.

Laser Tag, Cruiser Coaster, Indoor Go-Karts, Trampoline Park, Ninja Course, Bumper Cars, Frog Hopper, Hologate Virtual Reality, Arcade, and Pizza Buffet are among the indoor activities available.

Outdoor activities available (weather allowed) include bumper boats, outdoor go-karts, zip lines, and mini-golf (two 18-hole courses).

It is an amazing location for family fun, workplace picnics, holiday gatherings, and birthday celebrations.

Every member of the family, young and old, can have fun at Craig’s Cruisers. They put safety and family pleasure first. They offer a safe location to hold family, school, religious, or business events.

In Silver Lake, Michigan, Craig Cihak and his parents opened the first go-kart track in 1979.

The business expanded along with the clientele. A second site was constructed in Muskegon, Michigan, in 1990, and a third one debuted in Holland, Michigan, in 1994.

After much planning and study, Craig’s Cruisers was founded to provide visitors with indoor entertainment during all four of Michigan’s seasons.

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15. Pay A Visit To Pottawattomie Park

Pottawattomie Park

In Grand Haven Township, off Comstock Drive, is where you’ll find this beautiful family park.

It’s one of Grand Haven’s few parks with access to the Grand River Bayou. The park is fantastic for paddle boarding and swimming as well.

A constructed playground, 2,750 feet of pathways, a floating fishing/viewing platform, 160 feet of boardwalk, 3 shelters, a bathroom, 2 volleyball courts, 2 horseshoe pits, a soccer field, and 74 parking spots are all included in Pottawatomie Park’s 20.83 acres of amenities.

This park has all you will love. You can use playthings that are suited for you. In addition to swings and jungle gyms, it features pavilions, grills, picnic tables, a small beach, and fishing docks.

It’s a wonderful small park that is hidden away near Grand Haven. And a wonderful area for kayaking. Recently, a brand-new parking lot, several picnic tables, and two lovely, easily accessible kayak launches were installed.

The park is also kid-friendly. There are a lot of seats and a swimming area. There is also a ton of parking and sheltered spots. Why not go and discover more?

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Frequently Asked Questions

things to do in grand haven mi

Is A Trip To Grand Haven, Michigan, Worthwhile?

Grand Haven is the top beach destination in Michigan because of its miles of sandy beaches, stunning and historic lighthouses, and the welcoming community that awaits you.

There are practically endless fantastic reasons to choose to visit the Grand Haven region this summer.

There are many fantastic sights and activities in Grand Haven. Spend some time strolling down the beach and taking in the sunset’s illumination of the lighthouses.

Visit one of the numerous distinctive eateries in the region for leisurely lengthy meals. Visit some of the nearby microbreweries or go on a trip along the shore.

There are several possibilities to engage in enjoyable outdoor activities with no negative influence on the environment. Visitors may go kayaking, hiking around the parks, or even take pictures of some of the species.


What Is Grand Haven, Michigan Known For?

The soft-sand beaches, gorgeous lighthouse, and musical fountain that plays every night from Memorial Day through Labor Day make the Grand Haven region famous.

Grand Haven offers access to interior lakes and rivers as well as miles of Lake Michigan shoreline.

Ride the Lakeshore Trolley for a tour of the town, or rent a bike and ride the paved trail networks to discover the region. Explore the Grand River’s bayous by SUP or kayak, or take your boat into Lake Michigan.

One of America’s oldest operational lighthouses, the Grand Haven Lighthouse, is located on the Grand Haven Pier. 

For anyone curious to learn more about the history of the lighthouse and the port it guards, the pier is available to the public and has informative exhibits and artifact presentations.


Is Grand Haven Wonderful?

Yes. The West Michigan coastline is the perfect place to take your family this summer if you’re searching for a lively and welcoming beach town.

According to research, Grand Haven was just rated the “Best Beach Town on a Lake” in the country.

Grand Haven is one of the best locations to live in Michigan. And it is located in Ottawa County.

Grand Haven’s dense suburban atmosphere and high homeownership rate appeal to locals. There are several parks and coffee cafes in Grand Haven.

The West Michigan beach town was one of 20 winning vacation destinations in several categories that were selected by a team of judges from more than 150 nominations based on safety, value, and kid-friendly attractions.


Is It Suitable To Retire In Grand Haven?

Grand Haven, Michigan, is well known as a summer hot spot in West Michigan, but the city is also becoming renowned as one of the greatest locations to retire.

Living in Grand Haven provides inhabitants with a thick suburban atmosphere, and the majority of homeowners own their houses. There are several coffee shops and parks in Grand Haven.

At the mouth of the Grand River, Grand Haven is situated on the eastern side of Lake Michigan.

With 10,412 residents as of the 2010 census, it serves as Ottawa County’s county seat. However, during the summer travel season, the population increases.

Grand Haven is the only community that President Bill Clinton formally named a “Coast Guard City USA” in 1998. The U.S. Coast Guard has been stationed there since 1924.


Final Thoughts

Grand Haven is a small Michigan community located on the beaches of Lake Michigan. It’s a popular vacation spot in the state and one of the greatest locations to retire.

If you love dining, Grand Haven is the place to go, since there are many great places to eat and numerous fantastic Michigan breweries to explore.

Grand Haven’s historic downtown serves as the city’s cultural hub. There are several interesting stores to explore local items and get inspiration. It’s really fun and amazing as well.

Please keep in mind that Grand Haven is especially busy on weekends during the summer, so plan your trip wisely. You can go ahead and pick from the list of things above and have a wonderful trip.

Hope this amazing list of things to do in grand haven mi was really helpful to you? If Yes, with the help of this article, use the comment field to tell us the things you will be doing in Grand Haven Mi today. Thanks.

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