Things To Do In Omaha Today: Complete Guide

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Things To Do In Omaha Today


If you are looking for the best things to do in omaha today, then this article is for you. In this article, we are going to guide you step by step.

There is always something exciting to do in Omaha because of its fantastic gourmet culture, craft breweries, and entertaining events that take place all year long.

Some of the top adult activities in Omaha include visiting the Lauritzen Gardens, the Joslyn Art Museum, and the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. 

A trip to the Children’s Museum and the OPPD Arboretum is a fantastic way for your kids to start their day. All of the city’s attractions and eateries should be called in advance to confirm their current hours of operation.


One of the coolest and most fascinating cities in the whole Midwest is Omaha, Nebraska.

It appeals greatly to a wide range of populations. from young folks seeking a good time to families seeking family-friendly entertainment. Why not plan your trip today?



1. Explore Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo And Aquarium

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo And Aquarium Things To Do In Omaha Today

Habitats for different species, including the biggest indoor rainforest and a desert environment, are housed in this zoo.

In Omaha, Nebraska, there is a zoo called the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. Both the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums have accredited it.

The organization’s goals include education, research, recreation, and conservation.

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is a privately run, not-for-profit institution recognized by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums as one of the top five zoos in the world.

The Zoo, a pioneer in conservation, concentrates on issues that advance animal husbandry and species preservation.

Focus topics include reproductive sciences, comparative nutrition, rare plant conservation, conservation genetics, and conservation medicine.

The Zoo is praised around the country for its exhibit design, animal care, and conservation efforts.

Since 2014, the Salt Creek Tiger Beetle population at the zoo has doubled. In the past two years, the adult population has stayed constant at 370 people.

The program had another excellent year in 2018, producing 750 larvae from dead beetles (emerged as an adult from a pupa).

They make studying a worthwhile journey. Everyone can start at one of their numerous “trailheads,” and there are lots of them. Simply go right now and explore!


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2. Visit Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge Things To Do In Omaha Today

This contemporary Missouri River bridge links two states and is open to hikers and cyclists.

Between Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska, there is a 3,000-foot footbridge called the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge that spans the Missouri River. It was founded on September 28, 2008.

Footbridge is a stunning, contemporary s-shaped cable-stayed bridge. The multicolored lights that are turned on at night and the spiders’ extraordinary webs between the wires make it somewhat of a must-see for tourists.

When the weather is clear, it makes for a terrific date night walk after an evening in the close-by Old Market. The bridge is well-lit, easily accessible, and safe. Nebraskans and Iowans share a Missouri River pedestrian bridge.

The bridge is the first pedestrian bridge to unite two states, with plaques indicating the spot where the state boundaries meet across the river. The bridge has police call buttons, and it makes a terrific date night walk after an evening out.

Also, the bridge connects to a huge network of paved trails on both the Nebraska and Iowa sides.

From Miller Landing at the Port of Omaha in Omaha to One Renaissance Center in Council Bluffs, pedestrians and cyclists have access. Also, access to Levi Carter Park, Kenefick Park, and N.P. Dodge Park may be found on the Nebraska side.

The bridge provides fantastic views of the Qwest Center and the Omaha skyline. Come visit to learn more.

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3. Check-Out Fun-Plex Waterpark & Rides

Fun Plex Waterpark & Rides Things To Do In Omaha Today

Here is an attraction geared for families, featuring a roller coaster, water slides, mini-golf, an arcade, and more.

This theme park called Fun-Plex may be found at 7003 Q Street in Omaha, Nebraska’s Ralston district.

The Fun-Plex started off as “The Kart Ranch” in 1979 with merely a go-kart track. It is now the biggest entertainment park in Nebraska.

Since 1979, Fun-Plex has been Nebraska’s top summer vacation spot! Fun-Plex is the ideal destination for a day trip or vacation because it has the biggest waterpark in the state as well as a variety of family and child rides.

A number of the attractions at Fun-Plex will add a little flip and spin to your day. For some friendly competition, check out the Fun-Plex Speedway Go-Karts and 18-Hole Mini Golf Course!

A smooth track, bumper boats, and a go-gator child coaster are among the attractions at Fun-Plex. Other attractions include a traditional carousel, a Tilt-A-Whirl, a Rock-O-Ride, and a Balloon Ferris wheel.

The park built Nebraska’s sole roller coaster, “Big Ohhhh,” in 2007. However, the coaster was taken down in 2018.

For more than 40 years, Fun-Plex has been Omaha’s top day trip destination! In 2015, Fun-Plex launched Breakers Bay, Nebraska’s only swim-up bar, and Makana Splash, an interactive water playground for kids.

2017 marks the return of the Crazzzy Cars, which are the park’s biggest and most stunning addition to date.

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4. Have Fun At Ameristar Casino Hotel Council Bluffs

Ameristar Casino Hotel Council Bluffs Things To Do In Omaha Today

In 38,500 square feet of gaming fun, the Ameristar Casino Hotel offers a full range of slot, video poker, and table games.


This vibrant, upscale casino hotel with a view of the Missouri River is 6 miles from the Union Pacific Railroad Museum and 5 miles from Lake Manawa Beach & Picnic.

Wi-Fi, minifridges, coffeemakers, and 46-inch flat-screen TVs are included in the contemporary rooms, some of which have river views. The whirlpool tubs and fireplaces are added in suites.

A casino, an indoor pool, a sauna, a gym, and 6 restaurants and bars are just a few of the amenities. And there is valet parking available.

There are five restaurants with an unlimited choice of gourmet food, more than 1,500 slots and video machines, table games including blackjack, craps, baccarat, and roulette.

Also, 8,000 square feet of conference space, and a luxury hotel in addition to the casino.

They refurbished their 160 guest rooms with a clean, contemporary aesthetic and a focus on giving you great comfort.

Enjoy bespoke furniture with excellent design, bedding with European influences, cutting-edge lighting, and expansive views of the Missouri River.

You’ll enjoy a great stay at the hotel with the 32 whirlpool King Spa rooms and 8 Octagon deluxe suites that are offered.

Ameristar Council Bluffs is a distinctive, thrilling place that you won’t soon forget. It is situated in the center of the larger Omaha metro region on the picturesque banks of the Missouri River.


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5. Go And See The Amazing Pizza Machine

The Amazing Pizza Machine Things To Do In Omaha Today

Here is a family-friendly location with a basic buffet and a variety of arcade games and laser tag.

All-you-can-eat buffet restaurant and family entertainment facility in Omaha that has won awards. Perfect for gatherings with family and friends, birthday celebrations, and group trips.


It has more than 170 arcade games, as well as thrill coasters, go-karts, laser tag, and attractions for virtual reality.

Also, it’s regularly chosen as Omaha’s Best and recognized as a Top Family Entertainment Center of the World.

Bring your appetite because admission is necessary and provides access to the limitless buffet and beverages for all visitors.

The Amazing Pizza Machine is known as the greatest family entertainment center and best site for birthday parties.

It’s the ideal location for any celebration, from birthday parties and family get-togethers and business functions.

The Amazing Pizza Machine offers an endless buffet, thrill rides, go-karts, bowling, arcade games, and other activities.

Regardless of the outside temperature, you may come to The Amazing Pizza Machine for a wonderful day regardless of the weather!

You can discover something to love by going to their 60,000 square foot facility with Cogswell, their mascot.

To ensure that everyone is satisfied, they also offer a scrumptious buffet with more than 100 foods that are prepared daily.

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6. Explore Lauritzen Gardens/Kenefick Park

Kenefick Park Things To Do In Omaha Today

A 100-acre botanical park with seasonal displays, a cafe, and a gift store is available here.

The distinctive four-season plant displays at Lauritzen Gardens are preserved to the highest standards in accordance with environmental responsibility. It offers everyone engaging educational and aesthetic experiences.


With coreopsis, coneflowers, hydrangeas, salvia, and roses, the early summer garden is awash in color. 

In contrast to the temperate house, which is adorned with hydrangeas and agapanthus, The tropical house of the Marjorie K. Daugherty Conservatory is bursting with lush, green greenery.

In the Gallery, An organized collection of dried plant material is called a herbarium. They are frequently attractive as well, and both scientists and poets (Emily Dickinson produced one) preserve them.

This display features some of Camille Werther’s personal herbarium, which includes several species that Nebraskans are likely to be familiar with.

The majority of the collection was carefully assembled in 1986 as part of a dendrology lesson, and it still motivates her till today.

A set of activities based on the tale “Acorn to Oak Tree” have been issued by the National Trust for England and Wales.

Get a close-up view of the life cycle of an oak tree, from the small acorn to the enormous tree, by taking a trip along the spring blooming trail.

Your family may participate in some enjoyable activities that go along with the story by reading along.

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7. Go And View Omaha Zoo Foundation

Omaha Zoo Foundation

The Omaha Zoo is dedicated to being a global leader in animal care in all facets, including veterinary care, feeding, and training.

Two new elephant calves have joined the Zoo family at Omaha. One more is on the way as well.

There are various ways you can help and be a part of their life, from improving their habitat to making playtime as engaging as it can be.


One of the first organizations of its sort was the Omaha Zoo Foundation. Founded in 1982 by famous philanthropist, patron, and Zoo Chairman Walter Scott, Jr.,

The Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha now fall within the foundation’s broad goal. The Foundation was first tasked with creating a strong membership of engaging Zoo visitors.

The Omaha Zoo Foundation is now working to provide a space where wonder may coexist with instruction.

They are asking for your help so they can keep making top-notch displays that entertain visitors of all ages while defending and maintaining an increasingly vulnerable natural environment.

Their goal is to preserve and safeguard natural environments and animals all around the world. Additionally, they work to instill a love of the outdoors in the next generation of people.

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8. Visit The Durham Museum

The Durham Museum Things To Do In Omaha Today

It is a 1931 art deco railroad station with historical artifacts and displays about Omaha.

The Durham Museum combines beautiful buildings with recollections of a bygone era. And Union Station, one of Omaha’s most unusual gems, serves as its home.

The Durham Museum provides an intriguing look into our area’s history.

By virtue of their association with the Smithsonian Institution and its strong connections with the Library of Congress, National Archives, and the Field Museum.

They also provide a wide range of touring exhibitions on topics ranging from history and culture to science, industry, and more.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of everything the Durham Museum has to offer!


In the heart of Omaha, Nebraska, at 801 South 10th Street, is where you can find the Durham Museum.

The history of the western part of the United States is the focus of the museum’s preservation and exhibition efforts. The historic Union Station in Omaha now serves as a museum.

They surpass consumer expectations by offering in-region, pertinent educational and entertainment options while conserving the rich cultural heritage of their neighborhood.

The Durham Museum prides itself on offering a warm and pleasant environment and putting the needs of its visitors first.

They embrace the following ideals in whatever they do and feel that their work has an influence on the community.

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9. Go And Study At Kaneko

Kaneko Things To Do In Omaha Today

KANEKO is a 501(c)(3) public, nonprofit cultural institution with the purpose of studying creativity throughout the whole spectrum of human activity, including art, science, philosophy, business, urban planning, and education.

The objective of KANEKO is to inspire and develop creativity. This mission is carried out through exhibitions, performances, talks, and teaching.

KANEKO programming is guided by the ideals of collaboration, creativity, and individuality.”

They are an institution that has a vision to honor creativity and is dedicated to promoting it as its primary objective.

They have their headquarters in three 19th-century warehouses in Omaha, Nebraska’s Old Market neighborhood.

Design, Ideas, Performance, and Innovation are the four main programming concepts that are the core of their content.


The group started hosting events in 2009, and in 2010 it became a public gallery.

Since then, they have welcomed a variety of artists, authors, scientists, and presenters to KANEKO to share their talents and innovations with the Omaha community.

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10. Take Your Kids To Omaha Children’s Museum

Omaha Children's Museum Things To Do In Omaha Today

This museum offers exhibits and activities that encourage youngsters to learn about the world via play.

The Omaha Children’s Museum is the metro’s major interactive museum for children and families.

Through permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as programs, summer camps, special events, and birthday celebrations, the museum inspires the imagination.

The entire museum, or individual floors or rooms, may be rented for events. Admission is $15 for adults and children, $14 for seniors, and free for members and children under the age of 24 months.

The museum, located at 500 South 20th Street in downtown Omaha, Nebraska, is a non-profit learning and exploring facility for young people. The Association of Science and Technology Museums has given the museum a national prize.

The Omaha Children’s Museum’s offer a wide range of activities for play-based learning. All of the museum’s displays are intended to motivate, instruct, and entertain.

Every day, the museum offers engaging STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) events.

Play is the idea of the Omaha Children’s Museum, it’s a step toward a better future. They assist kids in realizing their full potential as learners and respected citizens.

As a group, they will be representative of the kids and families they work with, respect their lived experiences, and appreciate the local wisdom that shapes the world we live in.


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11. Visit Gerald R. Ford Birthsite And Gardens

Gerald R-Ford Birthsite And Gardens

This presidential memorial, which was inaugurated in 1977, has pathways, rose gardens, and a Gerald Ford display kiosk.

The house at 3202 Woolworth Avenue, where American President Gerald R.

Ford resided for a few weeks following his birth in July 1913, is marked by the Gerald R. Ford Birthsite and Gardens in Omaha, Nebraska. Charles Henry and Martha King, his paternal grandparents, lived there.

The King residence was situated on the dividing line between the Midtown Omaha communities of Hanscom Park and Field Club.

It was a fourteen-room, three-story Victorian home that was destroyed by fire in 1971. The location has a portico that resembles the White House’s north side and a pagoda that resembles a section of the original house.

A modest exhibit of Ford memorabilia is housed in a kiosk along with information on Ford.

For historical and aesthetic items, the Conservation Center offers conservation services. Only by appointment are the conservation and exhibit available.

Brief History

Gerald Rudolf Ford, the future president, lived with his family in Grand Rapids, Michigan, beginning in 1912.

Charles Henry King and his wife Martha Alicia Porter, the future president’s paternal grandparents, were the home’s owners.


The future president did not legally alter his name until 1935, and he was never properly adopted. For the most of his life, he also spelled his middle name (Rudolph) in a more traditional way.

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12. Take A Trip To The Capitol District

The Capitol District Things To Do In Omaha Today

This is a downtown dining and entertainment area in Omaha that is located around the Plaza, a contemporary town square.

The top civic, cultural, and entertainment sites in Omaha are all within walking distance of this urban neighborhood, where fun-seekers can live, dine, and drink all in one place.

When it became apparent that Omaha needed to propel itself into the twenty-first century, the Capitol District city started making steps to rebuild its downtown sector decades ago.

The plan for downtown Omaha used to be just that—a plan. The city has evolved over many years, perhaps even decades, to become what it is now.

The Capitol District, which connects the Old Market to the entertainment sector and the Riverfront to the downtown business district, is a vital location for the future of Downtown Omaha.

The initiative has also concentrated on enhancing the enjoyment of the surrounding TD Ameritrade Park, CenturyLink Center, and other entertainment facilities.

The end product is a vibrant location that offers both locals and tourists a pleasant Omaha experience.

The great, unique eateries and coffee businesses in the Capitol District now provide takeaway service. 

Without food, drink, and entertainment, no location is complete. Whether you’re looking for something for lunch, dinner, or a night in with a slice of downtown Omaha, you can find something to round out your experience.

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13. Check-Out Chalco Hills Recreation Area

Chalco Hills Recreation Area

This area offers a lake for boating and fishing, hiking paths, and an ecological teaching center.

The Chalco Hills Recreation Area is about 12 miles west of the center of Omaha in northwest Sarpy County, Nebraska.

There are 1,186 acres in Chalco Hills, of which 246 acres are occupied by Wehrspann Lake, a man-made reservoir.

The top outdoor recreation facility in the metro region is Chalco Hills Recreation Area, located in southwest Omaha.

You may go fishing, have a picnic, cycle, walk, or run on more than 7 miles of trails in Chalco Hills (North Loop-4.5 miles, Full Loop-7.2 miles).

The Papio-Missouri River NRD oversees the region. This public leisure area’s primary entrance is located at 154th and Giles Road.

Wehrspann Lake is one of eight flood control reservoirs in the Papio Creek Watershed that surround Omaha. Chalco Hills is a 245-acre flood control reservoir that is regarded as one of the best fishing sites in Nebraska.

Largemouth Bass, Catfish, Walleye, Sunfish, and Crappie are the most prevalent fish in the lake.

The Natural Resources Center, the NERD’s headquarters, is featured in this leisure area.

Two US Department of Agriculture agencies, the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Farm Services Agency, as well as others, are housed in this facility.

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14. Enjoy Your Day At Standing Bear Lake

Standing Bear Lake Things To Do In Omaha Today

This is a massive park with walking pathways and a huge lake for boating and fishing, as well as ice skating in the winter.

Standing Bear Lake, also known as Dam Site 16, is a park in West Omaha, Nebraska, situated at 6404 North 132nd Street. The park contains a 135-acre lake where you may boat in the summer and ice skate in the winter.

The lake is home to a wide variety of species, including walleye, catfish, bass, bluegill, crappie, drum, saugeye, yellow bass, and trout. A remote control airplane flying field is included in the park.

Standing Bear Lake has the name of Chief Standing Bear, a prominent Ponca figure.

A playground, fishing, no-wake boating, 3.3 miles of hiking and biking paths, a field for radio-controlled model airplanes, a picnic area, and picnic shelters are available at the day-use-only park.

The park was initially constructed as a dam to prevent flooding on Papillion Creek in Nebraska’s Lower Papio Valley.

It was given that name in honor of Chief Standing Bear, who was ordered to move his tribe out of their ancestral home along the Niobrara River in northeast Nebraska and into Indian Territory in Oklahoma.

He had to battle for his humanity and the ability to be seen as a human, and a brave man.

A big metal sculpture called Standing Bear is also located in the heart of a Bristol housing complex. The sculpture was made by artist Douglas Hollis and consists of many metal pipes placed vertically in the earth.

Every pipe has a sound-producing hole in the side that filters the airflow. This makes it accessible while also providing a remote location to unwind and escape the city.

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15. Take A Course At Boulder Creek Amusement Park

Boulder Creek Amusement Park

This is a seasonal destination offering two courses of miniature golf, batting cages, rock climbing, and a snack bar.

Omaha’s largest outdoor batting cages, a 24-foot climbing wall, and two 18-hole miniature golf courses can be found at Boulder Creek, a family-friendly entertainment complex.

Up to 48 people can be seated in the party room, and 200 people can be seated outside in the pavilion. Buffets can be ordered independently or as part of a party package for a group or business.

The Sports Course is a little flatter and broader because it is their handicap accessible course. Although it’s an excellent course for beginners, experts will still find it tough.

It is appropriately titled the Adventure Course. You will have to navigate stones and water streams as you make your way to the top of the hill and back down again.

It’s excellent news that you can avoid making a decision. Mini-golf is available at Boulder Creek without a time limit.

Grab your loved ones, whether they are family, friends, or someone special, and believe that they won’t stop you from having fun.

Mini golf, batting cages, and cuisine are the main attractions because the roller skating rink and arcade are closed or unavailable.

The batting cages are alright, and the mini golf is enjoyable. The funnel cake is excellent, and the cuisine is outstanding.

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16. Stroll At Gene Leahy Mall At The Riverfront

Gene Leahy Mall At The Riverfront Things To Do In Omaha Today

This is a 10-acre park with paths, gardens, a playground, a lagoon, a waterfall, and an amphitheater perfect for strolling.

Gene Leahy Mall, often known as Central Park or The Mall in the neighborhood, is a 9.6-acre park surrounded by South 10th Street and situated at 1302 Farnam on the Mall in Downtown Omaha, Nebraska, in the United States.

A lengthy walkway circles a sizable lagoon as it surrounds The Mall.

The RiverFront, which was established in 2018, unifies three parks in Omaha’s downtown into a single identity.

The three parks have been connected by restorations and now act as a gathering place between the Old Market’s rich history and the energetic north downtown Omaha.

The RiverFront offers an inclusive, culturally stimulating environment that fosters growth, respects the Missouri River, connects the center of downtown Omaha, and reinforces the sense of community via daily activation and extensive park programming.

RiverFront also pays homage to the region’s heritage by maintaining renowned buildings, safeguarding legendary structures, and renovating outdated fixtures. 

The RiverFront provides something for everyone in terms of thriving natural vegetation, strong public art, and a variety of recreational opportunities.

Intentional features of the RiverFront’s design include welcoming, sizable park areas and locations like the Skate Ribbon, Cascades interactive water feature, and Arches Playground.

The RiverFront establishes a foundation for community connection by offering educational opportunities and coordinating programming.

The three parks have been connected by restorations and now act as a gathering place between the Old Market’s rich history and the energetic north downtown Omaha.

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17. Catch Up Fun At Expedition Madagascar

Expedition Madagascar Things To Do In Omaha Today

Between Hubbard Gorilla Valley and Garden of the Senses, along the middle lagoon, is where Expedition Madagascar, is situated.

A total of fifteen displays featuring a wide range of animal species are housed in the 300 foot long structure. A green house with a number of plant species from Madagascar is one of the fifteen displays.

Some of the most incredible and unusual species in the world, like the aye-aye and enormous leaping rat, may be found on the island of Madagascar.

You have the opportunity to observe some of these wildlife on Hubbard Expedition Madagascar.

The Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha is committed to helping to protect the island of Madagascar.

The exhibition highlights a region of the world that is regarded as one of the biodiversity hotspots.

Each exhibit is connected to ongoing initiatives in Madagascar as part of the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership throughout the whole structure.

There are four outdoor exhibitions that guests can visit. The first exhibit is a fossa display, which is followed by a walk-through lemur display with ruffled, ring-tailed, and Coquerel’s sifaka lemurs.

The lemurs inhabit a habitat resembling Madagascar, which includes artificial Baobab trees. Why not visit and explore more of its features?

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18. Explore The Joslyn Castle

Joslyn Castle

Joslyn Castle was built in 1903 and has guided tours available several times each month.

Public tours of the Joslyn Castle are available every Monday at 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., as well as on the first and third Sundays of each month at 1 p.m., 2 p.m., and 3 p.m.

Docents lead each tour of the Joslyn Castle’s interior. Admission is paid at the entrance and doors open 15 minutes before the start of the tour.

The grounds and gardens are accessible to everyone, and they provide plenty of parking, well-kept paths, picnic tables, and doggy bags! I hope you can stop by soon!

Joslyn Castle cordially invites you to discover more about your residence. Attend a Joslyn Castle event or take a tour of the Joslyn family’s house to learn more about their enduring impact on Omaha.

The George and Sarah Joslyn Legacy is preserved by Joslyn Castle & Gardens via care of their historic property and by providing a variety of cultural activities.

They have special events planned for theater, visual and performing arts, history, the outdoors, music, architecture, literary arts, and more. According to the Joslyns, “having enormous money is a big trust and commitment.”

Regularly planned public tours, venue rentals for social and professional gatherings, and a cost-free open space are all provided by Joslyn Castle and Gardens.

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19. Go Check-Out Desert Dome

Desert Dome

The Desert Dome, the world’s biggest indoor desert, is located beneath the world’s largest glazed geodesic dome and has become a hallmark for the city of Omaha.

There are 21 different types of reptiles living in the Desert Caves, including deadly snakes such as inland taipans (the most poisonous land snake in the world), cape cobras, and death adders.

One of the most distinctive and remote deserts in the world is found in Australia’s Red Center.

A center peak that is 55 feet tall divides the three deserts that make up the Desert Dome. Succulents, palms, and mesquite trees are among the unusual desert vegetation that surround Central Mountain.

The Desert Dome’s Namib Desert section includes a 30-foot-tall sand dune with 300 tons of red sand.

Australia’s Red Center is one of the world’s most remote deserts. Wave Rock is a multicolored granite overhang formed by dissolved minerals such as iron.

Rock wallabies live in the Desert Dome on the Australian side of Ayers Rock or Uluru.

There is a unique chamber intended to display freshly hatched or juvenile reptiles and amphibians as you leave the Desert Dome.

Some of the zoo’s reptile-related conservation and research initiatives are also housed in this section. The baby reptiles get access to the sun’s helpful ultraviolet rays through each window and skylight.

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20. Pay A Visit To El Museo Latino

El Museo Latino Things To Do In Omaha Today

In a historical structure that also offers dancing courses, Latino art, local history, and culture are on display.

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, El Museo Latino is a museum dedicated to Latino and Hispanic art and history.

The first Latino art and history museum and cultural center in the Midwest, it was founded in 1993 by Magdalena Garca.

Through the exhibition of Latino arts, direct assistance for regional artists, increased awareness of Latino art forms, and the promotion of art appreciation for the benefit of a varied audience.

El Museo Latino is dedicated to enhancing the artistic and creative culture of the Greater Omaha Area.

El Museo Latino is one of the United States’ only 17 Latino museums. It opened in 1993 as the Midwest’s first Latino art and history museum.

The original 1887 structure was a school, and it was rebuilt in the 1930s. The museum relocated to its current brick and red-tile-roof structure in 1997.

El Museo Latino is situated at 4701 South 25th Street in Omaha, Nebraska, at the intersection of 25th and “L” Streets.

Directional signals from the Kennedy Freeway and East/West signage on “L” Street should be followed. Parking is accessible on 25th Street, across from the museum, close to the fire station. Thanks to Wells Fargo.

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Final Concepts

Although Omaha is not a large city, it possesses the majority of what one would expect to find there. Doing it all here is also considerably more inexpensive. Why not plan your trip today?

Surprisingly, Omaha is also a home to most billionaires. And there are several top-notch coffee shops, fantastic restaurants, and hip stores in the Old Market district. You can as well visit and learn more.

One of the top zoos in the country is located in Omaha. All tourists can easily explore the various museums, parks, and gardens in this area.

Families will like the variety of events and cultural destinations that are family-friendly, including the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium and Omaha Children’s Museum.

Additionally, retirees will adore the wealth of cultural attractions and the welcoming ambience.

Without wasting so much time, why not leave us a comment below? And also subscribe to this blog for more updates. Thanks.

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