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15 Best Beaches In Texas For Families: 2024

Mercy Brice


best beaches in texas for families


Are you looking for the best beaches in Texas for families? Please read this article carefully to the end, because we have a lot of information to guide you.

Texas beaches include lush, blue seas and gorgeous white sand. And they are amazing for beach lovers to unwind.

Texan beaches such as Galveston and South Padre Island are popular tourist destinations and provide a variety of leisure activities such as swimming and surfing. Port Aransas is a good area to swim if you want to be alone.

The Gulf Coast of Texas has some of the most beautiful white sand beaches and warm, crystal-clear seas.


Long, thin barrier islands, such as Galveston and Padre Island, entice beachgoers to spread out a beach blanket and splash in the warm seas.

Below is all helpful information to guide you. If you have any questions, please use the comment form below.



1. Rockport Beach

Rockport Beach

Rockport is a great destination for families since it offers everything from world-class vineyards and beautiful hiking trails to playgrounds and family-friendly activities.

This quaint Texas city is well worth seeing, whether you’re traveling alone, with your significant other, or with the whole family.

Your health and safety are guaranteed, so unwind and dive into Rockport Beach’s beautiful blue waves.

Some rules are necessary to maintain the beach’s beauty and cleanliness in Rockport. Glass containers as well as automobiles, pets, bonfires, and camping are all prohibited.

Numerous leisure options and pleasant weather are two things that make Rockport famous. Additionally, It’s one of the best beaches in Texas for families.

Rockport is a great location to live and visit respectively. It was included in The 100 Best Small Art Towns of America and named one of the best retirement communities in the country by America’s Best Places to Retire.

The first Blue Wave Beach in Texas is Rockport Beach, one of only four along the Texas Gulf Coast.

During regular business hours (M-F from 8am to 5pm), Aransas County residents are invited to visit the ACND office with identification to purchase their $20 annual passes.


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2. Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach best beaches in texas for families

The Bolivar Peninsula census-designated place in Galveston County, Texas, is home to the unincorporated village of Crystal Beach.

Crystal Beach, also known as Patton, is located in the center of Bolivar Peninsula and runs 7 miles along Texas State Highway 87.

One of the most visited locations in Texas’ Bolivar Peninsula is Crystal Beach. It enables camping and fishing and is situated along a 27-mile stretch of coastline.

As of 2020, the Rollover Fish Pass has been used up and cannot be fished.

The pass is named after ship captains who, from the time of Spanish control until Prohibition, rolled barrels of import or export goods across that portion of the peninsula to get around the Galveston customs post.

Crystal Beach is a fairly pleasant spot, giving all the fundamental amenities one may expect from a beach, such as a quiet ambiance, stunning views, seagulls, dolphins, clean sand, and warm water.

On the Bolivar Peninsula in Galveston County, Texas, Crystal Beach is one of the fantastic family beaches. And also one of the best beaches in Texas for families.

On the Bolivar Peninsula, Texas’ upper Gulf coast, Crystal Beach is tucked away. The name of this lovely beach comes from the waves’ glistening clarity.


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3. Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach best beaches in texas for families

Surfside Beach, commonly referred to as Surfside colloquially, is a city in Brazoria County, Texas, located close to the city of Freeport on Follet’s Island along the Gulf of Mexico.


Despite being incorporated in 1964, Surfside Beach has long been regarded as a “family beach” along the Grand Strand. There are seven public parks in the town where you may play tennis, bocce, shuffleboard, and other games.

Some Points To Keep In Mind There are no lifeguards on duty at Surfside Beach, so swim at your own risk. Also, on the beaches, glass containers are not permitted.

But take a stroll along the 1.2-mile boardwalk that hugs the stunning coastline from 14th Avenue to 2nd Avenue Piers. Enjoy the scenery as you eat, shop, and participate in live festivals and activities all year long.

The Intracoastal Shoreline at Surfside Beach serves as the Texas Gulf Coast’s most important bird habitat and forms the southern border of the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge.

More than 300 resident and migratory bird species find Surfside to be a perfect home and refuge.

Thanks to the biological richness of the area (marsh, coast, sea, bay, scattered woods, and natural parks), as well as the area’s relatively warm climate.

With more than 30 warblers alone, you may identify over a hundred migratory species on a “wave” day! Families will certainly enjoy this magnificent beach. Why not go right now?


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4. Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island National Seashore best beaches in texas for families

Off the coast of South Texas, Padre Island is home to Padre Island National Seashore.

PINS is situated on North Padre Island and consists of a lengthy beach where nature is conserved, in contrast to South Padre Island, which is well-known for its beaches and vacationing college students.

The most significant Kemp’s ridley sea turtle breeding beach in the United States is Padre Island National Seashore.

It features a diversity of flora, wildlife, and recreational opportunities and is the world’s longest barrier island that is still undeveloped.


The park takes part in international initiatives to restore the populations of four additional sea turtle species that are vulnerable or endangered.

To enter Padre Island National Seashore, all park visitors must buy an admission pass. There are seven (7) different passes available.

The Padre Island Annual Pass allows the passholder and up to 15 passengers in the same private (non-commercial) car or motorbike to enter the island.

Come and take in the gulf wind, sandy beaches, and priceless marine life along the 70 miles of unbroken national beachfront.


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5. Port Aransas

Port Aransas best beaches in texas for families

On Mustang Island, off the coast of Texas, lies a city called Port Aransas. It is renowned for its fish-filled canals and beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. An observation tower for bay views and dolphin sightings is available at Roberts Point Park.

A boardwalk spans alligator-infested marshes at the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center, which is also home to species like roseate spoonbills. Fisherman’s Wharf offers boat service to remote San José Island.

The pristine island village of Port Aransas was named one of the top 17 beach communities in the United States by Travel + Leisure. This is a really unique location with fine white sands, clean seas, and a ton of family-friendly activities.

One of the city’s busiest beaches is Port Aransas Beach. This is a bustling public beach where people go to swim, bodyboard, and unwind as the waves from the Gulf of Mexico come in.

There are several lifeguards on duty at Port Aransas Beach. As a result, you may enjoy swimming, bodyboarding, or bodysurfing in the waves with your family.

Port Aransas is a wonderful location to enjoy the surf because of its warm, clear sea and beautiful sand.

In the summer, the surf at Port A is ideal for swimming, boogie boarding, and wave jumping because the water there has an average temperature of 84.2°F.


With lifeguards on duty and a convenient location, this beach is great for families. Why not organize a trip for your family to see Port Aransas’s natural beauty?


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6. San José Island

San José Island best beaches in texas for families

A barrier island off the coast of Texas in the United States is called San Jose Island. 5 miles broad and 21 miles long.

The island is usually oriented northeast-southwest, with Mesquite Bay to the north, Aransas Bay to the west, and the Gulf of Mexico to the east and south.

Port Aransas, Texas is only a short boat trip away from San Jose Island. The island, which was once a ranch, is now mostly managed for wildlife.

You must remain on the beach below the mean high tide line since access is only authorized on public land.

With some of the greatest angling and shellfish fishing in the south, Mustang Island is referred to as the “Fishing Capital of Texas.”

With only about 30 residents, Isla San José is a mostly empty island where mother nature rules.

Exotic birds, wild pigs (which were a plague since there are no natural predators on the island), deer, and several reptile species are among the numerous wild creatures that may be found.


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7. South Padre Island

South Padre Island best beaches in texas for families

South Padre Island is a vacation community on the same-named barrier island off Texas’s southern coast.

It is well-known for its beaches and clear seas. A 5-story watchtower with views of migratory birds may be seen at the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center.

Boat tours and touch tanks are available at the South Padre Island Dolphin Research & Sealife Nature Center. At Sea Turtle IncSea turtles are saved and given new lives.

One of the most magnificent places you can imagine is South Padre Island. It’s a fantastic vacation spot for those who enjoy the outdoors and the heat.

Also, it’s also a year-round location that can be enjoyed by everyone from Spring Breakers to families with young children. The island is renowned for its stunning white sand beaches, pleasant climate, and crystal-clear Gulf water. 

Weather in South Padre fluctuates, although it never drops below 62 degrees. You may come any time of the year to see and enjoy it all due to mild winters and year-round entertainment.

The months of September through February are the ideal times to visit South Padre Island.

This small town will be fairly intolerable in March unless you want to participate in the spring break festivities, which involves loud parties all day long.

South Padre Island, with 34 miles of stunning white sand and brilliant green sea, is one of the world’s most magnificent barrier islands – and Texas’ sole tropical island.


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8. Malaquite Beach

Malaquite Beach best beaches in texas for families

Malaquite Beach is peaceful and isolated, making it ideal for camping and family beach trips. The beach is dog-friendly, so you can bring your pet along and have a fantastic time together.


Hidden Beach includes Malaquite Beach, which is located in front of the Malaquite Visitor Center.

Continue on the main park paved road (Park Road 22) past Malaquite Visitor Center until the pavement stops to come to the region of the park where you may drive on the beach and down to the isolated parts of the island.

Camping on the beach is also an option, complete with lunches in the open air and sleeping to the sound of the waves.

Since there are no nearby eateries or shops, you should bring any food and beverages you might require. You may utilize the vending machines at the park visitor center if you prefer snacks to a larger dinner.

Malaquite Beach is long and level, with clean, sugary-soft sand that doesn’t have a lot of shells. It’s ideal for barefoot strolling, fort-building, or just relaxing in the sun.

Be careful since there are no lifeguards on duty and occasionally the surf is quite fierce. A saltwater lake and natural wave pools for young children are nearby for those seeking a tranquil setting.


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9. Galveston Island

Galveston Island best beaches in texas for families

About 50 miles southeast of Houston, on the Texas Gulf Coast, is a barrier island called Galveston Island. With the exception of Jamaica Beach, the whole island lies within the boundaries of the City of Galveston in Galveston County.

Today, Galveston is regarded as one of the nation’s most quaint seaside cities (according to Country Living).

The island provides several opportunities to enjoy your next Texas Gulf Coast holiday with its intriguing historic architecture, sandy shoreline, top-notch dining options, and distinctive lodging options.

Galveston is an ideal site for cruise ships to land and embark because of its location off the Texas coast.

However, Galveston is worth seeing for a day (or two!) before or after a cruise because of the island’s history as a resort, it’s sunny beaches, and its numerous fascinating and engaging attractions.


Swimming is safe in the water. The Galveston Bay Foundation conducts monthly water quality tests to make sure that the levels of bacteria are acceptable for swimming.

The ideal months to visit Galveston are from October to November or from March to April when the temperature is warm but not oppressively, and hotel rates are affordable.

Although it will probably be too cold to enjoy Galveston’s beach activities in the winter, winter is the greatest time to find a discount on your lodgings.


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10. Magnolia Beach

Magnolia Beach

Magnolia Beach is a census-designated place and unincorporated locality in Calhoun County, Texas, in the United States.

With a population of 217, it was initially identified as a CDP in the 2020 census. It is situated southeast of Alamo Beach along the Lavaca Bay shoreline.

On the Texas coast, a 1.5 mile long section of hard-packed sand beach is called Magnolia Beach. Due to the Colorado and Lavaca Rivers flowing into the bay, the water is only 19% as saline as the ocean.

You should bring anything you could need with you as there is just one little store in the town.

This large beach is quite simple to reach; simply drive there and park your RV in a suitable location. Since the sand is well-packed and contains a lot of broken shells, driving on it is simple.

There is a bridge that can support a maximum weight of 10,000 lbs. It is best to select camping on your side of the bridge if you don’t want to run the danger of incurring a costly fine or damaging your car.

It’s a terrific idea to stay at Magnolia Beach for a few days or perhaps a week.

A walk along the coast will be nice and restful because the region is clean and vast. You may enjoy the ocean breezes and a row of gazebos on various portions of the beach.



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11. Matagorda Beach

Matagorda Beach best beaches in texas for families

Swimming in Matagorda Beach is fantastic, but you should always check the weather before you go.

Be careful to know how to escape a riptide before going to the beach. Due to the rip currents and strong current there, swimming close to jetties, piers, and passages is perilous.

The beach at Matagorda, Texas, is around 58 miles long. Vehicle access is available on 23 miles of the beach east of the Colorado River.

Only a boat, kayak, canoe, or other watercraft may go the last 35 kilometers. Behind the dunes and grasses, there are several routes that you may explore.

In Matagorda, camping on the beach is permitted and is free of charge. Both tents and RVs are allowed, but if you’re carrying one, be careful of the fragile sand.

Since Matagorda Beach is a state roadway, all standard traffic laws are in effect. On the beach, the posted speed restriction is 15 mph. Most of the time, it is advised not to drive onto the beach if you do not have a 44 vehicle.

You are allowed to use the existing track to travel across the dunes and into the marsh region, but please stay on it and spare the local grasses.

Swimming in Matagorda Beach is fantastic, but you should always check the weather before you go.

Swimming near jetties, piers, and passes is risky because of rip currents and undertow. When riptide warnings are in place, stay in shallow water and swim laterally to avoid becoming entangled in a rip current.



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12. Mustang Island State Park

Mustang Island State Park best beaches in texas for families

The 3,954-acre Mustang Island State Park features a 5-mile shoreline and is situated on the Gulf of Mexico coast south of Port Aransas, Texas, in the United States.

In 1972, the site was purchased from private owners, and it became publicly accessible in 1979.

Mustang Island, a Gulf island with more than 18 miles of barrier-island shoreline, is worth visiting for its wildlife, beaches, and marine sanctuaries.

Visit the state park near the sea to reconnect with nature! At Mustang Island State Park, you may enjoy the best of both worlds by fishing from a kayak or biking along a route in search of wildlife.

Mustang Island State Park is a five-mile length of sandy beach along the shore of Mustang Island. Hiking and riding routes, camping, birdwatching (over 400 species in the vicinity), and fishing are all available at the park.

Mustang Island Paddle Park Trail is located within the park and consists of three parts of paddling routes totaling more than 20 miles.

Mustang Island State Park has 48 electric-and-water sites as well as 50 rustic campsites.

Fees are charged every night and vary depending on the campground chosen. Spots sometimes fill up fast, especially during high seasons, so make a reservation ahead of time.


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13. East Beach Drive

East Beach Drive


East Beach, which is located near the island’s outer eastern extremity, has a pavilion, boardwalk, stage for entertainment, bathrooms, showers, chair and umbrella rentals, a children’s playground, food stands, and other facilities.

Alcohol is allowed at East Beach, in contrast to the majority of Galveston’s beaches. Please kindly take note of this. However, it’s one of the best beaches in Texas for families.

Throughout the summer, there are concerts and other events hosted here, and it is legal and possible to buy alcohol.

The wide, beautiful beach is also ideal for outdoor pursuits like volleyball, horseback riding, and beachcombing.

Private parties and business functions are ideal for its stage and outside pavilion. The beach is situated on the island’s easternmost point.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Sandcastle Competition and concerts are held annually at the beach.

On the Galveston Beaches, alcohol is only authorized in a few locations and is not allowed everywhere else.

East Beach/Apffel Park, Porretto Beach, and the area west of 61st St. to 16 Mile Road are all designated alcohol-free zones. All other sections of Galveston Beaches are off limits to alcohol consumption.


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14. Boca Chica Beach

Boca Chica Beach best beaches in texas for families

More than 1,055 acres make up Boca Chica Beach, which offers a range of outdoor activities like swimming, bird watching, camping, fishing, and surfing on its grounds and at the nearby Boca Chica and Del Mar beaches.

The region stretches for about 25 miles (40 km) east of Brownsville.

Texas State Highway 4—also known as the Boca Chica Highway or Boca Chica Boulevard inside the boundaries of Brownsville—serves the peninsula and goes east-west, ending at the Gulf and Boca Chica Beach.

Boca Chica Beach is an eight-mile-long stretch of sand that runs across barren Texas plains along the Gulf shore.

This area, which is the state’s southernmost point, is extremely quiet and deserted with no businesses or amenities.

The beach has several less populated sections where you’re more likely to see animals, such as red knots and brown pelicans, rather than human beachgoers.

The beach is free to access and accessible every day, 24 hours a day. Driving on the sand is legal as long as your car has a street license. Camping overnight on the beach is not permitted, though.

Because Boca Chica Beach is a part of the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge, it is under the protection of several agencies. You may see some of the rarest sea turtles breeding on the coast during the spring and summer.

Birdwatching will also leave you with positive feelings because this beach offers high opportunities to see osprey, hawks, peregrine, and aplomado falcons.


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15. McGee Beach

McGee Beach

For guests looking to improve their experience, McGee Beach offers a range of rentals.

B.F. Rentals gives the chance to design the beach day of your dreams with umbrellas, chairs, cabanas, and jet skis, while Fun Time Rentals offers jet skis, pedal boats, and surrey bicycles.

There are no admission costs. Contrary to many other nearby beaches, this one does not allow parking on the sand or on the beach, but it does not require a parking permit. There is a lot of parking available, and it is all free.

The water is warm, and the beach is well-kept. If the bar or restaurant is open, there are restrooms close by. Just be aware that there are occasionally little, difficult-to-see jellyfish in the region.

McGee Beach is perfectly situated on Shoreline Boulevard. A few hotels and the Corpus Christi Marina are located near to this piece of beauty.

Along the Seawall or in the parking areas across from the beach, parking is both free and simple. You and your family may unwind comfortably. Thanks to additional bathroom facilities nearby and rental choices.

There are no admission costs and the beach is open every day of the year. There are also public bathrooms and showers.

Because of how close the beach is to the city center of Corpus Christi, it will be quick and easy to get there and find a variety of eateries, shops, and lodging.


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Final Concepts

Rockport Beach is regarded as one of Texas’ clear water beaches due to its pure waves and reflected seas, making it an ideal location for sunset viewing. And it’s also one of the best beaches in Texas for families.

However, Galveston is worth seeing for a day (or two!) before or after a cruise because of the island’s history as a resort, it’s sunny beaches, and its numerous fascinating and engaging attractions.

All of the beaches listed on this article are all amazing. Why not pick one from our list and plan your visit and experience the wonders of Texas.

Hope this article was helpful to you? Why not leave a comment below and subscribe to this blog? Thanks.

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