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13 Fun Things To Do In Cookeville, TN: 2024

Mercy Brice

things to do in cookeville tn


Cookeville is packed with amazing outdoor activities, below are some of the best things to do in Cookeville tn.

Sometimes it’s hard to determine the best park to visit. But with the help of this article, you will be able to determine the best things to do in Cookeville.

Cookeville, Tennessee is a little town retreat which is filled with mouthwatering culinary specialties, music, and covert paintings. Cookeville may be reached from Nashville through a picturesque route.

It is renowned for offering a wide range of exciting activities in a comfortable setting. It is surrounded by a long lakeshore, great restaurants, picturesque backroads, and various artists and renowned chefs.


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1. Cummins Falls State Park

things to do in cookeville tn

Cummins Falls State Park is a 282-acre state park. It has a swimming and hiking area. It’s recorded that Cummins Falls is among Tennessee’s largest waterfalls. Hiking is one of the most lovely activities visitors love in this park.

For more than a century, Jackson and Putnam County locals have used the region as a picturesque location and swimming hole.

A Gorge Access Permit is required for access to the canyon. The only way the permit can be obtained is on the Cummins Falls website.”

While admission to the gorge is limited to a certain number of people per day, access to the overlook is not limited to. Please keep in mind that you need to watch safety clips before you are granted access to the gorge.

Unfortunately, there are times when access to the waterfall’s base is restricted, please take note of that. However, ensure to plan your trip during the friendly weather season.

The trailhead, parking area, and restrooms are all located above the falls. Please be careful to read all signs and make enquiries about anything you don’t understand or can’t locate.

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2. Dogwood Park

things to do in cookeville tn

Dogwood Park is an open area featuring a performance pavilion, a playful fountain, and a gated playground.


This park, which is at 30 East Broad Street, is a great place for strolls and picnics. There is no denying how magnificent this park is.

This park has a Rose Garden, a Playful Fountain, a Performance Pavilion, and a Heart of the City Playground. A large number of visitors adore these attributes.

This park is great for parents with young children. The play area is surrounded by a number of tools for swinging, crawling, and climbing.

The sponge cushioning on the surface has been well-maintained. The water fountain is a lot of fun when the weather is nice. Young ones will be “chased” by the water jets.

Another great feature in this park is the Dogwood Performance Pavilion, which can be booked out for exclusive usage.

Dogwood Park is quite lovely and is often bustling with exciting events. Both dogs and children are welcome here.

Everyone adores the area with the fountain and water pad. I really suggest it, whether you’re on a romantic stroll with your significant other or the whole family.

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3. Cane Creek Park

Cane Creek.Park

Cane Creek Park is a 262-acre park, which features a BBQ sites, walking trails, a playground, and a lake where boating and fishing are permitted. Dog walkers and fishers enjoy the park.

This park has paved walkways, a disc golf course, playgrounds, fishing piers, and a biking trail. In this Park, there is much to discover.

Throughout the park’s operating season, paddle boats, kayaks, and canoes can be leased. Children must be under adult supervision and must be wearing a life jacket.

In this park, you can also rent fishing poles, golf discs, and basketballs. It’s really fun.


Additionally, pets must adhere to the park’s leash rules when brought there. Finally, remember to clean up the park once you and your pet have finished playing.

This is absolutely a lovely park offering a variety of activities such as, basketball, fishing, walking/biking, volleyball and more! The park itself makes up for most of the shortcomings in maintenance.

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4. City Lake Natural Area

things to do in cookeville tn

City Lake Natural Area is a 35-acre City Lake On Bridgeway Drive. Fishing for catfish, bass, and bream is a favored activity at this lake and its natural surrounding. The 35-acre lake is traversed by kayakers as well.

The first water treatment facility in Cookeville is also located here. Visitors can take a short path through a historic structure to see the inspiring sight of waterfalls cascading.

From Cookeville’s central business district, take Highway 70N east, cross Interstate 40 (at Exit 290), then make a left onto Poplar Grove Road before continuing right into Bridgeway Drive. Continue to the lake.

The lake is open to kayak tours. SUP boards and canoes both work well on this lake. Fishing is great on the deck area in the parking lots. You may unwind along the water’s side as well.

Simply go up to the falls, where the sound of the water gushing over the rocks will astound you. And the quiet siren song of the concrete road cheers you on in your journey.

Off the concrete walkway, there are several paths that go to the lake. If you intend to enter the water or cross, it is important to wear sturdy footwear.

This location is really nice. There are always ducks around, and the tiny waterfall and the cascades downriver are also extremely picturesque. 

The promenade is wonderfully serene and has pavement for a fair distance. Don’t overlook the side trails beside the brook. This place is amazing.

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5. DelMonaco Winery & Vineyards

things to do in cookeville tn

52 acres make up the DelMonaco Winery near Baxter, Tennessee. It’s a family-run vineyards and wineries. They provide samples in their tasting room seven days a week.

They provide flights as well as sales by the glass and bottle. DelMonaco Winery also rent out rooms for festivities, corporate parties, marriages, and baby showers.

While enjoying a walking tour, get a free sample of the renowned wines that are made on the site. Explore their gift shop to see the unique crafts they have to offer.

In order to enjoy the wines you have purchased in any of the open Bella Rooms, the largest Bella Room has a floor with a grape motif, marble columns, and an amazing staircase encircling the stage area.

The winery is situated on a 52-acre property that is conveniently close to Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Nashville. You may sample the winery’s produced goods in the tasting area and browse the gift store for one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

The vineyard and winery are fantastic. The building is attractive and striking. The winery provides a wide selection of wines, from reds to whites. The customer service is outstanding.

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6. Window Cliffs State Natural Area

things to do in cookeville tn

Window Cliffs State Natural Area is located in Putnam County’s southwest corner. The roundtrip distance to the Window Cliffs is around six kilometers.

The route is prone to floods and may be closed to protect park visitors’ safety. Please check the notifications section of the Burgess Falls page before your visit to determine whether the path is available.


Window Cliffs is a unique clifftop, It is made up of a very narrow, long ridge. It has a 150-foot-wide foundation.

In Tennessee, the Falling Water River flows into the Cumberland River. The Cherokee, Creek, and Chickasaw tribes of Native Americans once inhabited the region.

Over the years, it produces hydroelectricity for the city of Cookeville. And in 1973, it was named a Tennessee State Natural Area.

The ascent to Window Cliff is fun and beautiful. It is a simple trek with multiple river crossings (it has ropes to help you get across). The view from Window Cliffs is spectacular.

This trek is incredible! Crossing the streams will get you wet, but the walk is worthwhile. The steep uphill on the way out makes up for the lengthy downhill stretch, but it is worthwhile.

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7. Cookeville Depot Museum

Cookeville Depot Museum

This is a museum with relics inside and historic trains outdoors is housed in a railroad terminal from around 1909.

In the American state of Tennessee, the train terminal known as the Cookeville Railroad Depot is located in Cookeville.

The depot, built by the Tennessee Central Railway in 1909, serviced Cookeville until the city’s passenger rail service was phased away in the 1950s.

The museum has a static exhibit with a 1913 Baldwin steam engine, a classic red caboose from the 1920s, cabooses from the 1960s, and two miniature track cars.

Middle Tennessee reached a significant economic and political turning point when it established a connection with the outside world.

Additionally, urbanization and contemporary growth were introduced by the railroad to Cookeville and other Cumberland Plateau communities. You may view inside the various railway carriages at this museum. This location is awesome!


There is so much to look at and learn about, a wonderful collection of historic objects, and a brilliantly crafted mini-scavenger search in the diorama in the front room.

This location welcomes families. Not too demanding for children. They will appreciate watching the ongoing Thomas the Train show.

There are two vintage train carriages on the property that may be seen. There is no cost to enter the museum. If you’d like, you may provide a goodwill donation.

Every kid that comes is given a gift bag. The staff is excellent with children and very nice. It has a lot of history and is extremely quaint. There are several restaurants, antique stores, and adorable boutiques to visit.

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8. Cookeville History Museum

things to do in cookeville tn

This history museum provides projects and programs that advance local historical comprehension.

The museum’s historical display is available for visitors to explore at their own convenience. The exhibit includes a chronology that runs the whole length of the building and current happenings.

The events tell the tale of Cookeville and the neighborhood. The personnel is informed and kind, and it is undoubtedly a unique experience.

Excellent in terms of both organization and displays. Make sure to make the short trip to the depot.

Both the permanent exhibitions and the changing special exhibits are expertly crafted, fascinating to explore, and filled with knowledge about the neighborhood and its connections to the state and the nation as a whole.

The knowledge and artifacts about the city’s founding are housed in this modest structure. New displays have also been added, one of which is a dedication to the local nurses. It is instructive and fascinating.


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9. City Lake Falls

things to do in cookeville tn

In Cookeville’s City Lake Natural Area, you may find City Lake Falls. Families may enjoy this area and the waterfall hike.

You have the opportunity to take a leisurely 0.6-mile roundtrip stroll to a waterfall in a sparsely populated area—the City Lake Natural Area—where you might not even encounter another person.

A lovely lake is right adjacent to the parking lot. In the back of the parking lot, you can see the route that takes you to the waterfall.

The route is first paved, but as you proceed past a building on your right, it changes to gravel. Continue on the path until it comes to a conclusion at a deck close to City Lake Falls.

This park is undoubtedly Cookeville’s best-kept secret. To reach the waterfall, there is a lovely walking path. Despite being little, the waterfall is incredibly attractive and calm.

A lake is available for kayaking and fishing. Some tourists claim there are no facilities, however there are picnic tables.

This is an ideal side trip for when you have an extra hour to fill. The waterfall is accessible by a short stroll and is worth seeing if you enjoy the outdoors.

The lake doesn’t have much more life in it, so please respect the environment by not polluting. Dogs are welcome at the park as long as you keep them on a leash and tidy up after them.

Very adorable tiny park with a simple walk leading to modest but lovely waterfalls. This provides a lovely illustration of Tennessee’s varied geographic features.


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10. Burgess Falls State Park Sparta

Burgess Falls.State Park Sparta

The Falls is located in the southern United States, in the White Counties of Tennessee. Footpaths ranging in complexity from simple to challenging leading to waterfalls that spill into a big pool.

The waterfalls in this park are well-known for their stunning features, falling from a height of more than 200 feet. The last of these falls, though, is the most stunning.

This park has beautiful waterfalls as well as picnic and fishing places. A mile and a half roundtrip climb that is fairly difficult is also featured.

The majority of the park is almost entirely covered in lovely falls and cascades. Nice route that follows the brook.

The trip off the usual road to Burgess is well worthwhile. You may uncover this unique jewel by following the brown markers on the twisting backcountry roads!

It is strongly advisable that you wear boots with enough grip because the path up to the falls includes several mossy places. Please take care.

The trail’s little falls are amazing, but they pale in comparison to the stunning panorama at the end. Simply go and have a look for yourself.

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11. Tennessee Legend Distillery

things to do in cookeville tn

Tennessee Legend Distillery is a fantastic site to visit since they have so much to offer. Cookeville is where they are located.

Cookeville now features a bar that serves special offers as well as house beverages produced with their own spirits, making it the best place in terms of cocktails.


Their friendly bartenders certainly know how to serve you a few drinks and start up a variety of conversations.

They’ve always aspired to be legends in their own right, and they hope to be able to accomplish it at Tennessee Legend Distillery. They are genuine legends, and they are honored.

Even if you’re not a big consumer of spirits, this is a fantastic experience. Tre is an excellent host, highly educated, and able to give a wealth of product information.

The whiskey, moonshine, and creamy liquor are all fantastic. Delicious desserts included Bananas Foster, Apple Pie, and Blueberries & Cream.

Why not start planning your vacation right away? And enjoy a fantastic day at Tennessee Legend Distillery.

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12. Red Silo Brewing Company

The location of Red Silo Brewing is Cookeville, Tennessee. They make sodas and beers in tiny batches. On tap, they feature more than 30 beers, seltzers, and sour drinks.

They take pride in being the first microbrewery in Cookeville, which is located in the city’s historic west side. Its was opened in 2016 with the support of four owners.

They value their neighborhood and work hard to foster an environment that is family-friendly.

Great location and beer. The staff is extremely dedicated and knowledgeable, and they are intimately involved in the production of the beer.

Also, they have kind employees. Several varieties of beer on tap. The bartenders use caution when pouring.

More beers are available there than at any other local brewery. Additionally, they also have seltzer and soda on tap! Staff is really friendly, and the atmosphere is amazing!


The Nashville Predators Craft Beer Festival’s 2018 and 2019 champions are Red Silo Brewing Company. Red Silo won the vote of the attendees, which included more than 90 brewers.

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13. Hix Farm Brewery

things to do in cookeville tn

Their brewery, which has 15 barrels, sits in the center of Cookeville and offers a wide selection of excellent beers. The farm is open all year round and is located in Jackson County, Tennessee, just outside of Cookeville.

The tap room is open seven days a week and frequently hosts entertaining events! It is located next to their brewery and directly across from a neighborhood favorite, Ralph’s Donuts.

Though Hix is owned by JB and Malcom, as well as their moms, JB is presently the dominant owner. Hix is thus a female-owned business and brewery!

The Farm is now owned by her mother, but JB will be the future owner. She prioritized keeping the farm functioning because it had been in her family for many generations.

Hix Farm Brewery is a true treasure. The beer is fantastic, the range is unexpected, and the price per drink is comfortable. The facility is quaint and welcoming; the staff are polite and helpful.

It’s the ideal spot to kick back and relax with friends! They also provide coloring books and games! They also have an excellent bartender, which will make your holiday much more enjoyable.

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Final Concepts

Cookeville is a city in the state of Tennessee. It has a population of around 50,000 people.


The neighborhood is well-known for its scenic beauty, great schools, and welcoming attitude. Hiking, fishing, boating, swimming, and camping are all available in parks and lakes.

Cummins Falls State Park and Dogwood Park are the first and second on our list, and they literally offer the best things to do in Cookeville tn.

Cookville is the ideal town to raise a family, with friendly neighbors and top-notch schools.

In addition to being close to the train depot and dogwood park, downtown is a lively neighborhood with lots of retailers and coffee shops.

What are you waiting for? Why not pick one location in this article and plan your trip today? You will love it.

Without wasting so much time, if this article was helpful to you, please leave a comment below. And don’t forget to subscribe to this blog. Thanks.

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