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11 Safest Hot Springs in Utah

Mercy Brice

Fifth Water Hot Springs Utah


Are you looking for the best Hot Springs in Utah to visit or you want to know more about it? I will congratulate you, because you are on the right track.

All information concerning the best Hot Springs In Utah, are covered in this article. This article is highly researched and high quality enough to guide all visitors.

It’s extremely hard to really determine the best Hot Springs in Utah, but with the help of various research I have gone through, I was able to create this high quality guide. Please this article is 100% safe and proven for all visitors to follow.

Utah has a variety of hot springs scattered throughout the state. And there are popular ones like; homestead crater, mystic hot springs etc. And the various hot springs have really been a fun place for soakers.


With the help of this article, all visitors will be able to know the best Hot Springs in Utah. But for you to be able to know it, please make sure you read this article all through to the end and don’t jump any part.

Utah has really been a huge tourist attraction, because it offers a lot of fun activities, most especially soaking in various pools of your choice without any restriction.

Without wasting so much time, let quickly jump into this ultimate guide for the best Hot Springs in Utah. But meanwhile don’t forget to drop a comment below, after making your choice for the best Hot Springs in Utah.


1. Mystic (Monroe, Cooper) Hot Springs Utah

Mystic (Monroe, Cooper)Hot Springs Utah

Mystic Hot Springs Utah, is also known as Monroe Hot Springs and Cooper Hot Springs. And Most people know this spot as the Utah hot springs bathtubs, which is found in Monroe, Utah.

At 168 °F (76 °C), the hot mineral water emerges from the spring. And with temperatures between 92 and 102 °F (33 and 39 °C), the water flows into two smaller pools.

At Mystic Hot Springs, there are six (6) individual bathtubs, which are situated up the hill where the hot springs flow. And they have two pools which the springs flow into at the bottom of the hill. The pool with the flowing waterfall is shallow, with about 2ft deep. And it’s slightly cooler compared to the deeper pool. The deeper pool is smaller in square footage and has a warmer temperature and is about 4ft deep.

Mystic (Monroe, Cooper) Hot Springs Utah

The beauty of this Hot Springs is that you can take great photos for social media usage, and the pools are very relaxing and enjoyable. 

Due to research, it’s discovered that Mystic Hot Springs water is nourishing to the skin and the bathtubs are drained and cleaned daily.

Please take note that Mystic Hot Springs Utah, has six (6) buses available to rent for the night. And there are also two cabins available to rent, for those who are willing.


 Additional Information:
  • Please take note that the hot springs can get crowded depending on when you visit.
  • if you lodge overnight in one of their accommodations, you will have free access to the hot springs during your stay. Or if you don’t want to lodge, then purchase a day pass and use the hot springs for $15 (only 6 hours of use).
  • Take note that the tubs are cleaned once a day, and they do get dirt and grit gathering in the bottom of the tub. So make sure you use it early.
  • Due to the crowds sometimes, you may have to wait a while for a bathtub to become available before getting access to use.




From Salt Lake City: take I-15 South to the Scipio exit (188). Then turn Left onto US-50 W. Take exit 31 and take a left at the bottom of the off-ramp. And continue for 2 miles and then go right on Highway 118, for 3-4 miles to Monroe. Then gently Turn left on 100 North, and drive up the hill five blocks to the big white building and Mystic Hot Springs Utah, which will be at the end of the road.


2. Baker Hot Springs Utah

Baker Hot Springs In Utah

Baker hot springs Utah, is the combination of three sets of pools, which provides three tubs for soaking. And this hot springs is among the most visited hot springs in utah. Each of the three tubs are large and comfortable enough to accommodate a lot of people when bathing.

There are two main sources of water which fills the tubs. One of the ditches carries the hot water, and the other carries the cold water. Please take note that bathers have full control over the temperature.

At a temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit (180°F), the spring source bubbles to the surface. And a small trench carries the water a few hundred feets, to a series of three (3) small concrete pools. And the temperature in the pools can be adjusted.

For its amazing features it offers, it’s really a fun spot for most residents of Delta, Utah and a lot of people around the world. So why not plan your trip today, to explore all Baker Hot Springs Utah amazing features.

Baker Hot Springs In Utah

Baker Hot Springs Delta Utah is also known as Abraham Hot Springs and Crater Springs. This Hot Springs has an Elevation of about 4,646 feet and Discharge 17 gallons per second. And it’s a volcanic type of hot Springs.

Accessing the spring requires driving down a well-graded gravel road which is easily accessible for cars. And the spring has a large parking area that can accommodate several vehicles without restrictions.

Plan your trip today, to visit Baker Hot Springs Utah, and also plan for friends and family, because there are three large tubs that can accommodate them to get the Fun Rolling.


Additional Information:
  • Please use caution when visiting Baker hot Springs Utah, because the hot water source is hot and it’s advisable to allow it to get cooled before you can soak. 
  • Please if you visit these hot springs with your kids, don’t forget to keep track of them, because they could mistakenly slip into hot pools, as there are a lot of hot pool’s around.

  • All visitors should be careful if wandering around premises, because Several of these springs are not protected and they’re scalding hot.
  • Camping is permitted in the area, but take note that some land around is private, so if you are camping be careful of not entering private property for security reasons.
  • Please after your visit, it’s advised not to leave any trash behind, make sure to clean up your trash.



From downtown Delta, UT, move west on Main Street which goes over a bridge. Then gently turn right on 1000 W and Follow it for 1.6 miles, which curves left and becomes 1500 N.


After that curve, turn right towards Jones Road and follow it for 9 miles to a T intersection at the power plant. Then move left for about 11 miles to the junction where Baker Hot Springs Road on the right. 

Please note that the Baker Hot Springs Utah Road on the right, turns into dirt, but it’s well graded and easily accessible for cars. Just follow the graded road for the next 7.2 miles to the hot springs on the right. Baker Hot Springs Utah is just a bit after the private property ends.


3. Crystal Hot Springs Utah

Crystal Hot Springs in Utah

These Hot Springs, is an amazing hot springs, which is perfect for a refreshing soak in the middle of winter. Crystal Hot Springs Utah temperatures range from 120 – 134°F (51°C – 57°C). And the water contains the highest mineral content, which is about (46,000 mg/L) . Crystal Hot Springs Utah is also among the best hot springs in Utah, which is originally named Madsen Hot Springs.

Crystal hot springs Utah is really a family destination and accommodations are available which include RV camping and tent. This hot springs also boasts seven hot spring pools, two hot springs waterslides and three hot springs waterfalls.

With the help of research and reviews, we discovered that, every five minutes, more than 8,000 gallons of hot water from the hot springs, makes its way to the surface. And every 24-hours, 900,000 pounds of mineral comes along with it. While the cold spring source is just fifty feet from the hot springs, and releases over 9,000 gallons every five minutes. And in 24-hours, it releases about 2.6 million gallons.

Crystal Hot Springs in Utah

Crystal Hot Springs Utah pool area, comprises a soaker pool, Olympic-sized pool, three jetted hot tubs, two 360-foot water slides and lap pool. And these pools are filled with the water from the two springs excluding the water slide pool.

For people who love to relax during their Utah vacation, family tours, couples vacation, etc. Crystal Hot Springs Utah is the perfect option, because it’s less affordable and with the campground right there, it’s a perfect spot to rejuvenate.

Brief History Of Crystal Hot Springs Utah

Crystal Hot Springs in Utah

Due to research, we discovered that, Native American tribes used Crystal Hot Springs Utah area, as a camping site during the winter months and used the springs as a natural heat source. And it was Originally named Madsen Hot Springs.

During when the Transcontinental Railroad was expanding, the west Chinese railroad workers discovered the springs. And they made wood tubs out of cedar and allowed the refreshing waters to flow into all. In order to provide a muscle-soothing mineral bath for the workers, after their long days work on the railroad.

Crystal Springs Utah was one of those resorts, during WWII, Soldiers were sent to various hot springs throughout the country to rehabilitate.

In 1901, Crystal Hot Springs Utah, became a business enterprise. And has been providing a fun place for visitors to enjoy themselves. This Hot Springs Utah was one of the only two places in the world that have the hot and cold springs less than 50 feet.



Additional Information:
  • It’s advisable to Rent a locker, to prevent your valuables from getting missing. And It’s stated that valuables shouldn’t be left on the open shelving provided, for security reasons. And this locker cost $1.50 only.
  • If you want extra shade, you can put on hats, for self comfortability.
  • It’s necessary to bring sunglasses when coming, if you know that, your eyes are sensitive to bright light.
  • You can also come with water shoes, but to me, it’s not necessary because there’s no time to put on shoes, when enjoying yourself and all the walkways have padded matting.
  • Please when visiting, make sure you are having something to drink, because Soaking in the warm pools makes you thirsty. You can buy water and beverages here, or you bring yours when coming. But note that the water you are bringing should be in non-glass containers.



8215 UT-38, Honeyville, UT 84314, United States.


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4. Ogden Hot Springs Utah

Ogden Hot Springs In Utah

Ogden Hot Springs Utah are man-made miracles and are fed by a hose from a concrete collection system. It can be crowded, but you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery.

This hot spring is currently closed to the public, but the water keeps flowing. Due to some ongoing construction work in the area, Ogden Hot Springs Utah has closed for now.

There are still several pools you can soak in- you get through a little opening in the fence. But some can have sporadic temperatures, so Use caution.

Hot Springs In Utah

The source of Ogden Hot springs Utah is 100 degrees, so be aware and plan your trip during crowd days.

Parking in Ogden Hot Springs Utah is absolutely available and it’s located at the canyon road, but only accommodates a small number of cars.

Most visitors have really loved and appreciated the natural beauty of Ogden Hot Springs Utah. But take note that, people take a few minutes to pick up and throw away what you packed in, so please don’t throw trash around.


Additional Information:
  • This Hot Springs is Not pet friendly, so pet’s are not allowed in Ogden Hot Springs Utah.
  • Please dumping trash carelessly is not allowed in Ogden hot springs Utah.
  • Wear your hiking boots, for protection reasons.
  • Some of the springs are extremely hot, please use caution.



5690 Harrison Blvd A, Ogden, UT 84403, United States.


5. Homestead Crater Hot Springs Utah

Homestead Crater Hot Springs In Utah

Homestead Crater Hot Springs Utah, is a geothermal spring, which began forming about 10,000 years ago, which is encased within a 55-foot tall, beehive-shaped limestone formation dome. Inside this hollow dome, is a 65 foot deep nature pool that is filled from the many springs bubbling up from the bottom.​

The hole at the top of the dome lets in fresh air and good sunlight. And the interior remains heated by the mineral water at a constant range of 94 – 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

Please take note that, Pets are not welcome, so make sure not to come with any. And also, In the summer periods, they offer concerts for its customers. 

Homestead Crater Hot Springs provides scuba diving activities, and it’s one of the best hot water for scuba diving, in the United states.

These Hot springs flow at a rate of 90 gallons per minute, and offer a lot of fun activities.

The most interesting part of this Hot Springs Is that you can find this one of a kind hot spring in the Wasatch Forest of the pretty state of Utah.  

Homestead Crater hours of service:

  • Monday through Thursday 12:00pm to 8:00pm.
  • Friday & Saturday 10:00am to  8:00pm.
  • Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm.




700 North Homestead Dr, Midway, UT 84049, United States.

Utah is 46 miles (50 minute drive to the hot springs), from Salt Lake City.

From Salt Lake City, take I-15 S/I-80 E from 400 S/University Blvd  4 min (1.6 mi), and Follow I-80 E to US Highway 40 (Heber Exit 146). 

Then travel South approximately 14 miles (37 min) to the Midway and Wasatch Mountain State Park. Then gently turn right at the stop light onto River Road and follow the road for about 2.5 miles to the round-about. 

After getting to the round-about, take the first right turn onto Burgi Lane (1050 North). Then follow the green directional signs for about 2.1 miles to the Homestead entrance.


6. Meadow Hot (Millard County) Springs Utah

Meadow Hot (Millard County) Springs in Utah

Meadow is a town in Millard County, Utah, United States. Which is originally called Meadow Creek. It has a 254 population at the 2000 census. Meadow Creek town is located about eight miles south of Fillmore.

Meadow Hot Springs Utah, consists of three springs, which are located on private property, but the owner is kind about letting people use them. And it’s still one of those local gems that still hasn’t been overrun by the crowds.

Meadow Hot Springs Utah water is deep and clear, with temperatures hovering at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The first and the deepest pool among the three, has limited seating, with a temperature of about 100°F. And a walking trail connects this pool to the other two pools that are comparatively less warm. The beauty of these hot springs is that, It’s accessible year round, without any stress involved.

Meadow Hot (Millard County) Springs in Utah

This Hot Springs has really been a fun place for most visitors, and the majority of them enjoy the amazing features of the water, by putting their toes and fingers in.

Why are you waiting? plan your next trip to Meadow Hot Springs Utah, to explore all its amazing features. Meanwhile, Meadow Hot Springs Utah, is dog-friendly. So come with your Dog if having any.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


Additional Information:

Meadow Hot (Millard County) Springs in Utah

  • Please follow the laid down instructions, listed on the gate to avoid restrictions, and keep this area open.
  • It’s recommended for visitors to take a swimsuit, towel and other footwear, because the ground can be muddy and rough.
  • when visiting these hot springs, don’t leave any trash behind, make sure you pick up your trash, before leaving. To keep the environment clean, because it’s a private property.



In order to get to Meadow Hot Springs Utah, take the Meadow Exit on I-15. And turn south on Meadow main Street then drive through town. 

At 1.5 miles from the freeway, after the last buildings. Then gently take the first right on to a dirt road (there is no sign, and it’s a few blocks outside of city limits).

After taking the first right on to a dirt road, drive down west of the road, over the freeway. You will come across several turns, please make sure you don’t follow any, just continue driving west for 4.8 miles.


7. Gandy Warm Spring

Gandy Warm Hot Springs In Utah

Gandy Warms Springs is a pleasant way to cool off when visiting Utah’s West Desert. Devils Gate Slot Canyon and Crystal Ball Cave are only minutes apart, and Great Basin National Park is less than an hour away. The water temperature appeared to be in the 70s.

According to the Utah Geological Survey, the water temperature can reach 81 degrees. The water appears chilly on a hot summer day, but it feels warm in the cooler months. And also one of the best hot springs in Utah

In the middle of nowhere, in the desert, Gandy Warm Springs offers two relaxing bathing pools. Each pool is large enough to accommodate 4-5 people comfortably.

There are no facilities at the springs or in the surrounding area, despite the fact that there are basic camping areas nearby. Gandy is a great side trip if you’re visiting the nearby Fantastic Basin National Park (with Lehman Caves).





8. Red Hill Hot Springs

Red Hill Hot Springs Hot Springs In Utah

Red Hill Hot Springs is known as a tourist site in southern Utah, surrounded by beautiful red sandstone.

This hot spring is located on a hill above Monroe, Utah, and is known for its easy access and seclusion. This secluded hideaway is ideal for unwinding.

The water source is located at the top of the hill and runs down over the mineral-rich land, which is gated off to prohibit people from messing with the heat.

As the water runs down the hill to each of the four pools, it loses a lot of heat as it gets further away from the source. The pool nearest to the source is by far the hottest, with a temperature that makes submerging difficult.




9. Veyo Pool Resort & Climbing

Veyo Pool Resort & Climbing Hot Springs In Utah

To disconnect from the digital world, bring your kids to the newly renovated Veyo Pool & Crawdad Canyon Resort. You’re going to fall in love with it!

Their little desert oasis is located just minutes north of St George, Utah. Their guests come to cool off in their canyon, which is typically 12-15 degrees cooler than St. George. And it’s also one of the best hot springs in Utah.

Additional information;

Veyo Pool was established in the 1920s and has since become a popular tourist destination. With its clear spring water pool nestled among thick trees and high cliffs. It’s the perfect place to bring the family for a summer vacation.

In 2018, new features were introduced, including high-speed WiFi, new locker rooms, and expanded campsite amenities.





10. Saratoga (Lehi Natural) Hot Springs Utah

Saratoga Hot Springs In Utah

Saratoga Hot Springs Utah, is a natural hot springs close to Salt Lake City. It’s alternatively known as Inlet Hot Spring in many resources. 

Saratoga Springs is a wonderful place to enjoy the wilderness on the shores of Utah Lake, and soak in a natural hot spring. The spring water seeps from several sources that feed into the main pool. And the water is having a temperature below 100 degrees.

The pool is good sized, algae floored, with a mud bank and not much odor. The hot springs are one of the best places to chill out during winter, without restriction. 

Parking in Saratoga Hot Springs is extremely easy and is open all year round. This Hot Springs does close from 10pm-6am and police have been known to pass by and enforce it.

If you want to experience some awesome views of the sunset, then winter is really a fantastic time to visit. But it’s advisable you should take a backpack to keep all your stuff in, when visiting during winter. And also have a tarp to lay your stuff on, because around the hot springs can get very muddy.

Saratoga Hot Springs is really an amazing place where you can take a date or hang out for hours. And it doesn’t get too crowded, but weekends do tend to get more crowded than weekdays. 

Are you planning to take a date? Why not plan your trip to visit Saratoga Hot Springs Utah.


Additional Information:
  • Please to keep Saratoga Hot Springs open and accessible, it’s advisable we should pick up the trash left by ourselves and by others.
  • Ensure to keep your swimming suit on and respect the Utah County ordinance against skinny-dippy.
  • Please take note that the parking area for the hot springs is locked nightly and is fenced. So anyone inside the fenced area after the posted closing time will be ticketed for trespassing. 



Gently take exit 278 (American Fork) off of I-15 and move west on UT-145/Pioneer Crossing. Then follow it for 3.5 miles and turn left onto Saratoga Road. Follow Saratoga Road for about 2.6 miles to Inlet Park on the south side of the road.



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11. Fifth Water Hot Springs Utah (Diamond Fork)

Fifth Water Hot Springs In Utah

Fifth Water Hot Springs Utah, is an amazing hot springs, with a lot of natural features. And It’s part of Diamond Fork Canyon which breaks off from the Spanish Fork Canyon. 

This hot springs consists of a serene waterfall and several pools of different temperatures. The temperatures of the pools can range up to 108 F, with different great soaking pools in a variety of cooler temps. While the upper pools are the hottest.

Diamond Fork Hot Spring, is also known as a great outing in the Wasatch Front. And during winter excursions, Fifth Water Hot Spring is always a prime choice.

The beauty of these amazing hot springs is that the water in the pools are clean, but does have a slight stench of sulfur. But while in the pools, you can move around to various parts of the pool to regulate the water temperature.

Gear Needed For Hiking In Diamond Fork Hot Springs In Winter

  • A warm jacket.
  • Hiking Pants.
  • Sturdy boots.
  • A small lightweight towel.
  • A beanie is also recommended, because it’s a good idea to prevent your body heat from releasing and can be nice if you have wet hair on the hike back.
  • If you are a lady, I recommend you bring a bra and pair of undies to change into afterward. And also wearing your suit under your clothes. Necessary.


Additional Information:
  • When Visiting Diamond Fork Hot Springs, i highly recommend you should visit during the week, because it’s less crowded. But if you feel the weekend is suitable, I will advise you should go early, because of the crowd.
  • Please take note that, Nudity at Fifth Water Hot Springs Utah, does happen, but it’s not recommended, because it’s against the law. So strip at your own risk.
  • Please don’t make this mistake to litter! But instead bring a small bag to help in picking up any pieces of trash seen around.
  • With a perfect pair of hiking boots, the trail does get icy during winter. So to stabilize your footing when waking on any icy surfaces, it’s advisable to get a cheap pair of traction cleats that can slip over your boots. 



Diamond Fork Rd, Spanish Fork, UT, United States.

From Salt Lake City, head south on 1-15 until you reach the town of Spanish Fork. From Spanish Fork, take Highway 6 to mile marker 184.1 (for about 11 miles from Spanish Fork). Then move north on the paved/signed road Diamond Fork. Then gently follow this road for 10 miles to the trailhead on the right. 

Please take note that, during winter this road can be snow packed and a 4-wheel drive is required. But usually accessible to all in most conditions. And also the trailhead does not allow camping, but has a pit toilet and map.


From the trailhead, follow the well-marked and well-traveled trail which meanders up the left-hand side of the stream. For about 1/2 way to the falls. This very trail crosses a bridge over the stream and begins its final ascent up the smaller Fifth Creek. Then you will see the hot springs.


There are several small pools built in the area of the springs, and all have different temperatures. Diamond Fork Hot Springs have been a popular place people visit, especially during weekends.


Fifth Water Hot Springs Utah (Diamond Fork) TrailHead, is temporarily closed for now. This information will be updated when it’s Open.


Final Thoughts

Please all information given in this article should be properly followed, according to the way it’s given in the content.

If you are visiting any of the hot springs, make sure you don’t violate their rules in any way or the other.

Please if you find this information helpful, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below. We promise your information is secure.


Hot Springs In Utah FAQ

Is Salt Lake City worth visiting?

YES, Salt Lake City worth visiting. Most especially, the Choir’s practices and the beautiful Wasatch Mountain’s surrounding, makes Salt Lake City amazing.

Does Salt Lake City have hot springs?

The perfect answer is YES. Salt Lake City has some very human-friendly hot springs. And I have already written about some in this article.

Where is Warm Springs Utah?

Warm Springs Utah is located on the western edge of Snake Valley, near the Nevada border. And the springs are at the base of the southern tip of Spring Mountain. Gandy Warm Springs Utah, is a perfect refreshing oasis of crystal clear streams with water temperatures of about 81˚F.

How far is the hike to Diamond Fork Hot Springs?

Diamond Fork hot springs is a very popular hot springs, most people do visit. But how far is the hike is usually different by season. In Summer, hiking is 2 miles, while in Winter it’s 6 miles.

Are there hot springs in Utah?

The answer is YES. Utah is really home to a lot of Hot springs, of different kinds and also a must to go destination for some people in the continental U.S. And in this article, I have already written about some of the best Hot Springs In Utah.

Why is Fifth Water Hot Springs closed?

Fifth Water Hot Springs is temporarily closed for now, due to the COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

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