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Best Natural Hot Springs In Washington: 2024

Mercy Brice


Sol-Duc Natural Hot Springs In Washington


The Information concerning the natural hot springs in Washington is covered in this article. Please make sure to read this article all through to the end.

Washington is blessed with a lot of natural hot springs for soaking. While they are spread all over the state, the majority lie in the western part of Washington. Why not visit to enjoy all the benefits of the thermal mineral water.

This article is highly researched and 100% safe for all visitors to follow. Please don’t forget to leave a comment below.

It’s difficult to determine the best natural hot springs in Washington, because Washington has many hot springs spread around the state. But with the help of this article, you will be able to determine the best natural hot springs in washington. This article will also walk you through the best lodges to stay, during your visit to any of the hot springs.


Without wasting so much time, let’s quickly jump into the list of natural hot springs in washington.


1. Olympic Hot Springs

Olympic Natural Hot Springs In Washington

Olympic Hot Springs are one of the most popular natural hot springs in washington. And also a popular destination for visitors from all over the world.

These springs are Only accessible by foot and also no pets or bicycles are permitted. It’s also noticed that backpackers must follow wilderness camping regulations and acquire a wilderness use permit.

The 0.1 mile trail to the pretty Madison Creek Falls, a picnic stop along the Elwha River. The road to the trailhead is mostly paved, with some narrow sections, which is better for cars. Once at the trailhead, you’ll find a vault toilet and lots of parking for both cars and horse trailers. You’ll find several hot springs along the trail, and others are tucked away in the forest. Be sure you check the temperature first, because it can be very hot.

The pools of Olympic Hot Springs are not maintained by the park, and caution should be taken by all visitors. The National Park Service warns that these pools “are not monitored and may contain high levels of fecal coliform bacteria. But that shouldn’t stop hot spring lovers from enjoying themselves.

Brief History Of Olympic Hot Springs

Olympic Natural Hot Springs In Washington

These Hot Springs were used by the Klallam Tribe for centuries as a place for vision quests. In 1892, Andrew Jacobsen and Klallam friend, was the first person of European descent to make it to the hot springs.

In 1907, they were rediscovered, after a resort was built and a trail was blazed to the springs. It’s also discovered that a resort existed on the site until 1966, when its lease with the National Parks expired. And ever since then, the buildings that existed have been removed and the site was not developed.


Directions To Olympic Hot Springs


2. Goldmyer Hot Springs

Goldmyer Natural Hot Springs In Washington

This Hot Springs is a gem privately owned by a non-profit group organization, established in 1976 to protect this natural treasure for the use of generations to come. 


Goldmyer Hot Springs is also one of the best natural hot springs in washington. This hot spring is tucked into the historic Cascade Mountains, and is accessible only through the incredible trails nearby

The amenities provided are limited and they include campsites with food hanging lines, open-air cabana at the hot spring pools, a bike rack, two picnic tables and three stocked outhouses.

The live-in caretakers strictly limit admission to 20 people per day, that’s why the pools are a popular destination and they never feel too crowded. There is also a cold water pool adjacent to the hot springs that’s fed straight from Burntboot Creek which is great for cool downs (if you’re brave enough). 

Goldmyer has eight campsites and the pools are 1/4 mile hike uphill from the campground. If you wish to camp, it is important to make reservations in advance.

Winter is actually an amazing time to visit Goldmyer Hot Springs and It’s much less crowded. So feel free to plan your trip today. I would love you to leave me a comment below.


Directions To Goldmyer Hot Springs


3. Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort

Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort natural hot springs in Washington

Carson Hot Spring is also one of the best Natural Hot Springs In washington and also, offers accommodations in Carson. One can engage in various activities if they want to.

In the early 1900’s, Carson Hot Springs Resort featured an authentic bathhouse, a relaxing atmosphere and cozy accommodations.

This hot springs resort is full of old-world charm housed within a historic Victorian-era hot spring, which is located just along the Columbia River Gorge. This resort was built by Isadore St. Martin, in 1901 after applying for an Indian Homestead claim. Isadore St. Martin, hoped the mineral waters would help his wife who suffered from neuralgia.

But the beauty is that, today the original cabins, hotel and bathhouse still remain in use for the benefit of many. And the original antique claw-foot tubs are still filled with mineral water, which is pumped directly from the Wind River at 104 degrees.

Please take note that you won’t find any glitz in this very place, but a “doorway into the beauty of nature,” as they put it. But if you want, you can add on a massage for a bit of luxurious relaxation.



Directions To Carson Hot Spring


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4. Baker Hot Spring

Baker Natural Hot Springs In Washington

These Hot Springs is a little gem in Mt. Baker Wilderness, and also one of the Natural Hot Springs In washington.

On your visit, you’ll find these relaxing pools set deep within the alpine wilderness, a hop skip and jump right from the trailhead.

Please note that, there’s no better time to visit these hot mineral pools than on a typical cold, cloudy Pacific Northwest day. And Baker hot spring is free to the public and is clothing optional.

The temperature of the springs depends on how close you are to a source and the season of the year. Please also take note that volcanic ash sometimes clogs the vents of the hot springs and visitors may need to dig down to clear them. 

These natural hot springs can hold about five people comfortably and are completely open to the public. Why not visit baker hot springs today, and explore its natural features.


Directions To Baker Hot Springs


6. Gamma Hot Springs

Gamma Natural Hot Springs In Washington

This amazing hot spring is a geothermal mine located in Snohomish county, Washington at an elevation of 5,000 feet. Gamma Hot Springs is also among the Natural Hot Springs In Washington, where you can go and explore the beauty of nature.

According to research, gamma’s soaking pool is kind of small and close to the creek, which simply allows a nice way to regulate the temperature of the 140F spring.


Take note that you won’t find any glitz in this place, but a doorway, which will lead you in. With Gamma Hot Springs sulfur-rich mineral waters, you can truly decompress from your hectic city life, so feel free to visit and explore its natural wonders.


Directions To Gamma Hot Springs


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7. Sulphur Creek Hot Springs

Sulphur Creek Natural Hot Springs In Washington

Sulphur Creek Hot Springs is one of the less popular natural hot springs in washington. The pool is small and the Hot Spring’s water is having a temperature, which usually runs at 90F.

The Sulphur Creek hot springs are more warm than boiling. And there’s space for two inside, but you should take note that you’ll need to fill the springs by hand. All you need to do is to simply open the nearest pipe, and just wait until the hot spring is full and hop in!

Please take note that the hot spring itself is very small. And It can fit just about 2  – 3 people, if you count at least a kid. This hot springs is a perfect humble getaway for romantic bonding activity with your loved one and family also.

You should also take note that, It’s highly recommended to go here during the daytime. And you can also enjoy the privacy which you can rarely afford when visiting other resorts and pools.

Getting to sulphur creek hot springs, you just have to enter Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and drive down to the Sulphur Creek Campground. While in the Campground area, it’s about a 6-kilometer hike over a log bridge and up some steep, rocky hills. The trail there may not be very distinct, so please keep your eyes peeled for signage.


Directions To Sulphur Creek Hot Springs


8. Doe Bay Resort & Retreat

Natural Hot Springs In Washington


With hot baths and saunas perched above a waterfall, a one-acre organic garden, and an exceptional restaurant, Doe Bay provides a choice of rooms in a rustic, down-to-earth setting.

Start your day with a yoga class in their studio, followed by a massage. In the afternoon, go on a guided kayak tour and have a fantastic dinner at the waterfront cafe, or spend the day hiking in neighboring Moran State Park.

A beach, a cafe, a guest kitchen, a library, a fire pit, and a playground are among the amenities. An organic garden, massages, and yoga lessons are available at the spa, which includes a sauna and hot pools. There are seasonal yurts (no running water or electricity), a hostel, and campsites.


Directions To Doe Bay Resort & Retreat


Natural Hot Springs In Washington FAQ

Sol-Duc Natural Hot Springs

  • Are There Hot Springs Near Spokane Washington?

Scenic Hot Springs, the nearest wilderness hot springs to Spokane (a 4-hour drive), and has recently been closed to the public, according to Laughtland. The only one open all year is Wind River Hot Springs (St. Martins on the Wind), which is located near the Columbia Gorge on Highway 84.


  • Does Seattle Have Hot Springs?

Sol Duc Hot Springs.

Sol Duc is located in the northwest section of Olympic National Park, about 3 1/2 hours from Seattle. Temperatures range from 99 to 104 degrees in the three mineral soaking pools, as well as a 50-degree freshwater pool.


  • Can You Swim In Olympic Hot Springs?

The Olympic Hot Springs are natural, untended hot water springs in the Elwha Valley, 2.5 miles from the Boulder Creek Trailhead. 

The pools are in the middle of nowhere, and they are not tested or treated by the park. Use them at your own risk since they may contain hazardous bacteria.


  • Does Bacteria Grow In Hot Springs?

Thermophilic bacteria may be found in almost all hot springs and geysers.


  • Are Hot Springs Hot In The Winter?

The answer is Yes. Despite the cold, the mineral waters are a pleasant 100 to 104 degrees.


  • Do Hot Springs Have Brain-Eating Amoeba?

Naegleria fowleri is a warm-water ameba that can be found all over the world in warm or hot waters (lakes, rivers, and hot springs). The ameba Naegleria fowleri can enter the brain through the nose.


  • Should I Worry About Brain-eating Amoeba?

According to the CDC, the risk of infection from the brain-eating amoeba is extremely low, with only 40 cases documented between 2007 and 2016. 

However, the FDA advises seeking medical attention if you have a rapid fever, headache, vomiting, or stiff neck after being in a warm body of freshwater.


  • Are Natural Hot Springs Good For You?

Sulfur can be found in abundance in hot springs, and its medicinal properties include the treatment of skin irritations and infections such as rashes and eczema. 

Sulfur-rich hot springs have also been known to help with dry scalp, arthritic pain, and internal issues like menopausal symptoms and digestive problems.


  • Can You Get Diseases From Hot Springs?

Waterborne disorders such as infection, skin rash, and gastrointestinal ailment can all be caused by germs found in natural springs.


  • Can You Get Worms From Hot Springs?

A case report from the United States advises that people who swim in warm freshwater lakes, ponds, and hot springs should avoid getting water up their nose since it might spread a lethal parasite.



  • Why Are Tattoos Not Allowed In Hot Springs?

Tattooed guests are traditionally not permitted in Japan’s onsen (natural hot springs) due to a long-standing link with organized crime.


  • How Sanitary Are Hot Springs?

Although most hot spring water is free of disease-causing organisms, some are (“healthy” below), and surface water that cools a blazing spring to tolerable temperatures is subject to the same bugs and pathogens as any other surface water.


  • How Long Should You Soak In Hot Springs?

Warm water, according to the Arthritis Foundation, performs wonders for pain relief, with effects that continue long after your bath. Doctors recommend soaking for 20 minutes at a time, followed by mild stretches in the water, for optimal therapeutic effect.


  • Should You Shower After Hot Springs?

After you’ve completed bathing, don’t take a shower.

Medicinal components in the water will be rinsed away in the shower, reducing its effectiveness. If your skin is sensitive or easily irritated, please rinse with cold water.


  • Is Soaking In Hot Springs Good For You?

Soaking in hot springs may be a terrific method to cleanse your skin naturally. Because of the high silica content of the water, it can help soften rough or dry skin. 

Furthermore, the mineral component of sulfur springs has been demonstrated to aid in the treatment of chronic skin disorders such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema.


  • How Do You Know If A Hot Spring Is Safe?

Use a thermometer to assess the temperature of the water before accessing natural hot springs.

Due to certain geological factors, the temperature of some hot springs can suddenly shift from warm to scorching in seconds. If the springs are underdeveloped and unfamiliar to you, proceed with caution. Use your best judgment and common sense.



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Final Thoughts

Washington is really a blessed state with a lot of natural hot springs for relaxing when you feel like.

It’s also extremely hard to really determine the best Natural Hot Springs In washington. But we have gone the extra mile to do the job for you. So feel free to share us on social media and also leave us a comment below.

A recent study also shows that Washington is a wonderful place to explore the rugged wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. And Washington State is an undisputed jewel in America’s Pacific Northwest.

It’s also known for its outdoorsy lifestyle, so feel free to follow all the guides given in this article, while you enjoy your amazing trip.

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