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Does FloatMe Work With Chime? 2024 Update

Mercy Brice


Does Float Me Work With Chime?

FloatMe and Chime have become financial stars in recent years. FloatMe helps you access your paychecks early, while Chime stands out as a fee-free online bank.


Together, they’ve given traditional banking a run for its money. Now, you might be wondering if they make a perfect pair.

In this article, we’ll uncover the harmony between FloatMe and Chime and show you if it’s possible to combine them together.

Get ready to discover how this dynamic duo can revolutionize your financial game, offering you a smoother, more efficient way to manage your money, and all without the headaches of traditional banking fees.

FloatMe And Chime: An Overview

Does Float Me Work With Chime?

FloatMe is an app that can be a real lifesaver when you need some quick cash. It’s designed to give you instant money when you need it most. On the other hand, Chime is a modern financial technology company that offers online and mobile banking services.


The cool thing is that if you’re a Chime bank user, you can easily link your Chime account with FloatMe. This lets you access a range of financial services through FloatMe. But be aware that some Chime users have had trouble connecting with cash advance apps like Brigit and FloatMe in the past.

Chime is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a more accessible and user-friendly alternative to traditional banks.

It’s available on both desktop and as a mobile app, and the best part is that Chime won’t hit you with overdraft fees, monthly service charges, or nag you about maintaining a minimum balance.

With Chime, you can do everything right from their app – check your account balance, set up budgeting goals, and easily make payments and transfers.

Now, if you’re a Chime user and you find yourself in need of a quick cash advance, you’ve got options. There are other cash advance apps like Dave, Earnin, Albert, and Varo that can help you borrow money on the spot.

The amount you can get depends on each app’s eligibility criteria, though. Just make sure to review their requirements and limitations before you dive in.

Does FloatMe Work With Chime?

Does Float Me Work With Chime?

FloatMe is a handy cash advance app that’s there for you when you need some extra cash before your payday. It’s like a small loan, where FloatMe lends you $50 to bridge the gap until your next paycheck arrives.

But it’s important to note that currently, FloatMe doesn’t work with Chime, so if you’re a Chime user, you’ll need to explore other options.

Speaking of other options, if you’re looking for cash advance apps that do work seamlessly with Chime, you’re in luck. One great choice is Klover, which not only works with Chime but also allows you to access up to $100 without charging any fees.

And if you prefer more choices, you can also consider cash advance apps like Dave, Empower, and MoneyLion, which are compatible with Chime.

Now, here’s a crucial tip: when you’re thinking about borrowing money from these cash advance apps, it’s essential to be cautious and only take what you can comfortably pay back.

FloatMe, for instance, lets you borrow up to $50 at a time. It’s straightforward to use, and the best part is there are no interest charges or late fees.

However, after your initial month, there’s a small monthly fee of $1.99 to keep your account active, even if you don’t use the service during that month.

To sum it up, if you’re a Chime user, FloatMe won’t be your go-to cash advance app, but you’ve got other excellent choices like Klover and Dave. Just remember to borrow responsibly and only what you can comfortably repay.

Here Is The Proof: Does FloatMe Work With Chime?

After conducting thorough research, I decided to reach out to FloatMe customer service for clarification.


Here’s what they shared with me during our conversation.

In This Screenshot, I Asked Them The Questions:

In This Other Screenshot You Will Find Their Reply:

Does Float Me Work With Chime?

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Alternatives To FloatMe For Chime Users

#Alternatives To FloatMe For Chime Users
3Chime SpotMe

Now Let’s Analyze Them One By One:

1. Albert

Meet Albert, your go-to pal for financial empowerment. It’s not just another app; it’s your financial superhero. When you’re a Chime user and need a trusty sidekick to FloatMe, Albert steps up.

From budgeting to instant cash, Albert’s got you covered. And guess what? It’s fee-free! With Albert, you can unlock up to $100 without breaking a sweat.

This isn’t your typical financial app; it’s your financial freedom in action. So, say goodbye to waiting for payday and hello to financial bliss with Albert. It’s time to level up your financial game!


No FeesAlbert won’t nickel and dime you. It’s fee-free for basic services, helping you save money.
Instant CashWhen you’re in a pinch, Albert’s got your back with quick cash advances of up to $100, with no interest or fees.
Budgeting BuddyAlbert’s like a friendly financial coach, offering budgeting tools to track your spending and set savings goals.
Smart AdviceAlbert provides personalized money advice using smart AI, like having a financial guru in your pocket.
Security FirstYour financial info is securely protected by Albert’s top-notch security measures to keep your data safe.


Monthly FeeAfter a free trial, Albert charges $1.99 a month.
Cash LimitYou can only borrow up to $100 at a time with Albert.
Availability VariesNot everyone may be eligible for Albert’s services, so check locally.
No Interest on SavingsAlbert’s savings accounts do not earn interest.
Dependency RiskOverusing cash advances can lead to financial stress, so use wisely.

2. Varo

If you’re a Chime user exploring alternatives to FloatMe, you’ve got some great choices to consider. One standout option is Varo, which offers a user-friendly financial management system.

With Varo, you can take control of your finances using contactless Varo Bank Visa debit cards and enjoy convenient 24/7 mobile banking.

Depending on your needs, Varo can provide you with instant cash advances of up to $100. What’s even better is that Varo rewards its users with up to 6% cash back when they use Varo cards.

Whenever your cash back hits the $5 mark, Varo automatically transfers that amount to your bank account.

In addition to Varo, you can also explore other alternatives such as Possible Finance and MyPayNow. However, it’s important to note that FloatMe is specifically designed for individuals employed by W-2 employers.

So, if you’re a gig worker or freelancer, you’ll need to consider alternative options that cater to your specific work situation.


Pros of VaroDescription
No FeesVaro has no monthly maintenance fees, overdraft fees, or foreign transaction fees, making it budget-friendly.
High-Yield SavingsYou can earn a competitive interest rate on your savings with Varo’s savings account.
Early Direct DepositGet your paycheck up to two days earlier with direct deposit.
No Minimum BalanceThere’s no need to maintain a minimum balance in your Varo account.
ATM AccessAccess to a large network of fee-free ATMs through the Allpoint network.


Cons of VaroDescription
No Physical BranchesVaro is an online bank, so it lacks physical branch locations for in-person assistance.
Limited Account TypesVaro primarily offers checking and savings accounts, limiting options for specialized accounts.
Mobile App RelianceBanking with Varo heavily relies on their mobile app, which may not suit those preferring in-person or desktop services.
Customer SupportSome users have reported mixed experiences with Varo’s customer support.
Account AccessLosing your phone or encountering technical issues can make it challenging to access your Varo account without the app.

3. Chime SpotMe

Chime SpotMe offers a buffer for those times when your account balance runs low. It’s your financial sidekick, ensuring you avoid those pesky overdraft fees.

Imagine never having to worry about your account balance again. Chime SpotMe makes it possible, regardless of your age or financial know-how. It’s a game-changer, a guardian angel for your wallet, and it’s as simple as it gets.

No complexity, just peace of mind for Chime users. Say goodbye to overdraft fees and hello to financial freedom with Chime SpotMe!


Pros Of Chime Spotme:

No Overdraft FeesOverdraft your Chime account by up to $200 without incurring any fees, saving you from costly overdraft charges.
Easy to UseOnce enrolled, SpotMe is at your service whenever you need it, without the hassle of loan applications or credit checks.
No InterestUnlike traditional loans, Chime SpotMe doesn’t burden you with interest charges. You only pay back what you borrowed, making it budget-friendly.
Flexible RepaymentEnjoy the freedom to repay the borrowed amount on your terms, whether you choose to clear it all at once or in convenient installments.
Higher LimitsYour SpotMe limit starts at $20 and can grow up to $200 based on your account activity, history, and other risk factors.
Member TestimonialsChime members praise SpotMe for shielding them from overdraft fees and offering peace of mind. Real-life success stories vouch for its effectiveness.

Cons Of Chime SpotMe:

Limited overdraft amountChime SpotMe allows up to a $200 overdraft, which may be lower compared to other programs.
Direct deposit requirementEligibility requires a monthly direct deposit of $200 or more into your Chime Checking Account, which can be challenging for some users.
Limited coverageChime SpotMe covers only debit card purchases and cash withdrawals, excluding other transaction types like ACH transfers or Chime Checkbook transactions.
Mobile-only bankingChime operates solely through its mobile app; there are no physical branches for in-person service.
Recent customer complaintsSome Chime users have reported issues such as account freezes, delayed deposits, and subpar customer service. While not exclusive to Chime SpotMe, these concerns are worth noting.

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4. Cleo

Looking for options to enhance your Chime experience? Look no further than Cleo! Cleo, the savvy financial sidekick, offers exciting alternatives to FloatMe for Chime users.

With Cleo, you can turbocharge your finances effortlessly. It’s like having a financial guru in your pocket!

Cleo’s smart algorithms analyze your spending, helping you save and budget effortlessly. Plus, it offers no-fee cash advances and overdraft protection, so you can wave goodbye to those pesky fees.

It’s simple enough for kids to understand, but powerful enough to blow your mind with its money-saving wizardry.

So, if you’re eager to elevate your Chime game, Cleo is the game-changer you’ve been searching for. Say hello to financial freedom and wave goodbye to money stress!


No Credit CheckCleo doesn’t consider your credit history, making it suitable for those with less-than-perfect credit.
Flexible RepaymentYou can repay borrowed funds at your convenience or split them into manageable installments.
Budgeting BlissCleo offers budgeting tools to track spending, set goals, and receive personalized saving tips.
Generous LimitsCleo provides cash advances of up to $250, surpassing the limits of many other apps.
Personal Financial GuruChat with Cleo’s AI chatbot for tailored financial advice and coaching.
No InterestCleo doesn’t charge interest rates; you simply repay what you borrowed.
Happy UsersMany users appreciate Cleo’s entertaining approach to finance and its helpful features.


Expensive Paid PlansCleo offers a free version, but its paid plans, like Cleo+, can be pricey at $5.99 per month.
Basic FeaturesSome users find Cleo’s features to be somewhat basic compared to other cash advance apps.
Limited Cash Advance AmountCleo allows borrowing up to a maximum of $250 in cash advances, which may be lower than some alternatives.
No Investment GuidanceCleo doesn’t provide investment advice or opportunities for users looking to grow their money.
No Traditional Savings AccountsCleo doesn’t offer traditional savings accounts; instead, it focuses on helping users manage their finances.
Lack of Federal InsuranceCleo is not backed by federally insured banks, meaning deposits may not be protected in case of bank failure.
Vague Terms of ServiceSome users have found Cleo’s terms of service to be unclear, highlighting the importance of thorough review.

5. Empower

Empower, a popular cash advance app, lets you access up to $250 without any interest or late fees. It works seamlessly with Chime.

But Empower is more than just a cash advance app – it’s a financial technology company that offers personalized financial advice and a free Empower Personal DashboardTM to help you achieve your financial goals.

With Empower, you can receive instant deposits into your bank account and enjoy hassle-free, automated repayment.

It’s important to note that after the 14-day free trial period, Empower charges an $8 monthly subscription fee for first-time customers and immediately for those returning for a second or subsequent subscription.

The app is designed with user-friendliness in mind and even includes useful features for budgeting and building your credit. However, it’s worth mentioning that while Empower is a reliable choice for cash advances, it does offer optional high-fee services.


No Interest or Late FeesBorrow up to $250 with no interest or late fees through Empower.
Chime CompatibilityEmpower is compatible with Chime, making it easy for Chime users to access cash advances.
Personalized Financial AdviceEmpower offers tailored financial advice to help you achieve your money goals.
Handy Financial ToolsEnjoy free tools to track your net worth, get a snapshot of your financial situation, monitor investments, and plan for retirement.
Effortless RepaymentEmpower provides quick bank deposits and automatic repayment options for your convenience.
Budgeting and Credit BoostingUse Empower to manage your budget and improve your credit score.
User-Friendly DesignEmpower boasts a well-designed and user-friendly app interface.
No SurprisesFollowing a 14-day free trial (for first-time users), there’s an optional $8 monthly subscription fee.


High FeesEmpower charges an $8 monthly subscription fee after a 14-day free trial, which can be costly compared to others
Limited Cash AdvancesEmpower provides cash advances of up to $250, which may not suffice for everyone’s needs
Investment LimitationsEmpower’s investment management service is more expensive than other robo-advisory services and has limitations
Customer SupportEmpower’s customer support options are somewhat limited compared to other financial tech companies
Employee Empowerment ChallengesEmpowering employees within the company can have drawbacks, including reduced efficiency and decision-making issues

6. MoneyLion

MoneyLion presents an exciting alternative to FloatMe for Chime users! MoneyLion, a financial juggernaut, offers an array of services tailored for Chime aficionados.

With features like cash advances, investment opportunities, and zero hidden fees, it’s like a financial treasure chest waiting to be unlocked.

But here’s the kicker: MoneyLion also offers Financial Heartbeat, a unique feature that analyzes your spending patterns and suggests personalized tips to save even more. It’s like having a financial genius as your co-pilot, ensuring you stay on the road to financial success.

So, if you’re a Chime user looking for a dynamic alternative to FloatMe, MoneyLion is your passport to financial enlightenment and prosperity. Say goodbye to financial worries and embark on a journey towards a brighter financial future with MoneyLion!



Cash Advances up to $500MoneyLion’s Instacash feature allows borrowing up to $500 for those with direct deposit paychecks.
No Sneaky FeesMoneyLion avoids unexpected charges and strives to prevent overdrafts in your account.
Credit-Building ToolsFor $19.99 per month, access features that assist in improving credit and managing your budget more effectively.
Investment OptionsInvest with MoneyLion without worrying about maintenance fees or minimum balances. They offer guidance based on your risk tolerance.
RoarMoney PerksRoarMoney account benefits include free ATM withdrawals at numerous locations and instant issuance of a virtual card.
Credit-Builder LoansMoneyLion provides credit-builder loans with interest rates ranging from 5.99% APR to 29.99% APR, helping you enhance your credit history.
Overall ConvenienceMoneyLion serves as a comprehensive digital financial hub, offering a user-friendly mobile app to simplify tasks like building credit and starting investments.


Monthly Membership FeeMoneyLion charges a monthly fee of $19.99 for access to its credit-building and budgeting tools.
Limited Loan AmountsMoneyLion primarily offers smaller loans, typically between $300 and $1,000, through its credit-builder loan service.
High Fast-Funding FeesMoneyLion has relatively high fees associated with its Instacash advance product, which may not be budget-friendly.
Delayed Advance DepositsIt’s worth noting that MoneyLion’s advances may take a few days to be deposited into your account, which might not be suitable for urgent financial needs.
Income RequirementsMoneyLion is tailored for individuals with consistent income streams. If your income fluctuates, you might not qualify for their services.
Limited Loan VarietyMoneyLion primarily focuses on credit-builder loans, so if you require different types of loans, you’ll need to explore other options.

Summary: MoneyLion can be a convenient all-in-one digital financial solution. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages before deciding to enroll in any of their financial products.

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Best Cash Advance Apps That Work With Chime

#Cash Advance Apps That Work With Chime

Let’s analyze all Cash Advance Apps That Work With Chime.

1. Dave

Dave is the cash flow superhero in the realm of Cash Advance Apps That Work With Chime. With Dave by your side, your financial worries don’t stand a chance.

This dynamic app swoops in to provide you with interest-free cash advances whenever you need them. It’s like having a financial buddy who’s always got your back.

What’s truly remarkable is Dave’s lightning-fast delivery. Need cash now? Dave’s got your back with its no-nonsense, lightning-speed service.

It’s like having a financial genie granting your wishes on the spot. Plus, Dave doesn’t discriminate based on your credit score. It’s a financial equalizer, making money accessible to everyone.

Dave’s user-friendly interface ensures that even your grandma can navigate it effortlessly. So, whether you’re facing an unexpected expense or simply want to stay ahead, Dave is your financial sidekick, ready to save the day.


Generous Cash AdvancesDave’s ExtraCash feature hooks you up with quick cash advances, up to $500. It’s like having a cash reserve in your pocket, ready to roll.
Interest-Free BlissSay goodbye to those pesky interest charges! Unlike traditional payday loans, Dave doesn’t slap you with interest fees when you get a cash advance.
Budgeting BuddyDave’s got your back when it comes to budgeting. Its automatic budgeting tool keeps tabs on your spending and gives you a friendly nudge when bills are due or your balance is running low.
Side Hustle MatchmakerNeed extra cash? Dave’s Side Hustle feature matches you with side gigs that fit your schedule, making it easy to earn more.
Cashback BonanzaWith the Dave debit card, you can snag up to 15% cashback. It’s like getting paid to spend!
Overdraft Peace of MindNo overdraft nightmares here. Dave won’t snatch more than you have, and if your balance falls short, it takes what’s available – no hefty fees.
User-Friendly MagicDave is a breeze to use, with no endless forms to fill out. It’s finance made simple.


Potential High Same-Day Funding FeesDave offers the convenience of same-day funding but may have higher fees compared to other apps.
Mandatory $1 Subscription FeeAccessing cash advances with Dave requires a mandatory $1 monthly subscription fee.
Dave Checking Account RequiredTo use Dave, you’ll need to open a Dave checking account, which may not align with your bank.
Limited Cash Advance AmountDave’s cash advances are limited to $500, which might not be sufficient for larger loan needs.
Limited Customer Service HoursDave’s customer service hours are limited, which may not be convenient for everyone’s schedule.

2. Branch

A branch cash advance isn’t your typical loan – it’s a speedy lifeline for businesses. Unlike those sluggish traditional loans that can tie you up for weeks or months, branch cash advances swoop in with approval in as little as 24 hours.

Picture this: your business faces unexpected expenses or a golden opportunity that can’t wait. That’s where a branch cash advance shines.

The beauty of it? No drawn-out applications or collateral headaches. Small businesses, especially, can turbocharge their competitiveness. Imagine getting the cash you need swiftly and without the usual fuss.

So, if you’re eager to supercharge your business growth without the usual loan hassles, a branch cash advance is your go-to move!


No Upfront CostsBranch cash advance does not have advance fees or membership fees, saving users from immediate financial burdens.
Interest-Free Cash AdvancesEmployees can access their paychecks at 0.00% interest, providing a cost-effective alternative to high-interest payday loans.
Swift Cash AccessBranch cash advance can provide approval in as little as 24 hours, making it ideal for handling sudden expenses or seizing time-sensitive opportunities.
User-FriendlyBranch utilizes technology for eligibility assessment, ensuring ease of use for a wide range of individuals, regardless of their financial history.
No Hidden FeesBranch cash advance is transparent with no hidden fees, offering a budget-friendly option for those in need of quick cash without unexpected costs.


High-Interest RatesBranch cash advance may come with relatively high-interest rates, potentially making it a pricier choice.
Limited Borrowing AmountThere’s a cap on how much you can borrow with Branch cash advance, which might not suffice for substantial financial needs.
Short Repayment PeriodTypically, Branch cash advance requires a short repayment timeframe, which can be challenging for some borrowers.
Limited AvailabilityBranch cash advance isn’t accessible in all states, limiting its availability depending on your location.
Short-Term FocusBranch cash advance is designed for short-term financial needs; it may not be suitable for long-term requirements.

In summary, while Branch cash advance can be a convenient option for quick borrowing needs, it’s important to be mindful of its drawbacks, including high-interest rates, borrowing limitations, short repayment periods, limited availability, and its focus on short-term needs.

3. Klover

Klover is a user-friendly cash advance app that teams up with Chime, allowing you to access up to $100 without any additional charges. It’s a fantastic solution for those moments when you could use some extra funds before your next paycheck rolls in.

What sets Klover apart is its commitment to providing more than just cash advances. In addition to quick funds, it offers valuable tools like spending insights, overdraft protection, and a points system that can boost your borrowing limits over time.


Getting started with Klover is a breeze. You’ll only need to provide some basic personal information, link your bank account, and verify your paycheck.

Klover then uses this data to offer tailored financial tools, such as helping you set and achieve spending and saving goals, tracking your credit score, and providing immediate cash advances.

Pros Of Using Klover:

No Extra FeesKlover doesn’t charge mandatory fees, including interest or tips on cash advances.
Zero-Interest Cash AdvancesKlover offers interest-free instant cash advances, ideal for bridging gaps until your next payday.
User-FriendlyKlover’s app is designed to be user-friendly, with opportunities to earn points.
Budgeting ToolsKlover provides budgeting tools to track spending habits and promote saving.

Cons Of Using Klover:

Strict EligibilityKlover’s eligibility requirements are stricter compared to some competitors, limiting who qualifies.
High Fast-Funding FeesOpting for fast-funding on small cash advances can result in relatively high fees.
Longer Funding TimeKlover’s funding process may take longer than certain competitors, potentially causing inconvenience for urgent needs.

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4. Earnin

Earnin, the mobile app, offers a convenient solution for those who could use a bit of extra cash before their official payday. It’s perfect for anyone looking to access their hard-earned money without enduring the usual wait.

With Earnin, you’re essentially getting paid for the hours you’ve already put in, no need to twiddle your thumbs waiting for your employer’s payday schedule.

Getting started is a breeze. Simply download the app onto your smartphone; it won’t cost you a dime. Once it’s on your device, link it up with your bank account and your employer’s information. After that quick setup, you’re good to go, and you can start using the app to access your earnings.

What sets Earnin apart is its simplicity and speed. It’s your go-to solution for instant access to the money you’ve earned, without the worries of high-interest rates or sneaky fees. When life throws you a financial curveball, Earnin’s got your back.


No Sneaky FeesEarnin has no mandatory fees, ensuring no surprise charges.
Fair and Optional TipsInstead of interest charges, Earnin asks for a tip as appreciation for the service.
Flexible AdvancesYou can get advances of $100 to $500 per pay period, with potential limit increases for timely repayments.
No Credit ChecksEarnin doesn’t require credit checks, so your financial history doesn’t affect your eligibility.
Emergency LifesaverIt serves as a financial safety net for unexpected emergencies between paychecks.
Overdraft Protection AlternativeWhile not official overdraft protection, Earnin can help you avoid bank fees by advancing funds based on hours worked.


Bank Account AccessTo use Earnin, you’ll need to link your bank account. This might raise concerns for those worried about sharing financial information.
Location and Work EmailEarnin might request access to your location or work email. It’s something to be aware of in terms of your privacy.
Overdraft FeesIf your account lacks sufficient funds on your repayment date, your bank could charge you overdraft fees.
Lower Borrowing LimitsEarnin typically offers lower borrowing limits compared to other quick loan options like payday apps.
Job RequirementsNot everyone can use Earnin. You need a fixed work location or an established online timekeeping system at work.
Financial HabitsWhile it’s a rapid solution for emergencies, using paycheck advance apps like Earnin too frequently may lead to poor financial habits. Building an emergency fund is a wiser long-term approach.

In summary, Earnin can be a lifeline during financial emergencies, but it’s essential to understand the potential downsides. Take a moment to weigh the pros and cons before deciding if it’s the right fit for your financial needs.

What Do Users Say About Using FloatMe With Chime?

Does Float Me Work With Chime?

FloatMe is a handy cash advance app that lets you borrow up to $50 when you’re in between paychecks. Now, here’s the scoop on how it works with Chime:

FloatMe Doesn’t Connect With Chime: According to their listing on the Google Play Store, FloatMe doesn’t currently work with Chime accounts.

Chime Makes For A Good Alternative: But don’t fret, Chime is a full-service banking app that offers cool perks like fee-free overdrafts and zero monthly fees or minimum balances.

FloatMe Is User-friendly: People who use FloatMe find it super easy to navigate, and they appreciate how quickly it processes their cash advances.

Affordable Fees: The best part? FloatMe only charges a low monthly subscription fee of $1.99, making it a wallet-friendly choice for those who need a bit of extra cash.

Limited Borrowing Options: There’s one catch, though. FloatMe only lets you borrow up to $50 at a time, which might not be enough for everyone’s needs.

In a nutshell, while FloatMe doesn’t currently connect with Chime, users love how user-friendly it is and its budget-friendly fees. Just remember, it might not cover larger financial needs.


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FloatMe is a quick cash app that can instantly provide you with money when you need it. However, it’s important to note that it doesn’t currently work with Chime.

But don’t worry, there are several other cash advance apps like Klover, Dave, Earnin, Albert, and Varo that do work with Chime.

Additionally, Chime itself offers a credit builder program with 0% APR and can lend up to $100 without any hidden fees if you’re running low on cash.

So, even though FloatMe isn’t compatible with Chime, you have plenty of alternatives to choose from to ensure you get the cash you require without any hassle. However, feel free to contact chime support for more information.

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